Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Liberal Democrats consider black voters 'useful idiots'. Surprise surprise!

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 20, 2012

The Democratic Party is and always has been hostile to the values and aspirations of black Americans. So why do we continue to give them our votes? Photo: Associated Press
WAKE FOREST, NC, October 8, 2012 — Shocking title, isn’t it?  But it is not hyperbole.
“Useful idiots” are people who work as propagandists for causes whose goals they do not understand, and who are used cynically by the leaders of the cause.
Black Americans are largely non-monolithic, with the exception of political party affiliation.  Since 1968, black voters have aligned with the Democratic candidate for U.S. President by an average 88.5% to 11.5% over all other parties. According to BlackDemographics.com, the highest percentage was for Barack Obama in 2008 (95%), while the low was 76% for Michael Dukakis.
Many black Americans don’t know U.S. History. The first black U.S. Congressmen were Republican. There was not a black Democrat until more than sixty years later. Those early black congressmen (in Reconstruction times) were part of a Republican majority that passed comprehensive legislation that outlawed any form of discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion or gender.
That sweeping legislation was repealed less than 20 years later by the Democratic majority, which ushered in the era of Jim Crow (with “separate but equal” segregation as the law of the land) and the Ku Klux Klan. Yes, anti-discrimination legislation was first introduced into law by the Republican party, and later repealed by the Democrats.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 effectively repealed Jim Crow. But that legislation received intense opposition from Robert Byrd (D-WV), Senator Al Gore, Sr. (D-TN), and others. That legislation would not have passed had it not been for the principled Republicans in Congress.
If you think that President Lyndon Johnson supported the legislation for any reason other than political expediency, think again. Johnson’s support was calculated and used to his political advantage in influencing the black voter.
Lyndon Johnson (1964) postulated that it would be vital for the Democratic Party to get black voters on their side, saying, “More n*****s vote than white folk.”
A recently released video contained remarks by presidential candidate Obama (2007), with which he insinuated that the Federal government (under the G. W. Bush administration) did not care enough about the poor black residents in New Orleans, but had no problem giving money to those in the suburbs. These were racially charged comments, and they had no place in the political discourse. Here’s a clip:
But since Obama fired the first salvo, it’s only right that he be judged by the same standard. Consider the following:
New Orleans residents in the Lower 9th Ward were the last to be allowed to return to their neighborhoods (mid-October 2005) after Hurricane Katrina. Amidst horrendous bureaucratic red tape and with an inept Democratic-majority city council, mayor and governor, that blighted region’s rebuilding plan was reevaluated in light of preserving wetlands.
Presidential candidate Barack Obama used the same language when he visited the Lower 9th Ward. He also pledged to never forget the people of New Orleans and the Lower 9th Ward. How well has he kept his promise to that region? Less than 25% (correction) of the former residents have returned to rebuild, and there is still no major food store or shopping center anywhere in the Lower 9th Ward.
While the black citizens of New Orleans still struggle, the Obama Administration has no problem helping its real friends. It approved over $500 million in guaranteed loans to a “green energy” company (Solyndra) that went bankrupt. There are reports that the government has spent $1.4 billion to maintain the Obamas at home and on the road, dwarfing the $58 million annual budget for the Royal Family in Great Britain.
At least we need not accuse him of nepotism; Barack Obama has a half-brother in Kenya who lives in poverty.  Yet he has (apparently) not seen fit to help him financially.  Ironically, Dinesh D’Souza, producer of the film “2016: Obama’s America,” reports that George Obama, the youngest of eight children sired by Barack Obama Sr., asked him to send $1,000 to cover medical bills for his young son who was sick with a chest condition. D’Souza confirmed that the boy was ill and wired Obama the money. D’Souza met and interviewed George Obama in Kenya during research for his film. D’Souza said in the column that President Obama wants nothing to do with his younger brother. He wrote:
Obama’s refusal to help George is especially surprising because George doesn’t just live in American-style poverty but rather in Third-World poverty … He lives in a shanty in the Huruma slum in Nairobi. He gets by on a few dollars a month. Obama also has an aunt named Hawa Auma, his father’s sister, who ekes out a living selling coal on the streets of a small village in Kenya.  She says she would like to have her teeth fixed, but she cannot afford it. Obama hasn’t offered to help her either.”

Barack Obama has thrown stones at the previous administration, but he lives in a glass house. An expanded explanation of the hypocrisy and misrepresentation of what actually happened in New Orleans’ Lower 9th Ward after Hurricane Katrina (contrary to the rhetoric spewed by Obama and liberal Democrats) can be found here.
Black voters stick with Democrats even when Democratic social policies (abortion, traditional marriage, etc.) and economic policies (over-taxation and overregulation of businesses, shrinking opportunity for entrepreneurship, rising energy and food prices because of government policies, etc.) are disastrous to black families, aspirations and jobs. The damage that Democratic policies have done to black Americans is staggering, yet black Americans keep coming back for more. Their ability to compete in the marketplace eroded by decades of Democratic policies, black communities now depend on political rather than economic processes to keep afloat.
If you’re intellectually honest, you have to admit that anyone who votes blindly for a political party against his own interests is useful to that party. And if a group of voters is oblivious to the fact that those they vote for are governing and legislating against their core beliefs, they are idiots; useful idiots.
A great President once said, “If the American people are given the facts, they will never make a mistake.” If you have relied upon what the radio, TV and newspapers have told you, it’s unlikely you have all the facts.
Black America has been systematically lied to. We have voted in a manner that we thought was good for us, but it is time that we were aware of being played by liberal Democrats. It’s up to us to take a hard look at how we will vote in the future.
In this upcoming election, KNOW WHAT ALL CANDIDATES STAND FOR, and vote according to your convictions instead of the straight party ticket. Don’t give Democrats or Republicans your vote; make them earn it. You’ll help bring forth what’s best for our great nation. Years from now, your grandchildren and their grandchildren will applaud you for doing the right thing.
For more information visit the Lower 9th Ward Conservative website