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Amnesty for illegals is WRONG. Why can't artful dodger David Rouzer and his minions see that!

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Do you want GOP Amnesty supporters in Congress? Pantano needs your help to stop Lobbyist Rouzer In North Carolina's 2012 GOP Primary.

A grassroots conservative former Marine, Ilario Pantano, is squaring off with a career politican and lobbyist, David Rouzer, that has been PAID thousands of dollars to support Amnesty. The big money political machine that is behind Rouzer wants Amnesty and all that stands in their way is Ilario Pantano, and you.

Will you please take a moment to learn about the issues and the candidates in the important race at or

Is it true that David Rouzer lobbied for amnesty for illegal immigrants?


David Rouzer, by his own admission, personally lobbied the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in support of S.340, the "AgJOBS Act of 2007." If passed, the AgJOBS Act would have granted amnesty to millions of agricultural workers and their families who came to and reside in this country illegally.

Rouzer lobbied for illegal amnesty on behalf of Mt. Olive Pickle Company, a Mt. Olive, North Carolina processor of cucumbers and pickles. In his Lobbying Disclosure Act filing in 2007, Rouzer listed "comprehensive immigration reform" as the issue lobbied for on behalf of Mt. Olive Pickle (

Does Rouzer's primary opponent, Ilario Pantano, support amnesty for illegal immigrants.


As the son of a legal immigrant to the United States, Pantano is well aware of the benefits of legal immigration and the contribution of legal immigrants. However, Pantano understands equally well the devastating impact illegal immigration is having on our State and on our country. As a deputy sheriff, Pantano saw first hand the massive and detrimental impact illegal immigration has on our education system, our judicial system, and our health care system, not to mention the more than $2 billion illegal immigration costs the state of North Carolina each and every year.

Pantano is ready to go toe-to-toe with any liberal amnesty supporter who believes amnesty for illegal immigrants helps our State or our country in any way shape or form.
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Verne Strickland Blogmaster

WALKERTOWN, NC (AP) -- A rally to protest federal court decisions against religion-specific prayers at public meetings is being held in the North Carolina county where the dispute began.

Organizers of the Taking Back Our Freedom rally say the Saturday event in Walkertown is aimed at a 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that prohibited Forsyth County commissioners from beginning their meetings with prayers from a particular religion.

In January, the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear an appeal by the commission, leaving the ruling in force. So-called sectarian prayers, almost always of the Christian variety, have been common at county and town meetings and during meetings of the General Assembly in North Carolina.

Rowan County commissioners have said they'll continue having Christian prayers, despite warnings from the American Civil Liberties Union.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

A Closer Look: Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano


Posted: Mar 16, 2012 1:44 PM EDT Updated: Mar 18, 2012 7:00 AM EDT
Ilario Pantano's first step into the political world was not a small one. He chose to run for a seat in Congress in 2010, opposing a seven-term incumbent Democrat who had little trouble with his re-election attempts.
Ilario Pantano's first step into the political world was not a small one. He chose to run for a seat in Congress in 2010, opposing a seven-term incumbent Democrat who had little trouble with his re-election attempts.
WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) – Ilario Pantano's first step into the political world was not a small one. He chose to run for a seat in Congress in 2010, opposing a seven-term incumbent Democrat who had little trouble with his re-election attempts.
Pantano's campaign came up short against Rep. Mike McIntyre by a 54-46 margin, but it gave the former Marine a desire to run again.
"Nobody thought it would be possible in 2010," Pantano said during a recent interview in the WECT studios. "We were written off locally, and we were written off nationally. By the end of the race we were able to march the needle up from being a safe seat for Mike McIntyre to a tossup. We developed some great relationships, we started to learn the ground, and more importantly voters got to learn about me."
Pantano is one of three candidates seeking the Republican nomination for North Carolina's 7th District seat, along with Sen. David Rouzer and Randy Crow.
The General Assembly's redistricting changed the look of the district, taking out parts of New Hanover and Robeson counties and all of Pender County, and snaking the district north into parts of Lenoir and Hoke Counties, and all of Johnston County.
When that happened, Pantano wrote to lawmakers in Raleigh, voicing his displeasure.
"I think [redistricting] did a disservice to the voters in the 7th district," Pantano said. "There is no reason in my mind that downtown Wilmington should be cut out of the 7th district, and why Pender County where my mother lives is in Rep. Walter Jones' district (NC-3), which goes all the way up to Virginia."
The campaigning in this Republican race started even before the filing period began.
Pantano's campaign produced two television ads targeting opponent Sen. Rouzer (R-Johnston). Pantano's asserts Rouzer "advocated for illegal aliens" by lobbying for the 2007 AgJobs Act.
While Rouzer counters the assertion by claiming the 2007 bill is nearly identical to a 1999 bill supported by then Senator Jesse Helms, Pantano doesn't buy the explanation.
"[Rouzer] supported a bill that a well-known conservative think-tank called amnesty revised, which would give amnesty to three million people," said Pantano. "That's a tax on every North Carolinian who has children in school. It's a tax on our emergency rooms and our courtrooms. We spend in North Carolina more than two billion dollars to provide services for illegals. When my opponent says ‘That's what Senator Helms would have done,' I say, ‘No, Senator Helms would not have done anything of the sort.'"
"I support tax cuts of every kind," Pantano said regarding what he believes it will take to spur the nation's economy.  "I want to get rid of the death tax. I want to get rid of the capital gains tax. I believe, like (former President Ronald) Reagan believed, that if we lower government's grip, folks will do more with their own resources, and that will be better."
As a resident of New Hanover County, Pantano has followed the controversy surrounding plans to build a proposed international port near Southport, in Brunswick County.
Those plans are now on hold, after residents and local leaders raised concerns over the possible impact and cost of the project. Pantano has raised questions as well, and instead favors working to improve the State Port in Wilmington.
"The port at Wilmington ought to be our priority," he said. "I would love to see an expansion we need there to make it something that's serviceable. I am not a fan of the proposed ‘super-port'. Frankly to me it seems like a port to nowhere, and the price for that continues to escalate. I don't think it's prudent to put a mega-port in between a nuclear facility and a nuclear arms depot."
Early polls have Pantano ahead in the race, more than a month before the first votes are cast in the election.
The winner will go up against Rep. McIntyre in the General Election in November.
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