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Verne Strickland USA DOT COM  November 23, 2015

Paul Cruickshank, Editor in Chief, "The Sentinal"

Here's the new star newsman of global television reporting. I took to Cruickshank when I first spotted him via CNN in an ISIS battle zone in Europe. He even stood out above CNN's stellar Anderson Cooper.

I like what he delivers and the way he delivers it. Cruickshank is a brooding, no-nonsense hard-ass. He glowers at the camera, uses up no smiles on the interviewer when he's being quizzed, and fiercely serves up the facts.

He's going far. Right now he's the top male journalist on the international circuit. Try to catch Paul on CNN, mainly in the prime time hours. I think you'll be impressed too.


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Friday, November 20, 2015


Responding To Obama’s Hate Against Republicans: I Guess Obama’s True Enemy The GOP Isn’t ‘Contained’ Like Islamic State Is…


Michael Eden, Start Thinking Right

“I don’t think they’re gaining strength.  What is true, from the start our goal has been first to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq and in Syria they’ll come in, they’ll leave. But you don’t see this systemic march by ISIL across the terrain.” — Barack Hussein Obama of Islamic State hours before the attack on Paris
You boast, we have struck a bargain to cheat death and we have made a deal to dodge the grave.  The coming destruction can never touch us, for we have built a strong refuge made of lies and deception.” — Isaiah 28:15
First of all, I’m glad Senator Ted Cruz called Obama out and said, “Why don’t you insult me to my face?”  But I’ve got my own response to this garbage pouring out of the mouth 0f our pathologically wicked and cancerously foolish president.
Just a couple of the recent statements from Obama that Cruz is calling out:  Obama said:
“When I hear folks say that, well, maybe we should just admit the Christians but not the Muslims, when I hear political leaders suggesting that there would be a religious test for which person who’s fleeing from a war-torn country is admitted, when some of those folks themselves come from families who benefited from protection when they were fleeing political persecution, that’s shameful,” Obama said during a wide-ranging speech at the G20 Summit in Turkey about his plan to allow vetted Syrian refugees into the country. “That’s not American, it’s not who we are.”
“I think it is very important for us right now, particularly those who are in leadership, particularly those who have a platform and can be heard, not to fall into that trap, not to feed that dark impulse inside of us,” he added.
It doesn’t MATTER to Obama that HE is the one who created the WORST refugee crisis since World War II.  If this posturing fool cared so much about Syrian refugees, then why in the hell did he let Assad gas them at least a dozen times – backing down like a weak, gutless coward from his own “red line” fiasco – andthen proceed to murder something on the order of HALF A MILLION of them while Obama stood by and did NOTHING??? These Syrian refugees aren’t at death’s door because of anything other than YOU as the LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD REFUSING TO LIFT A FINGER TO HELP THEM WHEN THEY DESPERATELY NEEDED AMERICAN HELP.
Obama is like the abusive turd spouse that beats his wife in the face and then blames the doctor for her brain damage.
We’re working on FIVE MILLION REFUGEES created by Obama’s fool policies.  It gets worse: the CIA says that HALF of Syria’s population of 25 million people have been displaced.  So we can count on at LEAST another eight million MORE crisis refugees with nowhere to go thanks to Obama.  And it is frankly demonically amazing that the fool who created a crisis of millions of refugees can insanely blame Republicans for not wanting to allow thousands of his millions to come into America.  He holds himself blameless for MILLIONS and demonizes Republicans over thousands.
Islamic State PROMISED they were going to infiltrate terrorists into the ranks of the refugees.  THAT IS A FACT.  The terrorists that just brought hell to Paris, France included a terrorist who infiltrated as the very refugee that Obama now lectures Republicans for not wanting to bring into America.  That is a FACT.  Eight Islamic State terrorists were just apprehended trying to infiltrate Turkey by posing as refugees.  THAT is a FACT.
To see the full cynicism of the Obama approach to the refugee issue, one has only to ask President Obama’s least favorite question: Why is there a Syrian refugee crisis in the first place?
Obama’s own policy decisions—allowing Assad to convert peaceful demonstrations into an increasingly ugly civil war, refusing to declare safe havens and no fly zones—were instrumental in creating the Syrian refugee crisis. This crisis is in large part the direct consequence of President Obama’s decision to stand aside and watch Syria burn. For him to try and use a derisory and symbolic program to allow 10,000 refugees into the United States in order to posture as more caring than those evil Jacksonian rednecks out in the benighted sticks is one of the most cynical, cold-blooded, and nastily divisive moves an American President has made in a long time.
Moreover, many of those “benighted” people were willing to sign up for the U.S. military and go to fight ISIS in Syria to protect the refugees. Many Americans who now oppose the President’s ill-considered refugee program have long supported the use of American power to create “safe zones” in Syria so the refugees could be sheltered and fed in their own country. If President Obama seriously cared about the fate of Syria’s millions of displaced people, he would have started to organize those safe havens years ago. And if he understood the nature of America’s role in Europe, he would have known that working with the Europeans to prevent a mass refugee and humanitarian disaster was something that had to be done.
Not even President Bush’s decision to go to war in Iraq has been as destructive for Europe or as damaging to the Transatlantic alliance as President Obama’s hard-hearted and short-sighted Syria policy. The flood of refugees is shaking the European Union to its core, and Obama’s policy has cemented perceptions among many around the world that the United States is no longer the kind of useful ally that it once was. France didn’t even bother to invoke NATO’s Article 5 after the Paris attacks; nobody really thinks of President Obama as the man you want at your side when the chips are down.
The collapse of President Obama’s Syria policy is hardly a partisan issue. He has repeatedly overruled his own national security officials, top diplomats, and advisors, many of whom have been horrified by the President’s passivity in the face of onrushing disaster. His abrupt policy switch on airstrikes left many senior Democrats who had supported his apparent determination to enforce his “red line” against Assad twisting in the wind.
To think that conspicuous moral posturing and holy posing over a symbolic refugee quota could turn President Obama from the goat to the hero of the Syrian crisis is absurd. Wringing your hands while Syria turns into a hell on earth, and then taking a token number of refugees, can be called many things, but decent and wise are not among them. You don’t have to be a xenophobe or a racist or even a Republican to reject this President’s leadership on Syria policy. All you need for that is common sense and a moral compass.
And it’s worse. The Obama Administration’s extreme caution about engagement in Syria led it to insist on such a thorough process of vetting potential Syrian allies that years of effort and tens of millions of dollars resulted in only a paltry handful of people being found acceptable to receive American weapons and training. The refugee vetting process won’t be nearly this thorough; it’s almost certain that the President’s program will result in settling people in the United States who could not be certified to fight for the United States in Syria. Given our gun laws, uncertified Syrians living in the United States will soon have the opportunity to get weapons that the United States government would refuse to give them in Syria. To millions of Americans, this is a double standard they can neither understand nor accept. To call people troubled by these concerns racists and xenophobes is to divide and polarize this country in ways that will cost us all dearly down the road. We have enough hate, enough radicalism, enough mutual misunderstanding and distrust between left and right in America as it is. The President is adding to that distrust, and doing it in a particularly ugly and damaging way.
Amen.  Preach it from the rooftops.
Barack Obama could not be a more cynical, depraved man.
Obama is a FOOL.  He is literally telling us that we should close our eyes to the threat and just open our arms and let it in.
And now he’s backed himself into a corner because even his own wicked Democrat Party is starting to say, “Oh, HELL no!” to Obama’s depraved moral idiocy.
I listened to this fool Obama fundamentally contradict himself.  He said:
“In terms of refugees, it’s clear that countries like Turkey, Lebanon and Jordan — which are already bearing an extraordinary burden — cannot be expected to do so alone. At the same time, all of our countries have to ensure our security. And as President, my first priority is the safety of the American people.”
Oh, okay.  Then given the FACT that Islamic State did as they said they would do and infiltrated terrorists who immediately unleashed murder on innocent people, you will of course suspend bringing more refugees who clearly include terrorist infiltrators.
But then in the very same soundbite Obama arrogantly and foolishly IMMEDIATELY contradicted himself, saying:
We also have to remember that many of these refugees are the victims of terrorism themselves — that’s what they’re fleeing.Slamming the door in their faces would be a betrayal of our values. Our nations can welcome refugees who are desperately seeking safety and ensure our own security. We can and must do both.
No, you fool turd, we mustn’t.
I don’t remember where George Washington, our greatest hero and founder of our country, told us that “our values” should force us to bring in terrorist infiltrators who despise everything we stand for and want nothing more than do dance in our blood.
Mead points out another example of Obama’s fundamental contradiction: back in 2011 – when this godawful Syrian civil war began – Republicans like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, along with numerous top military officials – BEGGED Obama to train and arm the moderate Syrian resistance fighters that were still alive and well.  But Obama ignored helping these moderates for YEARS, claiming that we couldn’t distinguish the good guys from the bad guys.  As I myself pointed, Obama waited for YEARS – and by then my title was “Way Too Little And Way, WAY Too Late.”  I wrote thatover a YEAR BEFORE the generals testified that Obama’s idiotic program was a fiasco.
So therein lies the key wicked and incredibly cynical Obama contradiction: we couldn’t arm these people because we couldn’t trust them.  But yet somehow now we can trust them implicitly to flood into our very heartland now.
Obama is such a cynical, depraved, narcissistic ideologue that his argument is literally, “I was MORAL for doing NOTHING while Syria burned for over four years and created the worst refugee crisis since the last World WAR; but Republicans are IMMORAL for not allowing me to cover my ass politically now by allowing potential terrorists into our country.”
You wicked fool!
It requires thirty agents to mount a round-the-clock surveillance of a suspect.  The FBI has testified that they do not have the resources to do more than sixty to seventy of these surveillances at one time maximum.  There is simply no possible way we can surveil the terror suspects we’ve already got in our country, let alone the potentially thousands more Obama and the Democrat Party want to let in.
It’s like Obama is saying that he needs to allow the bomb makers to infiltrate in so all the terror cells already here and operational can really add a bang to their planned terror attack here.
Keep in mind that in 2008 there were only a few hundred guys in ISIS.  They were a disgruntled offshoot of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI) which was DEFEATED under Bush.  Now ISIS has tens of THOUSANDS under Obama.  They are the world’s FIRST terrorist ARMY under Obama.  They have the world’s FIRST terrorist CALIPHATE under Obama.  And they have power and the ability to draw people to join their cause from all over the world beyond anything we’ve ever seen in all of history.  Under Obama.
Let me continue with how this arrogant, mocking, slanderous fool Obama is demonizing Republicans claiming that they are “scared of widows and orphans.” Obama sneeringly said:
“Apparently they are scared of widows and orphans coming into the United States of America,” Obama said of Republicans. “At first, they were too scared of the press being too tough on them in the debates. Now they are scared of three year old orphans. That doesn’t seem so tough to me.”
You arrogant, fool, hypocrite lying cockroach.  When did YOU agree to participate in a Fox News debate in which Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh masqueraded as “moderators” and attacked you with right-wing talking points masquerading as “questions”???  Try NEVER.  It is a FACT that the lead moderator of the debate Obama is mocking Republicans over had a long history of leftist shenanigans – as was pointed out in ADVANCE of the debate.  Just as it is a fact that the debate itself was incredibly biased.  Those Republicans who walked on that CNBC debate platform showed more courage showing up in an unfair environment than YOU’VE ever shown in your coward life.  Remember Ted Cruz basically saying, “Insult me to my face, you coward.  Crawl out of your roach hole and DEBATE me!”   Rest assured the coward who mocks others will never dare to step up to the plate and take a real swing.  Obama is a coward who sneers while he cowers in fear.  And that is hardly the end of Obama’s sheer deceit:  It aint widows and orphans Republicans are afraid of.
Obama is a Justin Beiber who taunts a man, “You’re afraid to fight me, aren’t you?” and the guy is like, “You rotten like punk, I’d LOVE to get alone so I could give you the vicious beating you deserve; it’s the five giant bodyguards draping you I’m afraid of.”
Even the United Nations – a bastion of stupid leftism – points out that 72% of the “refugees” flooding into Europe and now thanks to Obama into America are YOUNG MEN. And ONLY 13% are children.  So it’s NOT “widows and orphans” the Republicans are “scared of,” you liar: it is the overwhelming majority of the “refugees” who are YOUNG MEN who are the same sort of men who just got through bringing down a jet and causing Russia’s worst aviation disaster EVER and the same sort of young men who just terrorized Paris.
And if you had a shred of common sense in you, you fool, you’d be afraid of allowing them into America, too.
Let’s call these people what they are: “Refujihadists.”  Even the decent refugees who are coming in pose a profound danger of future radicalization as they become disenchanted as they come to find that the streets aren’t paved with gold.  Europe is already screwed.  We shouldn’t make ourselves the next ones to be screwed by a giant disenchanted and pissed off Muslim population.  That’s just a fact.
But facts don’t matter to you, Obama, you slanderous hypocrite.
Then there’s this nugget of slanderous Obama nonsense:
MANILA, Philippines — President Obama on Wednesday angrily accused Republicans of feeding into the Islamic State’s strategy of casting the United States as waging war on Muslims, saying the GOP’s rhetoric has become the most “potent recruitment tool” for the militant group.
Obama was responding to recent calls from Republicans, including presidential candidates Jeb Bush and Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.), to block Syrian refugees’ entrance into the United States. Bush and Cruz have suggested welcoming Christian refugees, but not those who are Muslims.
“I cannot think of a more potent recruitment tool for ISIL than some of the rhetoric coming out of here in the course of this debate,” Obama said during a news conference at a leadership summit here, using an acronym for the Islamic State.
REALLY, you roach?  You’re blaming the explosion of terrorism that’s happened under YOUR failed watch on Republicans???
You’re actually still trying to suggest that if a weak, gutless FOOL like YOU were president, that terrorism would be going away rather than massively metastasizing?
Some facts: a 58% increase in terrorist threat to the US between 2010 and 2014:
There is a growing terrorist threat to the United States from a rising number of Salafi-jihadist groups overseas, according to a RAND Corporation study.
Since 2010, there has been a 58 percent increase in the number of jihadist groups, a doubling of jihadist fighters and a tripling of attacks by al Qaeda affiliates. The most significant threat to the United States, the report concludes, comes from terrorist groups operating in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan.
“Based on these threats, the United States cannot afford to withdraw or remain disengaged from key parts of North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia,” said Seth Jones, author of the study and associate director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at RAND, a nonprofit research organization. “After more than a decade of war in Afghanistan and Iraq, it may be tempting for the U.S. to turn its attention elsewhere and scale back on counterterrorism efforts. But this research indicates that the struggle is far from over.”
For the RAND study, Jones examined thousands of unclassified and declassified primary source documents, including public statements and internal memorandums of al Qaeda and other Salafi-jihadist leaders. The study also includes a database of information such as the number of Salafi-jihadist groups, their approximate size and their activity — attacks, fatalities and other casualties. […]
It wasn’t Republicans that created that skyrocketing surge in terrorism, Obama, you failed fool; it was YOUR gutlessness and abject moral cowardice.

(REUTERS) – Terrorist attacks worldwide surged by more than a third and fatalities soared by 81 percent in 2014, a year that also saw Islamic State eclipse al Qaeda as the leading jihadist militant group, the U.S. State Department said on Friday.

In its annual report on terrorism, the department also charts an unprecedented flow of foreign fighters to Syria, often lured by Islamic State’s use of social media and drawn from diverse social backgrounds.
So on Obama’s watch between 2010 and 2014, terrorism exploded by 54 percent.  Which was nothing when it exploded another 81% in 2015 from that dreadful 2014.
Terrorism has EXPLODED.  And it has exploded under the failed presidency of ONE egregious fool.
But whose fault is it?  Not the commander-in-chief’s.  No, his strategies are all BRILLIANT.  And they’re all working to perfection, aren’t they?
I remember Charlie Sheen in his psycho ranting: Obama is a “winner” and his policies will all work because they’ve all got “tiger blood.”
The Word of God describes five forms of fool –
SIMPLE fool: (peth-EE, Strongs # 6612): a fool who opens up his mind to any passing thought and fails to comprehend cause and effect consequences of choices (ex. Prov 19:25, which  points out that a simple fool will often make a scorning fool a hero.
SILLY fool: (ev-EEL, Strongs # 191): a fool who believes his own way of thinking is right and despises wise instruction when it is offered (ex. Prov 1:7, 12:15).
SENSUAL fool: (kess-EEL, Strongs # 3684): a fool whose focus is on that which brings immediate pleasure or gratification and will not listen to reason.  This is THE most common word for fool in Scripture. Prov 28:26 says, “Those who trust in themselves are (sensual) fools, but those who walk in wisdom are kept safe.”
SCORNING fool: ((LOOTS, Strongs # 3887): a fool whose facial expressions communicate his disdain and contempt in heart toward legitimate authorities, including parents, civil authorities, and  God, and who turns deaf ear to rebuke (ex. trans as “scoffers” in Psalm 1:1; Prov 13:1, 14:6, 15:12; 28:26)
STEADFAST fool: (naw-BAWL, Strong # 5036): a steadfast fool is one who totally rejects God and His ways and the goal of such a fool is to draw as many as possible into evil ways.   Only God can successfully rebuke a steadfast fool.  Psalm 14:1 says, “The (steadfast) fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
– and Barack Hussein Obama is all five forms of fool all at once.  He is the walking embodiment of stage five fool cancer.  He is the living, breathing fool who has this look of arrogant contempt on his face for his betters who kept being right when he kept being wrong.  And there is no possible way that actual wisdom or common sense will ever enter into this fool’s demonically-deluded head.
For the president of France, Paris was “an act of war.”  For Obama, it was merely a “setback.”  And Fool Speed Ahead.
And so he maliciously and dishonestly demonizes everyone around him and refuses to claim responsibility for his own policies or admit there is anything wrong with them no matter how blatantly obvious it is.
So he assures us that Islamic State – which he called “JayVee” even as they were building the world’s first terrorist CALIPHATE under Obama’s watch that Osama bin Laden spent his lifetime dreaming of – had been “contained.”  Only days after they had destroyed a jet that murdered 224 people and became Russia’s worst aviation disaster EVER and the VERY DAY that Paris was viciously attacked.  In an attack that no intelligence agency could see coming because this “JayVee” team is that much better than us now thanks to Obama who spent his first days in office trying to criminally prosecute the CIA heroes who waterboarded terrorists as an interrogation preparation.
“There’s something different about what happened from Charlie Hebdo, and I think everybody would feel that,” he said in remarks at the U.S. Embassy in Paris. “There was a sort of particularized focus and perhaps even a legitimacy in terms of – not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, ‘Okay, they’re really angry because of this and that.’ This Friday was absolutely indiscriminate.”
Democrats are the New Stalinists and it is perfectly okay to them – just like the terrorists – to destroy people who believe in free speech.  So John Kerry is telling us that the French who spoke out in cartoons against Islam’s prophet Mohammad basically deserved to die, that there was a “legitimacy” and a “rationale” for the murders.  Just like Obama and Hillary Clinton FALSELY AND DISHONESTLY demonized as being responsible for the Benghazi terrorist attack an American citizen who exercised his 1st Amendment right to make a Youtube movie.
Nobody should have the right to attack the Prophet, or to attack Obama, or to attack homosexual marriage or abortion.  Why, the people who murder you will have a “legitimacy.”
And the fact that John Kerry is STILL the Secretary of Sharia State proves that Obama agrees with him.
For Obama, the “problem” isn’t terrorism; it isn’t the clash of worldviews between freedom and Islam.  Nope.  It’s Republicans.  Obama doesn’t believe that ANYBODY ought to have the right to question him or disagree with him.  It’s “legitimate” for Obama’s followers to threaten, to imprison, to sue, to destroy such people by any means necessary.
I only wish Obama could muster a tiny percent of the same outrage and hate and viciousness against the terrorists who are murdering their way across the world that he has for his own people who happen to disagree with him.
But he’s a fool.  And such behavior is the hallmark of a fool.
One of the interesting things about Obama’s massive rants against the Republican efforts to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis that Obama created with his wicked and incompetent fool-policies is to create the idea that Republicans are so hateful that our enemies would literally have “legitimacy” and a “rationale” in attacking us.  So enough Democrats are now joining Republicans opposing Obama that the Republicans’ blocking of Syrian refugees who can’t be vetted will succeed over Obama’s veto.  And then what?  Well, according to Obama, America would then be a hateful nation.  And therefore on Obama’s ugly and twisted rhetoric, Islamic State will be the ones in the right for attacking us.  We either need to do things Obama’s way, or Obama basically says we should die.  That’s the mess Obama has created first with his stupid policies that allowed Islamic State to explode in power and influence, then in his refusal to do a damn thing to prevent or stop the refugee crisis, and now in his unhinged rhetoric demonizing every single American who doesn’t think exactly like he does.
World War II began because of two things: 1) the rise of fanaticism and 2) the accurate perception of Western weakness and unwillingness to fight by the fanatics.  And Barack Obama has now allowed the first condition – the resurgence of fanaticism – and created the second condition by his folly.
The beast is coming.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


by Verne Strickland  November 17, 2015
Sheryce Holloway (activist colored girl) is tired of white people at Virginia Commonwealth University asking if they can touch her hair or if she knows the latest dance move. At Chicago's Loyola University, Dominick Hall says groups of white guys stop talking when he walks by, and people grip their bags a little tighter. And Katiana Roc says a white student a few seats away from her at West Virginia University got up and moved to the other side of the classroom. (Yahoo)
Get a grip, whiny colored folk. You consider yourselves more important than you are. You should know what it feels like to be part of America's minority race. I'm a white boy -- and I have to suffer with that embarrassment and daily burden. Which means -- if you haven't read it yet (if, indeed, you ever read at all) whites are now in the minority. Right. So where's my free stuff? Where are my food stamps, my reparations, my own president? You people are insignificant because you are small, selfish, ungrateful and unimaginative. Further -- to be basic about it all -- you are hateful. You have become everything you have imagined about the white race -- smug, self-satisfied and entitled. But you lack many racial attributes, such as a legacy of pride and accomplishment. As I hold up my hand to count on my fingers the things you can really boast about, I can only think of one great breakthrough blacks are noted for -- the invention of crunchy peanut butter by George Washington Carver. I know I'm being ugly. But I can do that now that I am part of the minority race in the U.S. Nothing is expected of me, so I won't disappoint.

Monday, November 9, 2015


By Verne Strickland  November 9, 2015

As a black spokesman for black students at the University of Missouri said tonight-- "Racism is systematic". I don't think that's what he meant to say. He apparently missed more than a few of his English classes.

This whole charade leaves a lot of questions, like -- "Why?" And "What the hell?" Throughout all he melodrama on campus, I never heard any relevant complaints substantiating the alleged "racism". One black campus leader said he "didn't feel welcome".

A graduate student -- (black unless otherwise identified) claimed he would continue his "hunger strike" until the end. What? I saw him in a CNN interview tonight, and the guy didn't look like he hadn't missed a meal in his life -- an obvious put-up job to fan flames of simmering racial tensions.

But if his starvation charade had worked, I think it should be put to a wider test on fat (obese?) black students who could definitely drop a few pounds without collapsing from malnutrition or even rickets. It's clear enough that the black kids are not suffering from a calorie shortage but from a terminal junk diet.

Back to the campus -- and the phony racial ruckus. It finally focused on the university football team, which as a "group" or more accurately a "gang", threatened to boycott the team and throw the next game if the college president didn't quit.

Hey -- whoa! All of these convoluted give-and-take threats cause one to question who is really holding the most marbles here. True, the football players are generating big bucks for the popular college gridiron contests. What are they getting in return? Coveted athletic scholarships, for one thing, through which they get a valuable education free of charge, plus other valuable perks.

It would seem that black young men, who otherwise may have been denied the chance to earn a degree at a top university, would consider that to be quite a handsome pay-off and a fair trade.

What else? Well, I heard it stated that only seven percent of the students at the university are black. Yet they quickly and confidently managed to wield leverage by blackmailing a top school which accorded them priceless career advantages.

The Tigers football players of color who surely have signed some kind of iron-clad lawyer- tested contracts, should be thrown off the team and off the campus for trying to hold this respected U.S. university hostage.

Things have gotten way out of hand here. Let's take control of the campus and its athletic programs back from the spoiled radicals and return it to the school trustees and the State government -- before these unruly and immature punks and punkesses really get out of hand.

Bottom line? This vaunted "diversity" thing ain't what it's cracked up to be, is it?


Nov. 9, 2015
Hillary Clinton: "I support President Obama Strongly"
"I find a lot of common ground with the Republican Party".
What the hell? This vixen is slithering around like the serpent in the Garden of Eden. She is smiling, but her eyes lie. I wouldn't trust her with any issue of substance.
Vetting is the issue right now that we need to look at. Bill Clinton was not vetted satisfactorily, and look at what we got. A socialist Democrat not even characterized as socialist when he ran for U.S. president. He led us disastrously astray.
He is married to Hillary Clinton, who wants to pick up where Bill Clinton left off. Bill and Hillary are both connected with numerous mysterious deaths of people who were investigating them for fraud and other spurious activities. But "vetted"? No.
Which brings me to Dr. Ben Carson. The dominant U.S. media (traditionally left-leaning, and now to the point of anti-American socialist loyalties) are beginning to zero in on Carson. For what? Embellishing his resume, beating up little black boys with baseball bats (suggestions not substantiated by his own childhood acquaintances) and other trivia.
But where's the meat and 'taters? They'll have to come up with more than that to build the deep distrust against the brilliant neurosurgeon that they are really after.
The whole vetting game is so porous and shoddy as to be totally irrelevant. But it's so vital to discerning who's who in the jockeying for those who have occupied the Oval Office -- and others who want to be next.
We are as vulnerable in this all-important determination as we are in keeping ISIS in check. And I'm far from convinced that we are accomplishing that.
Warning: I put this together in a hurry, so may be installing some edits to it. In the meantime -- keep my post out of the reach of children and do not store at temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Celsius? Don't worry. Scientists still haven't figured out what this actually means. I think it's some sort of elitist European one-world political movement.

Friday, November 6, 2015


via Verne Strickland Facebook, usa dot com   11/6/2015


For years after the Soviet Union's collapse, Russia's liberals and Westerners alike hoped that the freed people and new republics would form law-abiding and democratic states. Putin's rule has labored to prevent that from happening, and the old Soviet world has hardened to its new shape. Across the rolling expanse of steppe, forest, and mountain range formerly under Kremlin rule, every single government unfailingly declares itself democratic. But aside from in the Baltic states, few in the region can speak candidly on television or the radio, or watch a free and independent news broadcast of local origin, or enjoy unmolested public assembly that criticizes the government, or have a fair hearing before an impartial judge in a court where the law is the highest authority, or select leaders from a slate of candidates who have been allowed to campaign openly and without restriction. This is the state of the Russian-speaking world nearly two decades after the wall came down.

This is his world. When Moscow proved too opaque, this is where I would go to see Vladimir Putin's reflection.
In Belarus, the opposition to President Aleksandr Lukashenko was portrayed on state television news (the only broadcast news in the country) as homosexual, drug-abusing, and in the pay of spies. Campaign managers were jailed, as were the protestors against electoral abuses. Both opposition candidates that stood against Lukashenko were arrested during and after the race, and one, Aleksandr Kazulin, was sentenced to five and a half years in jail for leading a protest march. He was released this year to attend the funeral of his wife, who died of cancer, and then led back to his cell.
Kazulin's fate has been less harsh than others. In Tajikistan in 2005, Makhmadrouzi Iskandarov, an opposition leader who said he would run for president, was convicted of terrorism and other charges. He was sentenced to twenty-three years in jail at a closed trial.
In Kazakhstan that year, a newspaper editor who published court documents from the United States detailing the corruption of President Nursultan Nazarbayev was mugged by men who carved a censor's X across his chest. Two prominent opposition politicians died of gunshot wounds around election time. One, Zamanbek Nurkadilov, was found shot twice in the chest and once in the head. (The police suggested the death was a suicide, the three shots apparently evidence of resolve.) The other, Altynbek Sarsenbaiuly, was bound at the wrists and murdered in early 2006 by officers from Kazakhstan's former KGB.
In Uzbekistan, protestors, many chanting "Freedom," were dispersed by government machine-gun fire in 2005. No outsider knows how many people died, and President Islam Karimov blocked all independent reviews. Blocked is euphemism here: Two survivors who were interviewed by me and two colleagues were later dragged from a refugee camp by Uzbek intelligence officers and imprisoned after show trials; a local journalist who assisted us had a bounty placed on his head by the Uzbek government for his own writings. Soon after, he was shot.
In Azerbaijan, after the last parliamentary election, demonstrators and candidates were clubbed by phalanxes of riot police and chased by trucks with water cannons after protesting the intimidation, vote stuffing, and rigged counts that accompanied the ruling party's overwhelming official victory.
In Turkmenistan, after the dictator Saparmurat Niyazov died, the man in line to be acting president was arrested, securing another insider's path to power.
In Armenia, the government declared a state of emergency amid street protests to a flawed vote, and sent tanks to disperse the crowds.
During Putin's second term, I traveled to each of these former Soviet nations and observed their political machines. In Russia, where I lived, control of elections is almost total. But across the region, there are shades in the palette of repression and official crime, and the Kremlin's election-season repression was less crude and violent than in many former Soviet states. Putin, who had the opportunity to be a democrat, instead chose to lead this club. At a time when he was popular and powerful, he never trusted Russia's people or politics enough to allow a free vote. He dashed his chance at legitimacy and surrendered the possibility that Russia might wield moral weight.
Instead, as he became Russia's preeminent man, he pulled the levers of a reinvigorated state to suit himself. And this year when Russia invaded Georgia, Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili was instantly assigned the role of criminal on Russian TV, just as Mikhail Khodorkovsky had been before him.


Early this year, Putin was challenged by a reporter at a news conference over the continued vote fabrications in Chechnya. There, according to the government's figures for the parliamentary election last year, 99 percent of the voters had cast ballots, and 99 percent of the ballots were for the political party Putin leads. Such election figures have been rivaled only in Kim Jong-il's North Korea, Mao's China, Niyazov's Turkmenistan, and Saddam Hussein's Iraq. They were especially absurd for a vote in Chechnya, a land shaped by cycles of resistance to Russian rule, and that had been brought back to yoke by force. The correspondent wanted to know: Did the president of Russia find these numbers credible?
Putin declined to answer. Instead, he asked a state journalist from Chechnya to answer for him. The young Chechen quickly stood. "These are absolutely realistic figures," he said, grinning obsequiously. And Vladimir Putin watched with a mix of satisfaction and boredom, the face of unchecked power itself.
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