Thursday, May 26, 2011

New RNC chairman says NC to be battleground in 2012. Conservatives tell him first battle will be family squabble.

RALEIGH, N.C — The Republican National Committee’s new chairman on Wednesday pleaded with North Carolina party leaders for more money to support candidates in 2012, but some activists told him the national party needs to better embrace the conservative values of the tea party movement.

The opening paragraph in this story (above) is, to me, the most important topic in this whole piece. RNC Chairman Priebus said Wednesday in Raleigh that he needs more money to fend off Democats in 2012, while Republican conservatives told him he could buzz off if he didn't get away from the politically suicidal middleground.

Sounds like a reprise of the muddle we're in on the international level, where we need strings attached to our support of countries which stuff our money in their pockets then give us nothing in return. It's a losing game we've naively played for way too long. We should have learned our lesson.

Back to the AP story -- here is where the rubber meets the road:

Patrick Yanke of Wake County told Priebus that the RNC needed to get out the message that it supports the conservative movement, adding that he quit contributing money to the group when Steele was chairman.

“Recently, the RNC, unfortunately, has been an enemy, or at least a competitor, to the conservative movement,” Yanke said. “Your articulating that message is going to be one of the most important things the RNC can do to get its coffers back.

“Until you stand up for the Constitution and the Republican platform, you’re not getting a dime of my money,” Yanke said to applause. “So if you will stand up for conservative candidates, I think you’ll see your coffers full.”

Priebus responded: “I don’t quarrel with you. I think a lot of what you’re saying is right.”

Are conservatives and Tea Party faithful talking sense here or what? The GOP is definitely a party divided against itself, and there's no way it will stand. Without some major course corrections, we might as well print up a new supply of White House letterhead for Barack Obama.

The AP/WP article concludes with:

Last week, the Democratic National Committee said it had raised about twice as much money as the RNC during the first month of Obama’s re-election campaign. The DNC collected $12.4 million in April, more than double the $6.1 million raised by the RNC during the same month.
Through the end of April, the DNC reported $14.8 million in cash on hand, compared with $5 million for the RNC. The DNC had $15.4 million in debt compared with $18.9 million in debt for the RNC.

I think it is entirely reasonable for our conservatives to stake out a firm position on political philosophy now -- while the RNC is running around begging for money, and we have some serious bargaining chips.

Priebus says "Show me the money." We say, "Declare your loyalty, sir, or we're going to take our marbles and go home. Then you can just play with yourself."