Monday, October 22, 2012


By Verne Strickland / October 22, 2012

Face to face: It's the final Obama-Romney debate

The Debate:

Scheifer started out talking about the Arab Spring. We have to be diplomatic here. The Chinese and the Bulgarians both want to know -- what about our Spring? Hell, we got one too!

Now Obama is talking. I know it's him. Big ears, tan complexion just a shade or two lighter than Boehner's. Yes, it's him.

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  • Verne Strickland It's still him. Why doesn't Scheifer cut him off? How do you spell this guy's name? Now Mitt is closing fast. He says "Attacking me is not an agenda." I like that. Now it's thrust, parry, and parry, thrust. They're both talking. Get 'im, Mitt!
  • Verne Strickland Scheiffer is now taking over. Where's he get his moderator training? At Candy's College of Gabfests? How do you spell Shayfuh?
  • Verne Strickland Mitt, fella, I can see you in the Oval Office. Got that demeanor. I mean, de meaner you get, the more effective you are. The knot in this man's tie is perfection. Great voice modulation. Oh, yeah!
  • Verne Strickland They're still on foreign affairs. I've often felt like Clinton had foreign affairs, but it's the one in the Oval Office that got the most press. Okay, Obama is doing a pretty good job. Can't believe I said that. Scheiffer said something about "no fly zones". I wish we had some of those zones in North Carolina. We can have bad fly problems here, as you know. Swat those suckers. Spray with DDT. Whatever it takes.
  • Kevin Herrick I havent been able to watch, it is 9:25, How is Mitt doing????
  • Verne Strickland Obama now gabbing about what might make the Egyptian revolution more successful? Well, our American Revolution was won by beating the British. But I frankly don't feel the British are much of a factor there.
  • Verne Strickland Kevin Herrick, who is following the debate through our blow-by-blow coverage, has written in to ask "How is Mitt doing?" Kevin, in my biased Republican conservative opinion, he is putting a real whoopin' on Barocco Bomber. Please send in some more questions, KH. We're way behind Fox News in audience participation, and I'm getting lonely. Would you believe that you're the only viewer who has asked me a question? Well, believe it.
  • Verne Strickland Oblamer is saying that the American military is stronger under his direction. Well, I don't know about that. He said our troops had to stop digging fox holes because this promotes Fox News, which he hates. He is so petty, non?
  • Verne Strickland Obongo now accuses Mitt of having wrong and reckless policies. Ooh. Actually Odumbo said that he has worked hard for us for four years. And if we re-elect him, he'll work hard for another four years. Yikes!
  • Verne Strickland Now small business is being examined. I was in small business myself. As a matter of fact, if I had realized how small it was going to be, I wouldn't have gotten into it. Aaron Trinkle is now cutting in on my monologue and saying the canidates just changed the subject. Aaron, you are seventeen minutes behind me! And you seem to be competing for the one participant I have on the www -- Keven Herrick. I can't afford to lose him.
  • Verne Strickland Now the Fox Twitter scoreboard is reporting over 75,000 twerps (tweets?) per minute. Why is my show on the www doing so poorly by comparison? It's demeaning. Maybe it's because I'm a white male honky conservative Christian bozo. But I'm loveable. You gotta at least give me that.
  • Verne Strickland Uh oh. Obasher is now lecturing Mitt on what an aircraft carrier is. But with lightning speed moderate Shofa is shifting to Iran and Israel. No laughing matter here. I just hope Obubba does a much better job with Israel than he did with Netanyahu. That was a disaster, people. I don't think Obucko has any idea about the Biblical basis for our Judeo-Christian culture's support of Israel. How could he?
  • Verne Strickland I'm not sure who's ahead right at this moment. It might be the moderator, who has not missed one answer yet. He has, however, blown a few questions. No question about that.
  • Verne Strickland Say hey! The Mittster is now tightening down on the president's "apology tour" overseas, which Obluster said did not happen, but rather that it "took place". Mitt said that Obama (got it right for once) skipped Israel. Shows him up for what he is. I'm tired. There's lot of pressure keeping up the patter on a show like this. I would advise all of you to turn up the sound now on your tee vee, and enjoy what's happening. Thanks, bubbas and bubettes, I am your humble servant.