Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ilario raises $175,000 for primary, leads against Johnston County opponent 2-1.

Seven months before primary, Ilario has raised more than the $161,000 that helped him to win the 2010 GOP primary with 51% of the vote.


Ilario's  third quarter report FEC shows the 2010 Republican nominee raised $65,000, bringing his primary campaign to over $175,000 raised this cycle, with 7 months to go before the primary. Pantano reports having $29,000 cash on hand and will continue investing heavily in ground operations in 12 counties and a field office that is making over two thousand phone calls per week.

“There is no question that President Obama has his eyes set on North Carolina,” Ilario said. “Our South Eastern Congressional district (NC-7) will be one of the most competitive in a state that will be one of the most competitive in the country.  We can expect an onslaught of money being spent across the district, and ACORN-style professional organizers being bused in to blanket our neighborhoods. We decided early on that the 2012 race will be decided by an organized ground game and that is where we are focusing our efforts.”

“We can’t wait for the GOP Presidential candidates to organize here,” Ilario continued. “They won’t be focusing on North Carolina until next year, because our primary is too late for them. If we want to take back America from Obama and the tax and spend liberals that are ruining our country then we have to do the heavy lifting ourselves. The future of my children, and yours, hangs in the balance so we must start now. ”

Congressional redistricting by the legislators in Raleigh has leveled the playing field and made the conservative South Eastern North Carolina district much more competitive. In 2010, Ilario nearly won NC-7, a seat held by democrats for over 140 years, despite Rep. Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spending over $600,000 to preserve Rep. McIntyre’s seat.

Poll Shows Ilario is the Frontrunner in Newly Redrawn 7th District (NC-7) Primary Race.

On September 1st, Conquest Communications Group conducted a poll of 350 likely Republican primary voters, all in the newly configured congressional district. Their poll results show that voters favor Ilario more than 2 to 1 in a head to head comparison with his nearest competitor and that Ilario has a 3 to 1 name ID advantage over his nearest competitor.

Ilario noted, “We are pleased that our strong standing is an early indicator that our grassroots conservative message will prevail. ‘Business as usual’ politics and the status quo by both parties is how America lost its way and became mired in unemployment and debt. In these trying economic times the people of South Eastern North Carolina are looking for bold leadership to restore America’s economy and ensure her security. ”

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