Saturday, April 16, 2011

Pantano talks jobs at Whiteville Tea Party. McIntyre shows up somewhere close by.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster

Filed Apr 12, 2011

Ilario Pantano recently addressed a Whiteville NC Tea Party on the topic of jobs and how to best address the unemployment crisis occurring across NC's 7th Congressional District.

Pantano emphasized his belief that a return to prosperity can only be achieved by the success and growth of the private sector.  He talked about the importance of making America a more competitive place to do business by lowering taxing and eliminating burdensome regulations. 

Pantano harshly criticized the failed liberal philosopy of the government as a job creator that has led to double digit unemployment rates across much of the 7th District.

From News 14 Carolina / Ashley White

WHITEVILLE, N.C. – A rematch of the closest race in years for the 7th Congressional District seat could be happening in 2012.

Republican candidate Ilario Pantano officially announced his candidacy. Both Pantano and Congressman Mike McIntyre were in Columbus County April 11. McIntyre was hosting a Job Boot Camp and Pantano was on the campaign trail while attending a Tea Party rally.

It's no secret that unemployment is a major concern across North Carolina and it's clear job creation is one of the biggest issues to be followed for the 2012 election. For Pantano, it's a big part of his campaign platform and like he said at the Tea Party rally, it's time for a change.

"There are two views about job creation. The traditional view that has lived here in Columbus County that has been brought by Democratic representation, is that the government is going to be your job creator,” said Pantano. “You'll be on the government payroll. We'll grow the government. They'll be a new government program.”

But Pantano said relying on the government isn't the answer anymore.

"I understand the goal and importance of government but I also understand as somebody who has been in big business and in small business, that the only way we are going to get our country moving again is by private sector job development," said Pantano.

For McIntyre, job creation is an area to which he has dedicated full-time staff.

"Any way that we can get those jobs to the people we want to do it because everyone wants to be able to provide for themselves, their families and contribute to their own community," said McIntyre.

Congressman McIntyre hosted a job creation boot camp in Columbus County as a way to be proactive and teach new skills to those who need them.

"That may seem easier for people that are use to using Facebook and Twitter, the social media, but for others it's kind of a new venture,” said McIntyre. “So we want to make sure we leave no stone unturned when it comes to creating job opportunity," said McIntyre.