Friday, July 15, 2011

McIntyre deliberately misleads on fundraising numbers. It just don't add up!

Verne Strickland Blogmaster

 July 15, 2011
Andy Yates


Wilmington, NC:  Pantano for Congress spokesman Andy Yates released the following statement today calling out Congressman McIntyre and his campaign for deliberately misleading the public on the sources of their campaign contributions:

 “Yesterday morning Congressman Mike McIntyre and his campaign released a statement on his second quarter fundraising numbers claiming, without offering any proof, that during the second quarter that ‘nearly 70% of the (McIntyre’s) contributions came from individual contributors.’  However, when McIntyre filed his campaign finance report with the FEC, this claim turned out to be blatantly false.

“McIntyre’s own FEC report shows on line 6 (a) that during the 2nd quarter of 2011 he raised $286,126.93, on line 11 (a) (iii) $148,140.14 came from individual contributors, on line 11 (b) that $811.43 came from Political Party Committees, and on line 11(c) $137,175.36 came from ‘Other Political Committees (Such As PACs).’  These numbers taken directly from McIntyre’s FEC report (available at clearly show that McIntyre did not raise ‘nearly 70%’ of his contributions from individuals.  In reality he raised 48% of his money from PACs and special interest groups and only 52% from individual contributors.

“Congressman McIntyre and his campaign made an intentional choice to put out a press release announcing their bogus claim before filing their actual report. The media and the public took the Congressman at his word, but when the actual report was filed late yesterday it showed a different story entirely.  
"The Congressman should immediately apologize to the media and the people of the 7th District for deliberately misleading them about the sources of his campaign contributions."