Monday, September 8, 2014


This is why we have to have another choice party; GOP has severely failed the American People by allowing the democrats and Obama all the leverage they need to ruin our nation, good Godly men/women will not allow it to happen, they feel their first duty to God; then their honorable constituents who voted for them in the first place; we have too many career politicians, who have spent decades spending our money and wasting it; it is time to stop !!!
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  • Verne Strickland Dear Clarence Paul: You really sure about this?
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  • Clarence Paul Puckett I have not left my party; my party has left me; [Zell Miller-former democrat senator] he said that about the once conservative democrat party; Clint and I say it about a party who once represented all the values we once believed in, but now agree with democrat liberals, who have moved further into progressive socialism, we have very few left who are not RINO GOP, we have to draw the line somewhere , being a Christian, I embrace principles, those that brought us here, and kept us safe and secure as a nation, kept our debts low and values high, both of these parties have betrayed our nation, we have a speaker now who is third in line to being POTUS, and he bares responsibility to enforce the laws of the land for our people according to our constitution; he does not do it, he is a failure and flop, our party gave Obama his crown, when they selected McCain as a front runner over Mike Huckabee; he and Palin would have won, and our nation in the hands of people who believe the bible, and in the God who brought us here, and kept us all these 239 years; may God have mercy on us for our lack of respect to him, Tea Party Candidates are the ones I will be selecting in 2014 & 2016, they are catching flack from both those other parties; kinda tells you something is amiss don't it ?
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  • Clarence Paul Puckett Tea Party; but no Libertarian Party candidates; they are as bad as liberal democrats.
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  • Verne Strickland In my view the Tea Party serves only in the role of spoiler. They would like nothing better than to deprive Thom Tillis of a victory against Kay Hagan. The cost, to those who understand, could be to leave the U.S. Senate in the hands of Harry Reid. That would be a bitter pill indeed.
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  • Clarence Paul Puckett Thom Tillis needs to get on board with a party that would swamp Kay Hagan, I know Thom Tillis from when I ran for local office myself, he and I were freshmen, and were in the same local meetings here in Charlotte at the government center, 2005,2006, the GOP asked me to run again in the 2006 elections for Mecklenburg Country Commissioners, trying to do the impossible almost, unseat a democrat in a 70/30 poll, I did get more votes, far more, than Thom Tillis in that race, had I been running for speaker, my spending out of my own pocket was very slight compared to his, I had fellow Republicans like Jim Puckett, to ask me to drop out of the race, that I was hurting their causes; this was my first experience with RINO GOP, and their dealings with democrat liberals, and how they had grown confy with each other, more so on the GOP side; they gave, democrats just took.
  • Clarence Paul Puckett Back then also, I was just flipping my bible pages, looking for answers on why I should even get involved, I ran across a scripture I had never seen in my 35 years of being a Christian; one of those golden nuggets the lord shows you every now and then, even showed my pastor, and he was surprised it was in the bible, he had never seen it himself, but only in that old KJV Bible; Isaiah 32:5King James Version (KJV)

    5 The vile person shall be no more called liberal, nor the churl[Rude] said to be bountiful. God calls liberals vile people, and rude, hypocrites, reading all of the chapter[32]. And he says they will no longer exist, during the time of Christ; ist part of chapter 32.
  • Clarence Paul Puckett The very reason Tillis is tied with her is his trying to remain with the GOP; most conservatives now do not trust the GOP to do the right thing any longer; we get mad, angry, at all the talk, and chatter, and the in-action coming from non-action Republicans; they talk, complain, and the corruption continues, no enforcement of our laws.
  • Verne Strickland Clarence: Don't you feel that we are way too close to the finish line for Thom to be getting on board "with a party that would swamp Kay Hagan"? Sir, the election is mere weeks away! Ludicrous. My take is that, somewhere in your rejection of Thom Tillis is some personal animus that I fear is clouding your memory and your judgement. Thom Tillis a false conservative? For shame, sir! Thom a liberal, therefore, in KJV scripture a "vile person"? For shame indeed! Bury the hatchet. A Tea Party candidate is not going to go to the Senate for North Carolina. A Democrat might, if jealousy and spite sway the hearts and minds of enough Tea Party spoilers. Shall we call them "anti-Tillis" conservatives? That might be more accurate. 
    We must remember that the prize isn't some mythical and meaningless "100% litmus test" of our conservative Christian GOP nominee. It is defeating Kay Hagan, who, despite her protests, is a liberal lady from a conservative State who has championed Barack Obama and given Harry Reid free rein. The big question is -- Is Thom Tillis so repugnant in your view that he should be defeated and Hagan re-elected? That would be the most foolish political trade-off of all time. It would certainly put you on the wrong side of history.