Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pantano for Congress volunteer Lois Dixon: 'Ilario is not moved by money, influence or power. He just has a heart for service. There's no hidden agenda."

By Verne Strickland / Blogmaster / March 25, 2012

Lois Dixon, a fiercely loyal volunteer for Ilario Pantano, is a mother, grandmother, and successful real estate agent. She is Christian, conservative, Republican, and she'll challenge you in a second if you want to debate politics, social issues, illegal immigration, or who the Seventh Congressional District needs in the U.S. Congress.

I recently interviewed her for this USA DOT COM Pantano Volunteer 2012 feature article:

"When I pick up the phone in the Pantano for Congress volunteer office, I always like to lead off with where this country is taking our children. We desperately need to get outstanding conservative Christian leadership in Washington. 
VS: And let’s add that we need combat-seasoned U.S. military veterans. I think we have only around two percent of our members of Congress who have been in combat, met the enemy on the field of battle, and understand that when force is in the right, it should be used.
Yes. That’s one thing with Ilario and so many like him. Ilario is one of America’s sons. One of America’s soldiers who go on battlefields around the world and are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for their country. To protect the homeland, to protect what we stand for. That speaks volumes to me, that he has served honorably in our fighting forces, and loves America do much. Why would he have stepped out and fought in two wars had he not had a real reverence from our freedoms? 
He's honest and he's sincere. People recognize that the moment they meet him. When average American citizens have the chance to meet Ilario and talk they like him, they see why so many of us are passionate about this outstanding American and his willingness to serve. 

It’s just so obvious that he has a heart for service.  He’s not moved by money or power. What consumes him is to make use of the opportunities to honor America by service – in the military, in the United States Congress – day in and day out. This is how we build our future.

He is steady and dependable. We know who Ilario is. We know what to expect of him, and he will deliver.  Few bets in life are sure things. This candidate, Ilario Pantano, is a sure thing. 
As most of us know, Ilario is a wonderful husband and father. He’s a family man so I know he understands my own concerns about what America’s future holds for my children and grandchildren. 
I want everyone to look seriously at Ilario Pantano, compare him to others in this race, in terms of character, in terms of vision, intellect, and heart. You'll find there is a clear choice between these two men. Please do that. And pray on your decision.

VS: How did you first become aware of candidate Ilario Pantano, and, later, David Rouzer?

My son Jay, who is 35 now, and employed at GE, brought Ilario to my attention He called and said, “Mom, I’ve heard this man speak, and I really like him. Mr. Pantano. If we could get him to Washington, it would be such a great step forward. He’s very bright, he was in the military, and I want you to meet him. I listened, and did as Jay asked. This was even before the primary last year. Following that I had a meet and greet featuring Ilario at my home. That started the Pantano ball rolling for my family and many of our neighbors. 

We need some straight talk from Mr. Rouzer on who he really is, on issues like terms limits, immigration, integrity, fiscal matters, abortion. I think, although I’m not sure, that Rouzer is anti-abortion. I'd like to get his statement on that for the record.

I have sat in meetings where several issues came up that concern me about David Rouzer. I frankly don’t know him. He may be a nice guy. I can't say. I do know Ilario, who he is and what he stands for. I trust him.
I think Ilario’s run for Congress has become a heartfelt crusade for many conservative Cape Fear families and individuals. He's the leader we've been waiting for.

VS: Well what about Mr. Rouzer? How do you size him up?

One of my many concerns with David Rouzer is his ties to big agriculture in Johnston County, where he makes his home. Now don't get me wrong. How can being close to the farm sector be a problem? Johnston County has a proud agricultural history, but when you're David Rouzer, native son, and you're running for the U.S. Congress, you can't escape the fact that you are the Big Ag guy. 

Many of his contributions are coming from the big agricultural interests, the corporations, the factory farms, and with that being what he's most familiar with, I don't see how there's much room for loyalty to our coastal areas, which make up most of the Seventh Congressional District, and have a unique set of problems and opportunities.

He lobbies for amnesty for illegals, and that directly benefits big agriculture. But this fact is not a blessing for all of us in North Carolina who pay taxes, and pay to educate illegal populations and tend to their health care. I think all this is going to be a huge conflict of interest. 

This needs to be looked at very closely before David Rouzer comes before Seventh District voters in the May primary as he faces conservative Christian Republican Ilario Pantano, a Marine combat veteran, family man, a gentleman, a leader, and a true conservative.

The winner of the primary will face off against incumbent Democrat Mike McIntyre in the November general elections.

The stakes are high. We need a host of informed voters to go to the polls committed to supporting Ilario Pantano.