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ONCE A POET You Better Bury Me or Have Me Smoked to Cinders

Verne Strickland
Verne Strickland

ONCE A POET  August 18, 2014

You better bury me or have

me  smoked to cinders

in some gutbucket crematorium

because when you leave

this earth I don’t want to be

around to see it

I would be socked and stoned and busted up

To hear the echoes of  your singin

And be grievin deep

Oh world without end


So hang in there and

outlast me I beg of you

and live a good life long enuf

to see me gone

I have checked your holy tracks

From  boyhood in the South


Where you said you

Could be yourself and were

And made me proud

So thence and hence

To Monet’s gardens

Where God spoke to you

Now in sweet slumberin hills you

Grow in grace and

Keep your little flock with love

And play your steel for God

And Mr. Graham

Attaboy my son

For that is how I’d have you be and best

Of all I know God feels the same

Talk the talk and walk  the walk

And run the run

And feed on grits and caviar

Make a joyful noise and

Come unto His gates with thanksgiving and

Into His courts with praise

While stickin always with the KJV

Monday, July 21, 2014

Liberal U.S. media ignore sharp rebuke to Russia by Samantha Power -- U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

Remarks by Ambassador Samantha Power, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, at a Security Council Meeting on the Situation in Ukraine

Samantha Power
U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations 
New York, NY
June 24, 2014

Malaysian AirlinesThank you, Mr. President. Time and again – at least 17 times since February – we have gathered here to discuss the situation in Ukraine. And time and again, we’ve had to dedicate significant amounts of time to reviewing the efforts of Russia to destabilize its neighbor and to refuting the bald misinformation and outright fiction about what is happening on the ground in Ukraine.

 Russian rhetoric has been inaccurate, inflammatory and self-justifying. On June 17, just last week, Foreign Minister Lavrov accused Ukrainian military authorities of carrying out “ethnic cleansing.” Days earlier, a leader in the Duma accused Ukraine of committing “mass genocide.”

My government, this Council, and the United Nations take extremely seriously any reports of ethnic cleansing or genocide. But baseless claims like this have the effect of radicalizing Russian separatists, escalating this horrible crisis and further eviscerating the credibility of Russian reports from the region.

We should consider such claims alongside the facts on the ground, such as the situation of the ethnic Tatar community in Crimea following Russia’s purported annexation, which the international community will never recognize.

The homes of Tatar leaders have been arbitrarily searched, and editors of its main newspaper threatened with prosecution. Tatars who have participated in peaceful protests have been locked up by the dozens, and many more insulted and harassed for speaking their language in public. And its members have been told that they – and all Crimeans – must give up their Ukrainian citizenship, or else be treated like foreigners in their own land.
Meanwhile, in areas controlled by illegal separatist groups in southeast Ukraine, we continue to see Russia’s extensive support for the campaign of violence and separatist terror.

The crimes committed by these groups are methodically documented in the UN Monitoring Mission’s reports, and follow a pattern set by Russia’s unlawful intervention in Crimea. They include the violent seizure and occupation of public and government buildings; unprovoked, lethal attacks against Ukrainian security forces; and arbitrary arrests, torture, beatings, death threats, disappearances, killings, and other serious abuses carried out by Russian fighters and the pro-Russian separatists.

We don’t need to look very far or very hard to find evidence of this campaign. We see it in the three T-64 Russian tanks which suddenly showed up in the hands of separatists in Eastern Ukraine. We see it in the burnt out BM-21 rocket launcher – one of many that suddenly appeared in Eastern Ukraine in the past weeks – which photographs shows recently belonged to Russia’s 18th Motorized Rifle Brigade, based in Chechnya.

We see it in surface-to-air missiles that were recently seized by Ukrainian forces after a clash with separatists. They were still accompanied by their official paperwork, revealing that – as recently as two months ago – these missiles were held on a Russian Air Defense Base in the Krasnodar region. These are just the type of surface-to-air missiles, I would note, that were used to bring down a Ukrainian military transport plane last week, killing all 49 people onboard. And we see it in the alarming redeployment of thousands of Russian troops and military hardware along the border with Ukraine – at the closest proximity, since the invasion of Crimea in February.

Russia has attempted, erroneously, to characterize the events unfolding in eastern Ukraine as a humanitarian crisis. They falsely have cast themselves as the defender of rights and vindicator of the vulnerable; and the Russian army and its operatives as a humanitarian aid agency. But this Russian “aid” operation sends soldiers, not doctors; it mans armored personnel carriers, not relief tents; it provides surface-to-air missiles, not meals-ready-to-eat.

Russia claims that 100,000 people have fled Ukraine for Russia. Yet, Under-Secretary-General Amos informed this Council in a briefing last week, that the real number is around 4,600.

I do not for one moment intend to minimize the very real humanitarian consequences of the crises in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea, including the tens of thousands of internally displaced people within Ukraine’s borders. But we have to be objective and fact-based in our claims and candid about what has brought about these dire humanitarian consequences: namely, the political and military support that Russia continues to provide to armed, violent separatists.

And yet, remarkably, even in the face of separatist attacks and inflammatory propaganda, the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian people have shown in word and in deed a sustained willingness to work toward a peaceful solution.

The Ukrainian people elected a leader – Petro Poroshenko – who campaigned on creating a democratic, unified, and peaceful Ukraine. And since taking office, President Poroshenko has persistently sought to achieve this goal through dialogue and reconciliation – even in the face of provocations and violence. He proposed, and then implemented a unilateral ceasefire to allow separatists to lay down their arms; he offered to create a safe passage for Russian fighters to return to their country; and he proposed amnesty to Russian-backed separatists who have not committed serious crimes.

We welcome yesterday’s reports that representatives of the Ukrainian and Russian governments and separatist groups met together, leading to an announcement by some separatist leaders that they would respect the ceasefire. President Poroshenko and his government have taken steps to decentralize power, increase transparency, combat corruption, and protect the rights of minorities. And he has put on the table a comprehensive and just peace plan. In sum, he and the Ukrainian people have done everything that could be expected in an effort to make peace in accordance with international law and norms.

Over the last few days, we have seen more contradictory behavior on the part of Russia. On the one hand, President Putin expresses his support for President Poroshenko’s ceasefire and his intention to work towards a peaceful settlement. That is a welcomed development.

Yet, on the other hand, Russia has recently returned a significant number of its troops to the border, and has ramped up the flow of weapons and materiel to separatists, an increasing number of whom are Russian citizens with no personal connection to eastern Ukraine. President Putin has also placed Russian troops on combat alert and launched a new surprise military exercise.

President Putin’s recent statements are welcome. But it’s hard to take a little rhetoric of reconciliation seriously when it is accompanied by actions that are clearly aimed at stoking tension. And it is even harder to take seriously given that Russia’s track record of repeatedly breaking its commitments to dialogue and to peace – as it did after the Geneva Statement in April, and after the pledges that President Putin made to President Obama in Normandy earlier this month.

So while we welcome the more conciliatory rhetoric from President Putin in recent days, these words now need to be reflected in a genuine shift in the facts on the ground. And those facts are best gathered by unbiased reporting, like that conducted by international monitoring missions. But the Russians, and the armed separatists that they support, don’t seem comfortable with facts or with monitors.

As we sit here, eight OSCE monitors are being held captive for the crime of bearing witness and gathering facts – actions that are dangerous only to those who would distort those facts. These monitors have been held captive for nearly a month – a month! – by separatists in Donetsk and Luhansk, with no justification. For these crimes, there must be consequences.

There also must be continued consequences for Russia’s consistent violations of the fundamental principles of the UN Charter and for its ongoing failure to meet the commitments it has made. And there must be consequences for the widespread crimes and abuses committed by the armed separatists Russia supports. Both because the victims of these crimes merit justice; and because, as we have seen, unless Russia feels effective pressure to de-escalate, it will continue to choose to escalate this crisis.

We have urged Russia to be part of the political solution to the crisis in Ukraine. But if it persists with the same escalatory tactics – it must face additional costs. Thank you.

Sunday, July 20, 2014


    Verne Strickland  July 20, 2014:  
    'Jesus Is Muslim'?
If you don't think that mockery gets my dander up, you don't know me.

These Islamic provocateurs have already caused a stir in Ohio with highway billboards:

'Jesus Is Muslim' Billboards Cause Controversy In Ohio Huffington Post
In my own case, the  following exchange began a day or two earlier this week with a smooth, Muslim dude named Dr. Muhammad Salah. He showed up in my email inbox under the obnoxious banner of 'Jesus If Muslim'. 

The fireworks began with a couple of preliminary salvos, which ratcheted up in intensity quite soon. You'll get the idea: 

This is so offensive. I cannot even understand what this heretic is saying, but my perception is that he is a fool if he believes that the false "god" Allah brings the "true" religion in Islam. Totally untrue. Totally reprehensible. Dr. Muhammad Salah should be pitied and ignored. He is blathering nonsense. Jesus Christ is God, and all -- including Muslims -- will bow to Him in the end and proclaim Christ Jesus God. Those who refuse will burn in the eternal fires of hell.
  • Jesus is Muslim
    You are basing your arguments as facts but you didn't justify any of your claims.

  • Verne Strickland
    My faith in Christ the Redeemer is my justification, sir. Further, I have no interest in attempting to convince you or your jihadist rabble of the divine identity of Jesus the One and Only True God. That wouldn't matter anyway. You have mocked Jesus Christ, Who will not be mocked. You are doomed as we speak. And will be committed to hell forever. No supper for you, unless you enjoy a good plateful of pickled pig feet.

  • Jesus is Muslim
    Love your enemies, lol

  • Verne Strickland
    Practice what you preach. Your curious tribes of warmongers actually urge your kind to persecute and kill Christians! And it is done each and every day to innocent people who are only hurt and murdered because they are followers of Jesus Christ. It is so sad. I pity the cult of Islam. I pray for you too. Christians are forgiving people. Muslims are not.

  • Jesus is Muslim
    Actually Muslims are the ones killed by Christians either in the Crusades or the Inquisitions or during the European colonization or Bosnia and Kosova or in Iraq and Afghanistan by USA so you need to see who are the warmongers.

  • Deu 20:16 But of the cities of these peoples, that Jehovah thy God giveth thee for an inheritance, thou shalt save alive nothing that breatheth; Deu 20:17 but thou shalt utterly destroy them: the Hittite, and the Amorite, the Canaanite, and the Perizzite, the Hivite, and the Jebusite; as Jehovah thy God hath commanded thee

  • Sorry, but I have no interest at all in your heretical ramblings about the Holy Bible. If you continue to assault me with this bilge, I may resort to sending you mocking and revised passages from your own "holy" book -- the Koeran? But rather than that, I will only say that you are certainly a practiced propagandist, and I hope double your allotment of virgins are waiting for you whenever you and other jihadists go for your reward. Some reward. I wish you no joy here, where Islam viciously attacks Israel, and where you and your evil friends mock Jesus, to whom every knee shall bend in the End Times. Even yours. Are you prepared for that, sir?

    This Muslim slickster will show again, and again, until I block him. What I have said may seem intemperate, but I have no friends among Muslims and don't court any. I have learned through research and following these issues that every adult Muslim alive today has sworn an oath to the cloudmeister Allah that he will hate Israel and Jews, and will kill all infidels (us) when possible. Pretty mean stuff. So I don't fancy I will win a popularity contest in Gaza. But I will say my piece, and defend Jesus Christ and Israel with passion and fervor.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Christian activist Waheed Kashif fends off persecution daily in Pakistan 

By Verne Strickland  July 19, 2014  

Waheed Kashif is a Christian friend in Pakistan. We have corresponded for awhile. I have come to know him, his passion for serving Christ in a hostile environment, his courage while being persecuted in the workplace, his need to reach out to fellow Christians in the United States.

I am starting a series on his plight and his ministry HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY. It will tug at your heartstrings to read what he goes through in order to stay faithful to God.

He tells it all better than I ever could. Today I am going to publish some of our recent conversations. You will have an insider's view of what it is to live and work in a country where Christians walk in danger and fear.

Waheed apologizes unnecessarily for his English, which I tell him should never be a concern. He is improving, but I assure Waheed that he makes up for any language problems with his obvious sincerity and warm personality. 

Message exchange between Waheed Kashif and Verne Strickland

thanks so much,dear brother Jesus always guide us and u and help us,he loves us,holy spirit guide u and all his lovers that believe his cross and his blood,his grace broken all the chain of devil,u are doing great job in Christ,brother i visited it it is so powerful and bless blog,we are very thankful to u and your family and friends,we have faith it is much bless for many souls,your work is written always with the power of holy spirit,we are praying for u and all,we love u so much,GOD BLESS U,

*** Waheed sends many wonderful photos for you to view:

THESES ARE taken in srilanka there we was running a persuaded church,my wife with me,

brother how we are serving to poor and needy children in pakistan give them good foods,and good education,

brother i send u because it will be work for your blog and suffering humanity of our country,many souls are praying for u,brother we are nothing every thing happen with his will and time,GOD always is great,U ARE powerful writer,it is big blessing for u,he will bless u more and more very day, god bless u,

VS: You are too kind. I actually am disappointed with this first effort on my part. It should have been much more focused. Sorry. But this for me is a long-range effort, and many posts on my Facebook page as well as on USA DOT COM will be devoted to this informational effort which God Himself has endorsed. Right now I feel like Moses -- "Lord, why me? I am old, I am ill, I am inept. I can't free your people from the Egyptians." But Moses did what God challenged him to do. So, Waheed, with the direction of the Holy Spirit, and with you as my partner, we will make this work. This is only the first shot in a war -- a war to establish and protect a Christian presence in a hostile sector. I am so pleased that you have stuck by me and "pressured" me to get on board. I love you, brother. God bless you.

VS: It is early Saturday here in Eastern North Carolina and I am very worried about you. I have not heard from from you for over two days. I hope and trust that you will advise me of your situation without delay. I fear that somehow the high-profile stories about HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY may have gotten into the wrong hands. I pray urgently that you are well and not in danger. Please, Lord, keep my friend and Christian brother Waheed safe and well. Amen.

love u so much dear brother your kind words and love and prayer we are now safe and sound but we do not know about situation we are in his hand and he always keep us save and sound. brother we do not write freely u can just feel, our all around danger but we are safe, we do not fear because jesus with us.

brother fight with devil with the power of holy spirit,we want to complete his work fast, we want to complete a school for our little innocent children,as soon as possible in this way they can read and write in won school were there is no worry, u know how much worry in there school.nnworry,u know much worry in there school.

brother u write nice and powerful just thing what wrong me and what danger me just that words do not write,little is not worry.your words always be powerful hope your new blog of suffering humanity will be powerful and bless and many will change,

your hidden words understand usa people what u mean,i know your words always be bless for others,brother my English is not so good because it is not our mother languge.

brother most time i m persucted in my office i am only one christian there,it is electric power company,difficult to do job but what can we do,we are doing with faith and his grace, care and serve the suffering humanity is my passion and my work.

VS: I'm just relieved to know that you are safe. I was very worried. Thank God for watching over you. I'm so sorry to realize that you are being persecuted at your workplace because you are a Christian. I ask the Lord to be especially watchful, and change the hearts of your detractors. You are a wonderful example of how a Christian should respond to persecution. You are strong and resolute, and the Lord will favor you. I will continue with a second post on the wonderful mission. I would like to use some of your comments. They are powerful. Knowing of your plight would create much support and response here. Would this be a problem for you?

thanks so much brother,your prayer always give us blessing,brother hope u write in bless way and it will not create problems,for us.he is our lord GOD who give u power of writting,and wish,he loves u.

VS: There is more, but this might give you and idea of the stress Waheed feels as he does his daily job, helps with the many projects of the Christian mission in Pakistan. We'll provide another post soon. Meanwhile, please pray for him, for HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY, and, if you will for me. Please send your responses here. I'll have a direct contact with Waheed in my next post. Thank you and God bless all.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New Christian Frontier Founded in Pakistan. See the First in an Exciting Series of Exclusive Reports:

Thursday, July 17, 2014


God has led me to a wonderful Christian minister and activist in Pakistan. We have corresponded and discussed how I can help convince Americans to get to know him and support the work of HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY. His name is Waheed Kashif. I am blessed to share this story with you.

Waheed Kashif, Executive Director of 

It will require a series of posts to cover this. As this is an on-going project in Pakistan, and in Sri Lanka I am going treat it as an open-end series to devoted to protecting and expanding decicated efforts by courageous Christians in hostile areas.

As I came to know Waheed, it was not very long before he won me over, through the power and love of the Holy Spirit -- the Comforter. I And although I am also a devoted Christian, I must admit that I was not an easy mark. But I am so thrilled and grateful that my hesitation and even doubt cost us time when we should have gone full speed ahead. 

I felt somehow that God had struck me with a divine lightning bolt, so compelling was the call to action.

My desire is to bring the powerful human and spiritual story of Christians in a land we know only in passing. This exclusive series, ordained by God, will take you inside the perilous but rewarding life of Waheed Kashif, who has lovingly shared intimate details of his world where every day is devoted to introducing youngsters to the Lord Jesus Christ for the first time.

I may call the series "New Christian Frontier Emerges in Pakistan". That will do for now. It's the exclusive story of modern Disciples who lovingly labor to spread the Holy Gospel in a troubled land a new Frontier for Jesus Christ That's good enough for starters. What I really hasten to do is get this started without delay. Waheed desperately wants to reach and inform the people of America about the work of endangered people in Pakistan who put their lives in jeopardy to have the Savior Jesus Christ -- the Redeemer, the Master -- in their lives. And he has enlisted my aid to help out.

For me this answers a lifelong dream to serve the Lord with the skill He has given me -- to utilize every possible communications avenue to praise God and spread the Word of His Salvation.

This will be a labor of love. What could be more exciting and constructive? Before I start, I will pray what I call The Writer's Prayer, which has served me well in my years of service in the Lord's behalf:

"Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be alway acceptable in Thy Sight, O Lord, my Strength and My Redeemer." Psalm 19:14 KJV. 

 Photos below of some of the people attending school and
training  at HOPE FOR SUFFERING HUMANITY in the troubled
country of Pakistan, that hope is coming from the Lord Jesus.

Waheed Kashif's photo.

Waheed Kashif's photo.