Wednesday, August 8, 2012

iiiMPACT -- major conference on illegal immigration in NC, slated for Wilmington

By Verne Strickland / August 8, 2012

A landmark conference on the cost and impact of illegal immigration -- iiiMPACT -- is scheduled in Wilmington for Friday, August 10, at the New Hanover County Northeast Regional Library Auditorium, and Saturday, August 11, at the Cape Fear Community Schwartz Center.

Jude Eden, Wilmington conservative community activist who is married to a legal immigrant, is a member of the event's steering committee. She commented on the meeting for USA DOT COM:

"The event is designed to educate the public about the impact of illegal immigration to our state. It’s going to cover some of what’s going on nationwide, but we find that many may not really know what the impact of illegal immigration is to them. Actually, North Carolina is spending $2.3 billion a year on services that are paid by taxpayers to these people. They’re getting paid under the table a lot of the time, and then they can claim they are not making anything. They’re getting welfare, they’re getting social security, they’re getting educational and medical benefits. 
Schools crowded due to children of illegals. Some close.
"There are schools that are closing in our country because children of illegal immigrants, who don't have a right to be there, are siphoning off money they we can’t afford, and there’s not enough then to go around. Legal American citizens are thus being  of their rights. We know that illegal immigrants will go to the emergency room to get treated because they don’t have to pay – but we have to pay. These developments are costing us billions of dollars. 

Illegals cause of unprecedented crime waves 
"The illegal immigrants are also causing shocking crime waves that endanger us all. Obama says these are just decent, harmless working people. They don’t know really know this because there are no records on most of them except on the criminal dockets. There may be a lot of them who want a better life, but so do I. Still, I  don't have the liberty to infringe on the rights of others. Further on crime, there’s the MS12, the dangerous Mexican gang. It’s active in nearby Jacksonville, N.C., as well as right here in Wilmington. That’s a scary thought. Drug cartels are operating literally right in our own North Carolina backyards. There are huge marijuana grow operations that these criminals are prepared to protect with violence and threat. 

Most important issue at iiiMPACT -- protecting the vote
"When we got together to talk about what were the top priorities we should deal with at the iiiMPACT conference, we quickly identified that the most important thing that should be protected is our vote. Millions of votes cast by citizens who are properly registered are being nullified by illegal aliens who are not entitled to register, but are permitted to do so anyway.

In NC, legal ballots being nullified by unlawful votes
"Civitas did a powerful expose that showed that people rejected from serving on jury duty could turn right around and register to vote. That was in North Carolina. To me that’s our most important issue. If our votes are not counting and are being nullified by illegal, unlawful votes being cast by illegals. If we don’t have our votes, we don’t have our sovereignty, and our voices being crushed and distorted and muted. Voter fraud, voter ID issues and illegal immigration are right up front in this important conference set for August 10-12. Public welcome, free of charge.

Friday, August 10th   
New Hanover County Northeast Regional Library Auditorium  
Northeast Regional Library Map.  Free parking in front of building.

 6:30pm Meet & Greet                                        
7pm “They Come to America” followed by a Q&A with Dennis Michael Lynch  

Dennis Michael Lynch
We’ll dive into this educational event with a viewing of Dennis Michael Lynch’s ground-breaking documentary, “They Come to America.”  A comprehensive and in-depth look at the reality and the costs of illegal immigration in America, this movie will help to educate the public on this issue on the national level.  Step beyond the media pundits’ racially charged sound-bites into what’s really going on in our cities and along America’s border.
SATURDAY August 11 iiiMPACT Conference                                                               
Cape Fear Community College Schwartz Center 
Cape Fear Community College MAP – Click on “R” for the Schwartz Center.
9am: registration begins                                                                                           
10am: Workshops                                                                                                          
12pm: Lunch with keynote speakers                                                                            
1pm: Town Hall Discussion                                                                                     

Saturday we’ll get local with speakers, candidates, state and local officials and citizens starting with small workshops on specific aspects affecting North Carolina and continuing on to a Town Hall style panel discussion in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided with several keynote speakers from North Carolina.  Attendees will come away with a wealth of knowledge about the issues themselves, what their elected officials are doing, and what can be done to protect our citizens while maintaining legal immigration laws. 

Can’t attend in person?  The iiiMPACT afternoon Town Hall will be broadcast live on the web!  Live Webcast