Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Four NC Democrats named "Most Vulnerable" (no -- not "Most Valuable") by 'The Hill'

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / August 24, 2011

The result of record deficits haunts incumbent Democrats
North Carolina Republican PartyRALEIGH, NC – Four members of the North Carolina Democratic Congressional Delegation have been named “most vulnerable” by The Hill, a non-partisan Washington, D.C. publication.

Rep. Larry Kissell took home the top prize of “Most Vulnerable Democrat”, followed by “#4 Most Vulnerable Democrat” Rep. Heath Shuler, and “Honorable Mentions” Rep. David Price and Rep. Mike McIntyre.

These four were members of the 111th Democrat-controlled Congress that helped pile a whopping $4 Trillion on to our national debt in just 2.5 years under the leadership of President Obama.

It is also notable that the 111th congress failed to pass a congressional budget to determine government spending, one of the core responsibilities that they are supposed to perform.

NCGOP Chairman Robin Hayes had this to say:It is interesting to note that there is 1 “vulnerable Democrat” for every $1 Trillion added to the debt under President Obama.

"The fiscal irresponsibility of these four and their Democratic colleagues led to a jump in unemployment to unacceptable levels both nationally (9.1%) and in our state (10.1%).

"The people of North Carolina want responsibility and leadership restored in Washington, D.C., and that happens by replacing these members of Congress next November.”

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