Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Liberal media didn't want you to see the real Kermit Gosnell story! So here it is.

Please watch this short video. This is why the Gosnell story must be told.

Everyone knows who Jodi Arias is and she only killed one person.

 No one knows who Kermit Gosnell is because the liberal media did everything they could to hide this story from the American people.
WATCH What Happens When the Media Censor a Story 

The media didn't want the truth to get out about the ugly underbelly of the abortion industry.

Help make sure this story is told by supporting this effort:

America needs to know what happened, so this kind of butchery never happens again.

Every dollar counts!
It’s the story the media tried to hide. Please help if you can.


The MRC Action Team

Sunday, April 6, 2014

'Big Media' try to protect deposed Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon. But he can't be whitewashed.

By Verne Strickland / USA DOT COM / April 7, 2014



I was shocked beyond belief at the liberal Democrat "whitewash" in the media following Patrick Cannon's political collapse for scandalous acts that brought him down as Mayor of Charlotte. Many "major" news groups pointedly elected not to mention that Cannon is a Democrat.

This really lit me up, and I think I was the first to break this angle of the story. I say this because a couple of days later, the same liberal propaganda outfits that had buried the facts about Cannon's Democrat Party membership trumpeted the subject in headlines.

I don't think they came clean. I think they were spooked by some truths that they hoped would never come out. They are partisan shills working feverishly to cover up their tracks. Liberal media have become one with the Democrats -- one in radical bent, one in disregard for truth, one in Socialism creep, one in disregard for honor. No wonder we don't and can't trust them.

(*Excerpt From Charlotte Observer -- "Cannon resigned last Wednesday, the same day he was arrested on federal public corruption charges. When the council does appoint a replacement, that person will be the Queen City’s fourth mayor in less than a year. The replacement does not have to be an elected official, but they do have to be a registered Democrat.")

** VS: Why must the replacement be a registered Democrat? Because the man drummed out of office for corruption WAS a registered Democrat -- a fact that was not dealt with elsewhere in the story. Another example of obfuscation. The liberal press is running behind its own smokescreen, and this is nothing if not dishonest.

So it has all come down to this -- the liberal media in NC have separated from the once proud, honest and upstanding companies that gather, edit and dispense the news -- with honesty and integrity.

This new breed sees its role no longer as providing a genuine service to the public. They have morphed into propagandists with a mission -- to wrap biased ideas into slick packages, and deceive the unwary.

The Internet is the only legitimate challenger to this brand of false information. We are the idea purveyor which will rip the disguise off of these wolves in wolves' clothing. It's about time.

Question those who have proven they cannot be trusted. Desert them if you doubt. And if you do not doubt, know that you will be played the fool.