Friday, June 21, 2013

McCrory signs repeal of Racial Justice Act -- one of 56 bills signed into law Wednesday

Republicans say it was so poorly crafted that it has allowed nearly all of the state's 156 death-row inmates to launch appeals under the law regardless of their race.

Gov Pat McCrory's signature Wednesday repealed a landmark law that had allowed convicted murderers to have their sentences reduced to life in prison if they could prove racial bias influenced the outcome of their cases.

McCrory signed a repeal of the 2009 Racial Justice Act, which both proponents and critics say will restart the death penalty in a state that hasn't executed an inmate since 2006.

McCrory's final signature followed months of debate between Democrats and Republicans on the law's intent and the way it has played out. Republicans say it was so poorly crafted that it has allowed nearly all of the state's 156 death-row inmates to launch appeals under the law regardless of their race. They say the law impedes the will of unanimous jury decisions.

McCrory raised similar complaints in a statement:

"The policy implementation of the law was seriously flawed. Nearly every person on death row, regardless of race, has appealed their death sentence under the Racial Justice Act," he said. "The state's district attorneys are nearly unanimous in their bi-partisan conclusion that the Racial Justice Act created a judicial loophole to avoid the death penalty and not a path to justice."

But Democrats argue there's plenty of evidence that those juries were racially biased.
They cite a Michigan State study of North Carolina that found evidence of prosecutors striking black people from capital cases at more than twice the rate of others over two decades.

They also point to the 2012 decisions of a Cumberland County judge to reduce the sentences of four convicted murderers on racial grounds. Three of those rulings came after a rollback of the act that restricted the use of statistics to prove prejudice and required other forms of evidence.

The repeal of the Racial Justice Act was one of 56 bills McCrory signed into law Wednesday. He also approved a bill raising interest rates on installment loans and another measure banning e-cigarette sales to minors.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

ObamaCare's Death Spiral -- Liberals are going to rely on low-information voters to buy into their propaganda campaign on Obamacare.

Verne Strickland USA DOT COM, June 20, 2013

By Sean Hannity, June 20, 2013 

Considering the amount of coverage the impending failure of ObamaCare has received, I'm shocked that there aren't more people outraged and demanding its full repeal and replacement with market-driven reforms. 

The stories related to ObamaCare continue to pile up day after day. Even MSNBC is discussing how ObamaCare is causing anxiety among Democrats. Well what else did they expect?

Here are just some of the latest stories that will make your jaw drop. 

ObamaCare insurance exchange deadlines are already behind schedule. The Government Accountability Office reports this week that government officials have already missed key deadlines in setting up these exchanges and that there is a risk that the exchanges will not be ready by the October 1st deadline. If they can't even get the program itself up and running on time and efficiently, are we expecting that they will be any more capable when it comes to actually administering health insurance or healthcare?

A brand new poll shows that ObamaCare is already having an impact on small business hiring. According to the findings, “Forty-one percent of the businesses surveyed have frozen hiring because of the health-care law known as Obamacare. And almost one-fifth—19 percent— answered 'yes' when asked if they had 'reduced the number of employees you have in your business as a specific result of the Affordable Care Act.'” For a president who claims to be focused on jobs, his defining piece of legislation is harming his case.

Investors Business Daily has a list of local and state governments that are quietly cutting part-time hours, costing many low-income workers a pay cut of potentially over $3,000 a year! Some of these governments include Phillipsburg, Kansas; Dearborn, Michigan; Omaha, Nebraska; Long Beach, California; Salt Lake City, Utah; Cape May County, New Jersey; Kern County, California; Allegheny County, Pennsylvania; Media, Ohio; along with states like Indiana, Texas and Virginia. House Speaker John Boehner's office has a similar roundup of recent headlines from around the country of the impact ObamaCare is having on part-time workers’ hours.

Check out the outrageous premium hikes that women are about to get hammered with in California.

According to Forbes, “If you compare the cheapest plan on to the cheapest Bronze plan on the new Covered California insurance exchange, premiums for healthy 25-year-olds will increase by 147 percent—a median of $183 on the exchange vs. $74 today—and premiums for healthy 40-year-olds will increase by 149 percent—a median of $234 on the exchange vs. $94 today.”

Planned Parenthood is now in the business of promoting ObamaCare. According to the Politico, “They’re creating everything from refrigerator magnets to online apps that help people enroll in a health plan. Some affiliates will be applying to become official government-funded 'navigators' to give people more hands-on help through the signup process.” Great, so even more of our tax dollars may be funneled into this controversial organization in an effort to promote big government.

The White House is reportedly also reaching out to the NBA to help sell ObamaCare to the American people. That seems highly appropriate – Our celebrity president reaching out to fellow celebrities to sell his policies.

According to this article in Investors Business Daily, millions of your tax dollars are being funneled to unions like the AFL-CIO and the SEIU, along with the NAACP and others to engage in ObamaCare “outreach.” We are talking about $910 million just to get California's ObamaCare exchange up and running and get people enrolled … oh and register them to vote.

The Heritage Foundation has put out a useful guide: What Obama’s Campaign Group Won’t Tell You About Obamacare. Liberals are going to rely on low-information voters to buy into their propaganda campaign, without really understanding the true impact of ObamaCare on their healthcare and even their jobs.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Doctors dump health insurance plans, take cash, charge patients less!

Verne Strickland / AOL COT COM / June 16, 2013

Got cash? Prefer barter? You and your doctor might be able to cut a deal!


  Got cash? The doctor will see you . . .

  6/15/2013 3:56:04 AM

WICHITA, Kan., June 14 (UPI)

 A Kansas physician says he makes the same income and offers better quality care to his patients after he dumped all health insurance companies.

Thirty-two-year old family physician Doug Nunamaker of Wichita, Kan., said after five years of dealing with the red tape of health insurance companies and the high overhead for the staff he hired just to deal with paperwork, he switched to a system of charging his patients a monthly fee plus the price of an office visit or test, CNN/Money reported.

For example, under Nunamaker's membership plan -- also known as "concierge" medicine or "direct primary care" practices -- each patient pays a flat monthly fee to have unlimited access to the doctors and any medical service they can provide in the practice, such as stitches or an EKG.

For adults up to age 44, Nunamaker charges $50 a month, pediatric services are $10 a month, and for adults age 44 and older it costs $100 a month. Although Nunamaker calls the practice "cash-only," he accepts credit and debit cards for the fees and services.

Nunamaker and his partner negotiated deals for services outside the office. A cholesterol test costs the patient for $3, versus the $90 or more billed to insurance companies; an MRI can cost $400, compared with $2,000 or more billed to insurance companies.

The practice encourages patients and families to also carry some type of high-deductible health insurance plan in case of an emergency or serious illness requiring hospitalization, Nunamaker said.

Nunamaker said his annual salary is around $200,000, and he gets to spend more time with patients providing better care because he is not watching the clock and he gets to spend more time with this family.

Most of Nunamaker's clients are self-employed, small business owners, or small companies that found the monthly fee and the cost of the high-deductible plan was a cheaper option, CNN/Money reported.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Detroit in ruins -- ultimate spoils of black on black crime, fraud and racketeering

Verne Strickland USA DOT COM June 16, 2013

Detroit Goes Under: “There Is No Way Out But Collapse”


Mac Slavo
June 16th, 2013

Though most Americans go through their day thinking everything is now returning to normal, the fact of the matter is the situation is anything but stable.
With crime rates skyrocketing, home prices dropping to under $500 for a house, and the local government out of solutions, the city of Detroit is the latest to join the likes of Stockton, California, having just defaulted on its loans from creditors.
Despite promises to the contrary, it should come as no surprise that the city is unable to meet its obligations. And it won’t be the last. City and state governments all over America are in the same boat.
This is a serious occurrence, and one that will not only destroy the financial bottom line of lenders and wipe out retirement promises for tens of thousands of current and former employees, but may well foreshadow events to come throughout the rest of the United States in the near future:
The city of Detroit defaulted on $2.5 billion of its outstanding debt. The creditors are getting what they deserve.
He who lends to government depends on the exploitation of the people to get repaid.
The city’s retired city workers were also warned that significant cuts in pensions and health insurance would take place.
This is the problem all governments face. They promised the moon. Then when those workers retired, they had to be replaced. The cost of government is rising exponentially and this causes higher taxes and it becomes a dog chasing its own tail.
There is NO way out but collapse.
The economic model upon which government has been designed post-WWII is simply braindead. Dumb and Dumber could have done a better job.
The  size of government escalates and this creates a deflationary vortex through which the economy is sucked dry.
There is no surviving this crisis.
Politicians are desperate to cling to power so they buy tanks and guns to defend against the inevitable.
Via Martin Armstrong
emphasis added)
Detroit and Stockton are mere microcosms compared to the almost unimaginable debt obligations held by the United States government. We’re talking about tens of trillions of dollars that will never, ever be repaid. There’s so much money that has been borrowed that future generations yet to be born are already indebted.
Detroit, Chicago and other cash-strapped cities are turning into domestic tribal war zones akin to the middle east, with cops outnumbered 500-to-1. Now, with the revelation that they have no money left, people who believed in the benevolence of government and depended on them to pay for their retirements are going to be left high and dry.
We will see the same across the rest of this nation, as the federal government runs into similar funding problems for the one hundred million Americans dependent on monthly disbursement checks. These checks are either going to be cut, or more likely, our money will be inflated away driving prices for essential goods like food and energy to the moon.
It will end in disaster, and as Martin Armstrong notes, will lead to violent confrontations when people who thought they’d be taken care of from cradle to grave realize that no help is coming.
Absolutely plan on the worst case scenario – because you can be assured the government is.
You can prepare and have a chance to survive and thrive. Or, fail to do so and be guaranteed a world of horrific despair and poverty.
Understand this or pay the price: THERE IS NO WAY OUT BUT COLLAPSE.
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