Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Pantano news conference focuses on immigration, Amnesty, and David Rouzer

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / November 30, 2011

While it was billed as a news conference, this Pantano for Congress event was more like a media smorgasboard -- three stories plus a Q&A packed into one fast-paced session before a phalanx of cameras and reporters.
          Johnson (l), Pantano
The session, focusing on illegal immigration and Amnesty, took place Wednesday at the conservative Republican’s Volunteer Office at Porter’s Neck.

Two of the stories were announcements of support by two of the nation’s largest advocacy groups for border security and enforcement of immigration laws.

Candidate Pantano said: “I am honored to receive the support of both ALIPAC and NCFIRE. Both of these groups do a great job here in NC and across the nation fighting against Amnesty, and fighting for the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. As the next Congressman from the Seventh District, I look forward to working with these groups to ensure that our Nation secures our borders, cracks down on illegal immigration, and never gives US citizenship away to someone who has entered our country illegally.”

James Johnson, founder and president of NCFIRE, was on hand to announce this group’s backing for Ilario Pantano, and both stood at the podium as Johnson delivered his statement:

“NCFIRE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization and, as such, we cannot endorse political candidates, however, we strongly agree with Ilario Pantano’s stance against illegal immigration and against amnesty for illegal aliens.
 “We have determined that Ilario, a Marine veteran of two wars, is dedicated to the enforcement of our immigration laws and keeping our citizens safe.
“We cannot agree with Ilario’s opponent, David Rouzer, and his position of being a paid lobbyist and supporter of the AG Jobs Act, which would give amnesty to 3.3 millon illegal aliens.

“We encourage the citizens of North Carolina’s Seventh Congressional District to take a good look at Mr. Pantano’s position on illegal immigration when making their choice in the upcoming primary in May.”

A statement by William Gheen, president of ALIPAC was read to the media:

“ALIPAC is proud to endorse Conservative Republican Ilario Pantano in the race for North Carolina’s Seventh District. Pantano is the only candidate in the GOP primary that we know we can trust to stand firm against illegal immigration. 

“Ilario’s primary opponent, David Rouzer, likes to talk a good game about securing the border and fighting illegal immigration. However, his record shows that is not true. In reality, Rouzer has been a paid advocate for Amnesty for Illegals, working alongside such open border pro-Amnesty liberals like Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Diane Feinstein. Eighty percent of Americans agree that Rouzer is wrong on Amnesty and wrong for the Seventh District. A pro-Amnesty candidate like Rouzer is the last thing the Seventh District needs.”

Candidate Pantano also presented statistics documenting the financial burden that illegal immigration places on taxpayers in New Hanover County, North Carolina as a whole, and on U.S. Citizens:

“The total estimated cost for illegal immigrants in North Carolina exceeds $2.1 billion. That equates to an annual cost of about $388 per legal American household. There are currently 23 known illegal immigrants in the New Hanover County Correctional Center, costing roughly $639,866.00 per year. On the national level illegal immigration costs taxpayers $113 billion dollars annually. As U.S. citizens, we are not equipped to bear this burden, and we have to stop those who are taking advantage of us at tremendous cost.”