Tuesday, December 22, 2015


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Shame on the Republicans and the Democrats for passing such a wasteful spending bill last week. And to top it off, funding Planned Parenthood! A Huffington Post article called it “a big win for Planned Parenthood.” I call it a big loss for America. After all of the appalling facts revealed this year about Planned Parenthood, our representatives in Washington had a chance to put a stop to this, but they didn’t. There’s no question—taxpayers should not be paying for abortions! Abortion is murder in God’s eyes. Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps! That should’ve been all that was needed to turn off the faucet for their funding. Nothing was done to trim this 2,000 page, $1.1 trillion budget. This is an example of why I have resigned from the Republican Party and declared myself Independent. I have no hope in the Republican Party, the Democratic Party, or Tea Party to do what is best for America. Unless more godly men and women get in this process and change this wicked system, our country is in for trouble. I want to challenge Christians, even pastors, across the country to pray about running for office where they can have an impact. We need mayors, country commissioners, city council members, school board members who will uphold biblical values.
In just a couple of weeks, I will begin going state by state to every capital in our nation to hold prayer rallies for our country and share this same challenge on the Decision America Tour. Des Moines, Iowa, is first on January 5. I hope you’ll join me in your capital—checkdecisionamericatour.com for more dates and details.

Little noticed in the deal that Congress approved Friday is the fact that the anti-abortion lobby got wiped out. The deal included no provisions cutting funding for Planned Parenthood -- an issue on which Republicans have been prepared to…

Monday, December 21, 2015


 Vigil honors teen slain in shooting that injured four others

Police work the scene of a shooting at 11th and Castle streets Sunday in Wilmington.
Published: Sunday, December 20, 2015 at 1:42 p.m.
Last Modified: Sunday, December 20, 2015 at 8:11 p.m.
WILMINGTON -- With his gaze locked on the sidewalk beneath his feet, Vern Ross stood in the same spot where his teen son, Shane Simpson, was slain hours earlier, and pled for an end to the violence.
"My son is lost and I just don't want it to happen to someone else," he told the crowd assembled around him for a candlelight vigil Sunday evening. "We've got to stop this."
Shane and four others were at the corner of 11th and Castle streets Sunday when the occupants of a dark-colored sedan drove past and opened fire about 11:15 a.m., said Linda Rawley, Wilmington Police Department spokeswoman.
Shane was pronounced dead at the scene. The four other men sustained non-life-threatening injuries and were taken to New Hanover Regional Medical Center. Rawley said their conditions were unknown Sunday.
As of Sunday evening, no arrests had been made.
During the candlelight vigil at 6 p.m., Ross spoke of his "cheerful" 16-year-old, killed in what police are calling a gang-related shooting.
Nearly 50 people gathered with a tearful Ross to pay tribute to the New Hanover High School student.
"He was a loving guy, a caring and respectful guy," Ross said after the vigil. "He was a guy that grew up in the church and with a loving family. A really good guy. He just got caught up in the wrong time and the wrong situation."
Ross said his son was a gifted boxer, having competed in several title fights in and around Wilmington. According to New Hanover County birth records, Shane would have turned 17 on Jan. 15.

vs: This is not sufficient, and not acceptable. This kind of bilge is repeated interminably on the streets of Wilmington. Some people are murdering others. It's no secret that in the vast number of cases, the murderers are young black men. The victims, too, are young black men. How strange. Do black lives really matter? Apparently not to members of the black gangs.

When black mothers and black daddies -- not so much the latter, of course -- gather to grieve and call out for justice, it is clear that it will not come unless and until some major problems have been resolved.

1. Black young men need to be brought to the bar of justice for fathering illegitimate children. Their sexual dilliances are creating a tragedy that resounds far beyond a climax and momentary thrill -- after which they walk away and leave others to pay the bills -- which are considerable in terms of dollars, personal tragedies and deep emotional crises for the single mother, the children, and others in a widening circle of horrors.

2. The guns that are used to in murder are wielded -- by whom? By black thugs and gang members who are out of control in our city, despite the best efforts by our Wilmington Police Department and their Chief, Ralph Evangelous. These are not licensed gun owners. More often than not, the weapons are stolen, sold and re-sold, stolen again in a never-ending chain of violence.

3. Obama has it all wrong. Who holds the weapons used in this wave of murderous violence. Not law-abiding white American citizens, but overwhelmingly it is black law-breakers operating as organized gangs, and killing at will on the streets of Wilmington.

4. Calling for white gun-owners to turn in their guns or be arrested is not the way to go. Rooting out the illegitimate holders of the weapons of murder will require raiding households and apartments throughout the U.S. to wrest the guns from gang members will be a huge undertaking, and one answered by rabid "defenders" of American rights. In truth, those dangerous left-wing poseurs need to meet strong-arm police ready to finally straighten out the secret black war against reason and lawful protection for the rest of us.