Sunday, June 26, 2016

Mike McFall   U.N. continues to show its shady socialist side.

Verne I am glad as always to see you continue to carry the torch of Liberty and Freedom. As I am sure you know the Famed Alamo here in Texas is under UNESCO control. I can't help but notice that many of our National parks were created after the complete survey of the United States and territories by the USGS which began in the early 1800s. If one were to look at the surveys on-line one would be not so surprised that many of these parks hold vast wealth and reserves of mineral deposits. During the Oregon fiasco of the BLM vs. Hammond ranchers I began researching the history of the situation in the area. I soon found out that the BLM was making its move against the legal landowners in the 1990s. And possibly sooner. Due to BLM activities creeks and wayerways were blocked or diverted to cause flooding of ranchs as well as to dry up water holes for their cattle. This caused many ranchers to go broke and walk away. The Hammond ranch was one of the few to stand between the BLM and their hijacking of the land. I asked myself WHY would the Govt. spend so much time and resources on desert land ? Only one thought came to mind. Wealth. No one would invest so much time, money and resources without getting a large return on their investment.
That left the obvious. As it is all high desert region the only place that wealth could exist is in the ground. I began searching mineral deposits in the area and discovered ther was a small gold mine that prospectors and ranchers would occasionally work. Thru all im searching I stumbled upon one single site that mentioned a USGS Survey #1740-B of that area that was done over one hundred years before. At the top of the survey was yellow cake Uranium. It then listed gold,silver, tungsten, oil, coal and several exotics as well.
As the "action" began heating up I sent word of this information to all the major and many minor media offices. It fell on deaf ears. Many of my friends aided me in posting on FB as well as e mailing newspapers , radio stations and Television. It soon became clear whos side the media was on. A few bloggers picked up on it and they began running the story but the were all considered Conspiracy theorists to begin with by the mainstream. My friends and I could only predict future actions including the moves the Feds would take as well as subsequent death (s) as some media was there for the "glory"reporting and everything was out in the open. The ONLY surprise we got was the Clintons making hundreds of Millions of dollars selling leases to the Russian firm Uranium One. That history later surfaced.
So now we have Oslimers "buddies" the UN taking possession of vast mineral wealth that belongs to We The People and obviously is either payment for future service or goes straight to the Bilderberg group . I vote the NWO Elite is draining it thru the UN. ACCESS to all these "National" parks will be cut off from all public use to try to hide the massive mining efforts and subsequent total destruction of once pristine nature reserves. The only way to see it will be by air and I predict we will see No fly zones gradually implemented over these areas. Sorry I waxed on so long but a little background can give the overall picture a different look.
I enjoy your posts.
Never give up
Never surrender