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Governor McCrory asked to withdraw State School Board appointment.

 Verne Strickland / Blogmaster / April 1, 2013


Rev. Mark H. Creech is Executive Director of the 
Christian Action League of North Carolina, Inc. 

By Dr. Mark H. Creech    April 1, 2013

According to the Raleigh News and Observer, Equality NC has asked Governor McCrory to reconsider his appointment of Buddy Collins to the state Board of Education. They charge that Collins wrongly opposed an anti-bullying measure that enumerated protections for GLBT students in 2009.

I hope the Governor will not take their suggestion of reconsideration seriously. The legislation that passed the North Carolina General Assembly in 2009 was highly controversial and succeeded by only one vote. It was a travesty of justice in that it was the first time in North Carolina history the highly undefined concepts of "sexual orientation" and "gender identity" were codified into law.

Rep. Marilyn Avila (R-Wake) expressed the fundamental flaw in the law when it was proposed and debated that year by the NC House. She said, "Here we are taking over from parents who have failed to teach their child not to bully. But how have you and how have I taught my child not to bully?" Avilla asked. "I didn't say 'don't pick on Rick because he's Jewish, don't pick on Julie because she's autistic, don't pick on Frank because he is overweight.' I sent my child out of the house and into the world with one admonition — 'you do not bully because it is wrong and it hurts people.'"

The legislation created a specially protected class of people. The irony is Equality NC faults Collins for not wanting to protect all of the state's students, when in fact, I'm sure that's exactly the reason Collins and others like him, including myself, were so opposed to the measure. It doesn't protect every child, instead it enumerates with special protections certain groups. If Equality NC was really concerned with protecting every child, then they would have agreed as many others argued, no enumerations were needed - bullying is bullying - no matter to whom it is directed.

The bullying bill was and remains to be an effort by homosexual activists in our state to get a foothold in North Carolina law - a foothold they hope to use for the advancement of their cause.

Collins showed courage in speaking out against the policy at the time. A man shouldn't be denied for having demonstrated virtue.

-Dr. Mark Creech
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  • David Deborah Williams A local pastor last week said that he has felt for a long time that this issue will be the defining one that separates those born again from those not. I tend to agree. Politically, the homosexual lobby has won, if not this year, next. They have changed the national rhetoric to the point that Bible believing Christians are just bullies. God help us remain faithful to Jesus and His truth.
  • Warren Shinn Not only that but there were ALREADY rules in place to handle bullying. That legislation was redundant and unnecessary! I hope Pat McCrory doesn't fold on this! But if he's like he was as Mayor of Charlotte, he will fold....Unless he's changed. He proved himself to be a politician and not a statesman. I have hope....he appears to have a backbone as Governor...time will tell!
  • Ralph Eubanks When we began to give up our freedom and our life long value system we began to destroy our way of life and our country. Will we be able to overcome the small majority who have no values and return this country to its former glory?
  • David Deborah Williams I pray we can. We have to remember that those of us who remain faithful and true will be sought out when culture collapses. Jesus remains Lord no matter what happens to the nation.