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For fourth straight year, Obama's Thanksgiving message doesn't thank God.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 23, 2012

We needn't tell Almighty God about Barack's slight. He is all-knowing.

22 Nov 2012, 8:37 AM PDT 

Yet again, President Obama’s Thanksgiving message eschewed any direct reference to thanking God, making this the fourth straight year in which the President of the United States has ignored the central message of the holiday in favor of political grandstanding.

This year, Obama’s central message was that now that he’s been re-elected, Americans should agree with all of his policies. His unity routine sounds strangely empty after a campaign in which he focused on dividing Americans:

But most of all, it’s a time to give thanks for each other, and for the incredible bounty we enjoy.

That’s especially important this year.  As a nation, we’ve just emerged from a campaign season that was passionate, noisy, and vital to our democracy.  But it also required us to make choices – and sometimes those choices led us to focus on what sets us apart instead of what ties us together; on what candidate we support instead of what country we belong to ….

We’re also grateful that this country has always been home to Americans who see these blessings not simply as gifts to enjoy, but as opportunities to give back.  Americans who believe we have a responsibility to look out for those less fortunate – to pull each other up and move forward together.

How are we supposed to move forward together, you ask? Why, with greater government spending, of course!

As for God, here was the only mention – as a throwaway line in a hackneyed aphorism, used constantly by this president for communitarian sloganeering:

As Americans, we are a bold, generous, big-hearted people.  When our brothers and sisters are in need, we roll up our sleeves and get to work – not for the recognition or the reward, but because it’s the right thing to do.  Because there but for the grace of God go I.  And because here in America, we rise or fall together, as one nation and one people.

No mention of thanking God. None.

But, of course, we’re used to this. In 2011, there was no mention of God at all. In 2010, Obama was closer, but still missed the mark (“we’ll spend some time taking stock of what we’re thankful for: the God-given bounty of America, and the blessings of one another”). In 2009, Obama didn’t thank God, either.

Compare that to Obama’s Thanksgiving Day proclamations, which he does not read or speak. Those are filled with God – at least for the last three years. In his first year, filled with the vim and vigor of his original election, Obama preferred to eschew any direct thanking of God even in his proclamation.

2012: “On Thanksgiving Day, individuals from all walks of life come together to celebrate this most American tradition, grateful for the blessings of family, community, and country. Let us spend this day by lifting up those we love, mindful of the grace bestowed upon us by God and by all who have made our lives richer with their presence.”

2011: “As we gather in our communities and in our homes, around the table or near the hearth, we give thanks to each other and to God for the many kindnesses and comforts that grace our lives.  Let us pause to recount the simple gifts that sustain us, and resolve to pay them forward in the year to come.”

2010: “As Americans gather for the time-honored Thanksgiving Day meal, let us rejoice in the abundance that graces our tables, in the simple gifts that mark our days, in the loved ones who enrich our lives, and in the gifts of a gracious God.”

Of course, nobody sees these proclamations, so Obama doesn’t have to be embarrassed about them.

It’s no wonder that this President’s Democratic National Committee platform tried to remove God. He’s not a big fan of the Big Guy. Even on Thanksgiving. After all, what need do you have for God when you’ve got the state?


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Rouzer calls for recount in NC/7 race against McIntyre

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 21, 2012

North Carolina: Rouzer Calls for Recount in Race Against McIntyre 
Rouzer is requesting a recount in the only House race still outstanding from the Nov. 6 elections. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call File Photo)

Republican state Sen. David Rouzer, who trails North Carolina Rep. Mike McIntyre by 655 votes, is requesting a recount in the last House race yet to be decided after the Nov. 6 elections.
“Considering this is the closest Congressional race in the country and in light of the irregularity previously found in Bladen County, which significantly reduced the vote margin at that time, I have decided to request a mandatory recount of the votes cast in the 7th Congressional District as allowed by law,” Rouzer said in a statement. “In a race this close, accidental human error could easily change the outcome. It is important to ensure that every legal vote cast is properly and accurately counted.”
McIntyre, a Blue Dog Democrat, declared victory on Nov. 16 after a recanvassing effort gave him the 655-vote lead. Rouzer faced a noon deadline on Tuesday to ask for a recount.
A combined $6 million in outside money was spent by Democrats and Republicans in the 7th District, making it one of the more expensive and hard-fought races in the country. Republican-led redistricting made McIntyre’s district more Republican, but his strategy focused on emphasizing his conservative bona fides.
The North Carolina race is the last that is still outstanding after Election Day. Rep. Allen B. West conceded his defeat earlier on Tuesday, becoming the 26th House member defeated on Nov. 6. One more House contest will be decided by a December runoff in Louisiana.

Liberal Democrats consider black voters 'useful idiots'. Surprise surprise!

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 20, 2012

The Democratic Party is and always has been hostile to the values and aspirations of black Americans. So why do we continue to give them our votes? Photo: Associated Press
WAKE FOREST, NC, October 8, 2012 — Shocking title, isn’t it?  But it is not hyperbole.
“Useful idiots” are people who work as propagandists for causes whose goals they do not understand, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.
Black Americans are largely non-monolithic, with the exception of political party affiliation.  Since 1968, black voters have aligned with the Democratic candidate for U.S. President by an average 88.5% to 11.5% over all other parties. According to, the highest percentage was for Barack Obama in 2008 (95%), while the low was 76% for Michael Dukakis.
Many black Americans don’t know U.S. History. The first black U.S. Congressmen were Republican. There was not a black Democrat until more than sixty years later. Those early black congressmen (in Reconstruction times) were part of a Republican majority that passed comprehensive legislation that outlawed any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or gender.
That sweeping legislation was repealed less than 20 years later by the Democratic majority, which ushered in the era of Jim Crow (with “separate but equal” segregation as the law of the land) and the Ku Klux Klan. Yes, anti-discrimination legislation was first introduced into law by the Republican party, and later repealed by the Democrats.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 effectively repealed Jim Crow. But that legislation received intense opposition from Robert Byrd (D-WV), Senator Al Gore, Sr. (D-TN), and others. That legislation would not have passed had it not been for the principled Republicans in Congress.
If you think that President Lyndon Johnson supported the legislation for any reason other than political expediency, think again. Johnson’s support was calculated and used to his political advantage in influencing the black voter.
Lyndon Johnson (1964) postulated that it would be vital for the Democratic Party to get black voters on their side, saying, “More n*****s vote than white folk.”
A recently released video contained remarks by presidential candidate Obama (2007), with which he insinuated that the Federal government (under the G. W. Bush administration) did not care enough about the poor black residents in New Orleans, but had no problem giving money to those in the suburbs. These were racially charged comments, and they had no place in the political discourse. Here’s a clip:
But since Obama fired the first salvo, it’s only right that he be judged by the same standard. Consider the following:
New Orleans residents in the Lower 9th Ward were the last to be allowed to return to their neighborhoods (mid-October 2005) after Hurricane Katrina. Amidst horrendous bureaucratic red tape and with an inept Democratic-majority city council, mayor and governor, that blighted region’s rebuilding plan was reevaluated in light of preserving wetlands.
Presidential candidate Barack Obama used the same language when he visited the Lower 9th Ward. He also pledged to never forget the people of New Orleans and the Lower 9th Ward. How well has he kept his promise to that region? Less than 25% (correction) of the former residents have returned to rebuild, and there is still no major food store or shopping center anywhere in the Lower 9th Ward.
While the black citizens of New Orleans still struggle, the Obama Administration has no problem helping its real friends. It approved over $500 million in guaranteed loans to a “green energy” company (Solyndra) that went bankrupt. There are reports that the government has spent $1.4 billion to maintain the Obamas at home and on the road, dwarfing the $58 million annual budget for the Royal Family in Great Britain.
At least we need not accuse him of nepotism; Barack Obama has a half-brother in Kenya who lives in poverty.  Yet he has (apparently) not seen fit to help him financially.  Ironically, Dinesh D’Souza, producer of the film “2016: Obama’s America,” reports that George Obama, the youngest of eight children sired by Barack Obama Sr., asked him to send $1,000 to cover medical bills for his young son who was sick with a chest condition. D’Souza confirmed that the boy was ill and wired Obama the money. D’Souza met and interviewed George Obama in Kenya during research for his film. D’Souza said in the column that President Obama wants nothing to do with his younger brother. He wrote:
Obama’s refusal to help George is especially surprising because George doesn’t just live in American-style poverty but rather in Third-World poverty … He lives in a shanty in the Huruma slum in Nairobi. He gets by on a few dollars a month. Obama also has an aunt named Hawa Auma, his father’s sister, who ekes out a living selling coal on the streets of a small village in Kenya.  She says she would like to have her teeth fixed, but she cannot afford it. Obama hasn’t offered to help her either.”

Barack Obama has thrown stones at the previous administration, but he lives in a glass house. An expanded explanation of the hypocrisy and misrepresentation of what actually happened in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina (contrary to the rhetoric spewed by Obama and liberal Democrats) can be found here.
Black voters stick with Democrats even when Democratic social policies (abortion, traditional marriage, etc.) and economic policies (over-taxation and overregulation of businesses, shrinking opportunity for entrepreneurship, rising energy and food prices because of government policies, etc.) are disastrous to black families, aspirations and jobs. The damage that Democratic policies have done to black Americans is staggering, yet black Americans keep coming back for more. Their ability to compete in the marketplace eroded by decades of Democratic policies, black communities now depend on political rather than economic processes to keep afloat.
If you’re intellectually honest, you have to admit that anyone who votes blindly for a political party against his own interests is useful to that party. And if a group of voters is oblivious to the fact that those they vote for are governing and legislating against their core beliefs, they are idiots; useful idiots.
A great President once said, “If the American people are given the facts, they will never make a mistake.” If you have relied upon what the radio, TV and newspapers have told you, it’s unlikely you have all the facts.
Black America has been systematically lied to. We have voted in a manner that we thought was good for us, but it is time that we were aware of being played by liberal Democrats. It’s up to us to take a hard look at how we will vote in the future.
In this upcoming election, KNOW WHAT ALL CANDIDATES STAND FOR, and vote according to your convictions instead of the straight party ticket. Don’t give Democrats or Republicans your vote; make them earn it. You’ll help bring forth what’s best for our great nation. Years from now, your grandchildren and their grandchildren will applaud you for doing the right thing.
For more information visit the Lower 9th Ward Conservative website

Monday, November 19, 2012

Russia accuses US of blocking UN action on Gaza conflict







1/20/2012 01:17
UNITED NATIONS - Russia accused the United States on Monday of blocking a bid by the UN Security Council to condemn the escalating conflict between Israel and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and said other council members were filibustering the issue.
Russia's UN envoy Vitaly Churkin said he was prepared to introduce a resolution - a stronger move by the council than a statement - to call for an end to the violence and show support for regional and international efforts to broker peace.

Churkin said he would draft a resolution if agreement could not be reached among the 15 council members on a statement, which has to be approved by consensus. A resolution is passed when it receives nine votes in favor and no vetoes by the five permanent council members - Russia, China, Britain, the United States and France.

"One member of the Security Council, I'm sure you can guess which, indicated ... they will not be prepared to go along with any reaction of the Security Council," said Churkin, making a thinly veiled reference to the United States.

"Somehow, allegedly, that could hurt the current efforts carried out by Egypt and the region," he said.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 20, 2012

Sunday, November 18, 2012

In the name of national security, media declares Libya a non-scandal!

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 18, 2012

17 Nov 2012 

After yesterday's closed-door testimony of David Petraeus on the Hill, we now know for a fact that for two weeks the Obama Administration repeatedly and relentlessly lied to the American people about what they knew was the truth behind the September 11 anniversary attack on our consulate in Libya. Unfortunately, we also now know that they're going to get away with it.

Within 24 hours of a coordinated assault that left four Americans dead, then-CIA Director David Petraeus was convinced the intelligence proved a local Libyan militia affiliated with al-Qaeda was responsible, and said so in his report.
Then the Petraeus report was edited (probably by Eric Holder's Justice Department) to remove the terror angle and pile the blame on a spontaneous protest over a YouTube video. Over the course of two weeks, this blatantly false Narrative would only grow and sharpen, even though all knew it was a lie -- and by "all," I mean the White House, the terrorists, the media, and anyone with an IQ above room temperature.
In other words, what critics of the White House narrative knew to be true months ago, has now been verified. There's no longer any dispute that for two weeks the White House knew Benghazi was an act of terror and that for two weeks everyone from President Obama to U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to White House spokesman Jay Carney to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton repeatedly told us something the Administration knew wasn't true.  
And still, the media and Democrats don’t care, because….
…the administration refrained from saying it suspected that the perpetrators of the attack were Al Qaeda affiliates and sympathizers to avoid tipping off the groups. …
[N]ames of groups suspected in the attack — including Al Qaeda’s franchise in North Africa and a local Libyan group, Ansar al-Shariah — were removed from the public explanation of the attack immediately after the assault to avoiding alerting the militants that American intelligence and law enforcement agencies were tracking them[.]
That's reporting from The New York Times -- the same New York Times that during the Bush Administration published every piece of classified information leaked to them that might undermine the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
But now, apparently, blatantly lying in the name of national security -- with a lie that just happens to be convenient to the president's reelection bid -- is okey-doke with The New York Times … and the Democratic Party … and almost all of the media.
Let's just take a moment to appreciate how absolutely brilliant this is. Using  the rationale of "national' security" as an excuse for a two week pre-election cover up is pure genius. It's total bullshit, but that doesn't mean it's not genius bullshit.
No one believes it, most of all the media, but that's not and never will be the point. Prior to the election, the media was just as desperate as the White House to ensure that the successful assassination of an American ambassador wasn't blamed on the very same al-Qaeda the President had just bragged about decimating in his convention speech. So the lie about a riot over a video was manufactured and a compliant media complied by whack-a-moling Mitt Romney or anyone else who pointed to the lying.
You know, to protect the America they love so much.
All that mattered to the White House and to the media was running out the clock to Election Day.
Which they did.
But everyone involved in this conspiracy knew that what we all knew was the truth would eventually come out. Then what? After all, a four-alarm scandal surrounding a White House that engaged at every level in a two week pre-election cover up, could swamp Obama's second-term agenda and damage his legacy. The White House surely doesn’t want that to happen, nor does the media.
What to do?
What to do?
Ahhh… The ole' National Security ploy!
Listen, I get that public deception is sometimes necessary in the name of national security, but this wasn't a deception. Absolutely no one was deceived. It was a blatant political move to save Obama from the embarrassment of a successful terror attack occurring under his watch just days after having bragged about his handling of al-Qaeda.
Even though everyone -- including the terrorists we supposedly didn’t want to tip off -- knew from day one that the White House was telling a big fat whopper to help the president win reelection, we're now going to be told another big fat whopper by the media that says this was all okay because it was done for mom, apple pie, and Old Glory.
And I'll bet dollars against rubber washers they get away with it.

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Jill Kelley helped Muslim nations and Hezbollah infiltrate central command as 'go to girl' for Muslim parties with generals.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 18, 2012

David Petraeus w/ the Arab Nations’ Agent of Influence, Jill Kelley

By Debbie Schlussel 
November 15, 2012

Jill Khawam Kelley was the hand-picked lobbyist for Muslim nations and their agenda at Central Command. Kelley, who is part of the soap opera that the Petraeus scandal spawned, was in charge of hosting parties and social events to push the Islamic agenda of Middle Eastern countries. 

She was seen by Muslim Mid-East nations, especially Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon, as the “go to” woman to push their agenda on top American generals. She was a lobbyist for their cause and, yet, wasn’t required to register as a lobbyist, like all others who host lavish parties for top American officials, like she did, in an attempt to influence U.S. policy in the Middle East.

 Kelley, a dhimmi Christian Arab of Lebanese descent, was well known in the Muslim Arab embassies of Washington for doing their bidding and hosting their parties at and near MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, where our nation’s top generals are based. It’s where Central Command–the U.S. Armed Forces’ leadership over wars and military personnel Middle East–is headquartered.

When a friend of mine said that he thought the financially troubled Khawam sisters, Kelley and Natalie Khawam, were spies for Lebanon and the Arab world, I originally expressed skepticism. I believed that these twin sisters with obvious twin nose jobs were merely bimbo gold diggers in slutty outfits, who used their Delilah ways to first nab rich husbands, and then nab idiotic top American generals to participate in Lifetime-Channel-worthy bitter child custody disputes.

But then I learned that Ms. Kelley, who was until this week under the radar, was quietly involved in pushing the agenda of Muslim Arab nations on our nation’s top generals with whom she’d grown close by design. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Ms. Kelley got her hooks into our two top generals in the Middle East, David Petraeus and John Allen. I’m now convinced that my friend, lawyer Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana, who has excellent instincts, was correct.

I’ve long written about the infiltration of Central Command at MacDill Air Base in Tampa by Islamic terrorists. Islamic Jihad founder and convicted Islamic terrorist, Sami Al-Arian, was an instructor on the Middle East to our top generals at MacDill Air Force Base AT THE VERY SAME TIME that he was planning mergers and terrorist attacks in Israel with “the brothers of HAMAS” and while he was bringing Muslim illegal alien Islamic terrorists to the U.S. Al-Arian’s friend and co-conspirator, Ramadan Abdullah Shallah (one of those Al-Arian brought here), who became the Secretary-General of the worldwide Islamic Jihad terrorist group, was also a lecturer at MacDill and also taught our top generals his poisonous views on the Middle East and Israel. FBI and INS agents who investigated Shallah and Al-Arian were alarmed at the influence these two top Islamic terrorists had over CentCom. They were also alarmed to find many books on the inner workings of MacDill in Shallah’s house when they raided it.

So when people ask me how I think these women were able to insert themselves into top generals’ lives and topple them (along with, apparently, the men they married), I think back to the fact that our top generals gladly allowed top terrorists to infiltrate Central Command as alleged “professors” on the Middle East. And when generals like Petraeus and Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr. openly attack Israel and America’s relationship with Israel, people like Jill Khawam Kelley and Al-Arian and Shallah are the reason why. Khawam Kelley isn’t an innocent socialite. She’s an agent of influence for Arab Muslim nations.

The Washington Post reports:
A military officer who is a former member of Petraeus’s staff said Kelley was a “self-appointed” go-between for Central Command officers with Lebanese and other Middle Eastern officials. . . . At the parties Jill Kelley hosted at her Tampa mansion, guests were frequently treated to the indulgences of celebrity life: valet parking, string quartets on the lawn, premium cigars and champagne, and caviar-laden buffets.
The main recipients of the largess were military brass — including some of the nation’s most senior commanders — based at nearby MacDill Air Force Base.
Kelley flaunted her access to these military VIPs. . . . The investigations of Petraeus’s and Allen’s actions, nonetheless, have raised questions about how Kelley, a woman with no formal military role, cultivated such close ties to two of the nation’s most revered generals.
One former aide to Allen, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity given the sensitivity of the case, suggested that Kelley had become a de facto social ambassador among high-ranking personnel at MacDill, home to the U.S. Central Command and Special Operations Command.
The Wall Street Journal reports:
Middle Eastern diplomats in Washington also knew Ms. Kelley, who came from a Lebanese immigrant family and who helped arrange social activities when dignitaries from the region visited Tampa, diplomats said. She also sometimes attended parties at Washington embassies.
I guarantee you that Jill Khawam Kelley wasn’t hosting visits from dignitaries from Israel. And, other than those from Israel, every single “Middle Eastern diplomat” in Washington is a Muslim, most of them Muslim Arabs. And all of them Muslims with an agenda that is anti-Israel and anti-Western. And definitely not in America’s best interests. They come to Tampa for one reason and one reason only–to ingratiate themselves with the top military brass at CentCom at MacDill. And Jill Khawam Kelley was their social director in that mission.

Kelley’s sister, Natalie Khawam, was married to a top Bush administration official, Grayson Wolfe, Director of Broader Middle East Initiatives and Iraqi Reconstruction at the Export-Import Bank of the United States, and frequently accompanied him on trips to the Middle East, including to Pakistan. Before that position, Wolfe was the Bush-installed Manager of the Private Sector Development Office of the Coalition Provisional Authority in Baghdad, Iraq.

How many of the Khawam’s insider Arab Muslim friends did he give sweetheart contracts to? Before It’s News has more and asks more questions about the consulting and contracting firm that Wolfe now heads. Although they are now embroiled in a bitter custody fight over their son, you have to wonder what influence Khawam had on him and what was done in the Middle East. She recently sued her former employer, a Jewish lawyer, Barry Cohen, but gave up after her lawsuit was shown to be phony. Cohen struck back and found that Khawam engaged in bankruptcy fraud.

My friend wasn’t so far-fetched when he insisted the Khawam chicks are modern day Mata Haris for the Muslim Arabs.

Just look at what they’ve accomplished for the Muslim Mid-East, all of it under the radar . . . until Paula Broadwell had the stupidity to send her threatening e-mails and Jill Khawam Kelley had the stupidity of complaining about it to shirtless FBI agent Frederic Humphries.

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