Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hey, jerk, you're not Verne -- that would be me!

 Filed January 24, 2012

Commenter on WWAY-TV3 news story falsifies identity, signing under name of Verne Strickland, conservative writer who supports GOP conservative Ilario Pantano – not liberal Democrat Mike McIntyre.

VS: It’s not Hallowe’en, but the liberal loonies are already coming out of their lairs and writing under falsified identities using the names of conservative activists. A story posted on the WWAY TV3 Web site reporting on Congressman Mike McIntyre’s campaign fund-raising was followed by this comment from a reader:

Submitted by Verne Strickland (not verified) on Mon, 01/23/2012 - 2:06pm.
I'm proud to be a McIntyre supporter and to see that people in our area have enough sense to invest in the campaign of a level-headed and moderate representative.

VS: Such falsification of an identity is illegal under the rules of the WWAY-TV public forum – and on most established comment sections on the Internet. Unfortunately, it is easy for dishonest commenters to (anonymously) assume the identity of another person in order to post a misleading comment purported to be the statement of that individual.

In this case, the mischievous commenter chose to use my name under a comment praising liberal Democrat Congressman Mike McIntyre. It wasn’t my statement. I am a conservative blogger and investigative journalist. I support GOP conservative candidate Ilario Pantano.

While this act did me no personal or permanent damage, it does signal that liberal skullduggery is starting early in this 2012 election season. Actually, to be viewed as a threat to the campaign of Mike McIntyre is something I view as a badge of honor. It proves that the views with which I am identified are hitting the liberals where it hurts. I am complimented by that bit of notoriety.