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National Labor Relations Board continues pro-union, anti-jobs agenda!

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By Administrator / Pantano for Congress    June 27, 2011

On the heels of its politically charged attempt to stop Boeing from locating a new factory in South Carolina, a right-to-work state, the National Labor Relations Board has continued it's pro-union, anti-job political power grab.  This time  the NLRB wants to change the rules for union elections to create "quickie" elections that will be much easier for labor unions to win (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702304070104576399822234404508.html).
This is nothing more than a politically charged attempt to stop the spiraling decrease in union membership (down to 6.5% from a high o f35% in the 1950s according to the WSJ)  for the political benefit of President Obama and liberals in Congress at the expense of American jobs. Labor Unions were one of the biggest contributosrs to Obama's election campaign in 2008 and one of the biggest donors to his followers in Congress like Mike McIntyre (Big Labor has donated over $450,000 to McIntyre) and now Obama and friends are politicizing the NLRB because they need the big money from big labor for the 2012 election cylce.  As the Wall Street Journal  editors wrote in their editorial "The Union Quickie,"  is designed to be independent with the purpose of ensuring fair labor practices, but under Obama  the NLRB is now "hyperpolitized" and "an advocate for unions."   
Congressman Joe Kline, Chairman of the House's Education & Workforce Committee was absolutley right in his statement in reacton to the NLRB's proprosal:
“In a direct affront to the millions of Americans desperate for jobs and opportunities, the Obama NLRB continues to push an activist agenda at the expense of our nation’s workforce. Big Labor has found faithful friends on the Obama NLRB who are working hard to ‘fix’ a process that isn’t broken.  Not only will this misguided proposal to expedite union elections undermine an employer’s lawful right to communicate with his or her employees, it will cripple a worker’s ability to make an informed decision. Employers and employees have a right to speak their mind and vote their conscience; I will continue to oppose any effort to undermine these fundamental principles.”

“The board is rushing a flawed proposal through a flawed process that will result in limited public scrutiny and congressional input.  For the sake of the nation’s workers and job creators, I urge the board to scrap this
reckless proposal and abandon its job-destroying agenda.



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