Thursday, October 29, 2015


“I don’t get it. U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers works tirelessly to do great things for all of North Carolina, not only her own District 2. She has worked to block the Obama administration’s efforts to shut down Fort Bragg’s 440th Airlift Wing, she’s leading the effort to push through nearly $3 trillion in cuts in wasteful spending and she’s working to secure America’s southern border, among other important efforts. Why can’t The N&O cover these positive endeavors, rather than putting a false, salacious rumor on the front page (“As Rep. Renee Ellmers dodges rumor, some rivals talk it up,” Oct. 17 news article)?”
Cathy S. Wright N&O reader comment   10/29/2015
I came across a N&O online letter to the editor but they removed it before I had time to respond, so I’ll address it here: October 24, 2015 Ellmers an effective rep.Lydia Boesch from Pinehurst wrote: See above.

My response: I don’t get it either. While I agree with Ms. Boesch’s distaste for N&O’s October 17th headline, she obviously was not well-briefed on Rep. Renee Ellmers’ voting record:
*Renee Ellmers promised to protect our military, but she voted to cut take-home pay for military members and funding for readiness training.
*She promised to oppose amnesty but instead embraced legal work status for illegal aliens. She was the lone Republican to oppose the DeSantis amendment which would prioritize the deportation of illegal immigrants convicted of violent sex crimes.
*She promised to repeal Obamacare but voted to fund it, and later admitted that Obamacare “is not necessarily all bad.”
*She promised to cut government spending but voted twice to increase the debt ceiling – to $2.5 trillion.
*She promised to stand up for pro-life values, but in January she led the fight to kill the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, a bill that would ban elective abortions at 20 weeks — the age when babies can feel pain. Later that day, she even called the pro-life groups that endorsed her in 2010, “abhorrent” and “childish.”
The N&O headline should have read, “Renee Ellmers hasn’t kept her promise to the people who elected her in District 2.