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Amnesty for illegals is WRONG. Why can't artful dodger David Rouzer and his minions see that!

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Do you want GOP Amnesty supporters in Congress? Pantano needs your help to stop Lobbyist Rouzer In North Carolina's 2012 GOP Primary.

A grassroots conservative former Marine, Ilario Pantano, is squaring off with a career politican and lobbyist, David Rouzer, that has been PAID thousands of dollars to support Amnesty. The big money political machine that is behind Rouzer wants Amnesty and all that stands in their way is Ilario Pantano, and you.

Will you please take a moment to learn about the issues and the candidates in the important race at or

Is it true that David Rouzer lobbied for amnesty for illegal immigrants?


David Rouzer, by his own admission, personally lobbied the United States House of Representatives and the United States Senate in support of S.340, the "AgJOBS Act of 2007." If passed, the AgJOBS Act would have granted amnesty to millions of agricultural workers and their families who came to and reside in this country illegally.

Rouzer lobbied for illegal amnesty on behalf of Mt. Olive Pickle Company, a Mt. Olive, North Carolina processor of cucumbers and pickles. In his Lobbying Disclosure Act filing in 2007, Rouzer listed "comprehensive immigration reform" as the issue lobbied for on behalf of Mt. Olive Pickle (

Does Rouzer's primary opponent, Ilario Pantano, support amnesty for illegal immigrants.


As the son of a legal immigrant to the United States, Pantano is well aware of the benefits of legal immigration and the contribution of legal immigrants. However, Pantano understands equally well the devastating impact illegal immigration is having on our State and on our country. As a deputy sheriff, Pantano saw first hand the massive and detrimental impact illegal immigration has on our education system, our judicial system, and our health care system, not to mention the more than $2 billion illegal immigration costs the state of North Carolina each and every year.

Pantano is ready to go toe-to-toe with any liberal amnesty supporter who believes amnesty for illegal immigrants helps our State or our country in any way shape or form.
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