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 Verne Strickland / USA DOT COM Blogmaster
April 15, 2012
Bubba Watson | Masters Golf Champion 2012

Verne Strickland / Blogmaster / April 15, 2012
Posted: Today 6:44 PM

Who would have thought that Bubba Watson, 2012 Masters Champion, would be so outspoken in support and praise of our Lord Jesus Christ? It's a wonderful, inspired development, in that Bubba is an engaging and likable sports star, known for his creative skills on the golf course, and for his character and loving attitude.

When Watson today fired the playoff shot that gave him the Masters green jacket, he collapsed in tears of joy in the arms of his caddy and his wife. No more Mister Cool-- a la Tiger Woods. In Bubba we welcome a true gentleman who wears his heart on his sleeve and gives his heart to Jesus. He will be a wonderful influence on young and old, and in time will emerge as a unique champion in sports and in life.

12 quotes from Masters Champion Bubba Watson 


“For me, it’s just showing the Light. There’s people who want to put down Christians. I try to tell them Jesus loves you. It’s just a way to be strong in my faith.” When someone tells him “Your God Tweets are lame,” Watson responded with “I will pray for u and ur family.” “Lecrae [a Christian rapper] said it the best. He doesn’t want to be a celebrity. He doesn’t want to be a superstar. He just wants to be the middle man for you to see God through him.” “I’ve really got a good team around me trying to help me succeed. Not just in golf, but off the golf course, to be a light for Jesus.” “For me it’s a way to get back connected with the Bible and with God and Jesus. Now you know other people you can talk to, ask questions to, tell them what you’re thinking, tell them what’s going on in your life.” “We [Bubba and his wife Angie] wanted to be Christ followers. We wanted to do the right thing. We started turning to the Lord for our decisions.” “I would say 2004 was my true time of becoming a Christian and shaping me into the man I am today.” Watson is extremely popular on Twitter. You can follow him at Some of his tweets are the following:
  • “God made everything & saved us from our sins & gives us hope and gives us eternal life! #Godisgood”
  • “Hebrews 13:6 So we say with confidence, ‘The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can mere man do to me?’”
  • “The most important thing in my life? Answer after I golf 18 holes with @JustinRose99. #Godisgood”
  • “Most important things in my life- 1. God 2. Wife 3. Family 4. Helping others 5. Golf”
  • “Everyone @angieb1433 & I are proud new parents of a 1 month old baby boy name Caleb. Been a parent for 2 days. #amazing!
  • Gerry "Bubba" Watson (born November 5, 1978) is an American professional golfer who won the 2012 Masters Tournament. Watson is one of the few left-handed golfers on tour and is known for his tremendous length. The longest driver on the PGA Tour, in 2007 he had an average drive of 315.2 yards and is capable of generating a ball speed of 194 mph, being one of the few players who can hit a ball over 350 yards.[1][2] He has been featured in the top 10 of the Official World Golf Rankings. Watson won the 2012 Masters Tournament after defeating Louis Oosthuizen in a sudden death play-off.[3]