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NC Republican Party 2013 Convention Launches in Charlotte; Heated Party VP Contest on Tap


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First day of NC GOP Convention begins in Queen City

CHARLOTTE—At this weekend's NC GOP Convention, Republicans across the state are laying out their vision and goals for the upcoming year.

The plans include a key priority, getting new minority members and bringing more minority leaders into the fold.

African-American and Hispanic NC GOP delegates said they are excited about their recruitment efforts this year and the progress made in the 2012 election, where a boost in Republican minority votes helped turn the state Red in both the presidential and gubernatorial races.

In the past year, Hispanic and African-American NC GOP leaders have traveled the state, working to recruit new members and volunteering at events.

The Republican National Hispanic Assembly is now a permanent group within the NC GOP, as it works to start up Hispanic chapters in counties across the state. GOP Leaders say the steady outreach paid off in the 2012 election, when according to exit polls nearly 11 percent more minorities voted Republican compared to the 2008 election.

“Engage the minority community with the truth, and let them know all we have in common, which is less taxes, smaller government and more freedoms,” said NCGOP delegate Earl Phillip.

According to exit polls, 14 percent of minority voters in North Carolina cast a ballot for Gov. Pat McCrory in 2012. Minority Republican leaders say that their goal is to get that number to 20 percent in 2016.
Saturday, the NCGOP will elect a new chair and vice-chair to a two-year term. Current NCGOP Chairperson Robin Hayes is stepping down.


To set the stage for the NCGOP 2013 Convention in Charlotte, we interviewed Andy Yates, veteran conservative analyst and co-founder of full-service political agency RED DOME GROUP in Charlotte:

We'll all very excited about our convention. This is a good chance to get together and reflect on where’ll we go in 2014. We jave some good choices going forward. The selection of our Speaker is one of the best we’ve ever had. Chairman Hayes done good job of setting up the convention. 

The race for Vice Chair has been nothing short of a stem-winder. That’s where the real excitement will be. There are four people running. 

Candidates include GOP stalwarts Major Dave Goetz, Marcus Kindley, and Joyce Krawiec, who agree that the party must fight to retain its brand as the statewide political party that supports the US Constitution and fights for God, traditional families, fiscal restraint, leaner government, and other social and pocketbook issues, and Glen Bradley.
           Author note:
The “stand-out” entry is Glen Bradley, who has created an uproar by proclaiminjg: Glen Bradley stated this at a Monsanto rally on May 25, 2013 in Greensboro:
“Occupy America calls the Tea Party right wing nut theocratic fascists and Tea Parties call Occupy left wing nut hippie communist and we are all too busy hating each other to recognize that we all have more in common than we have against each other.”
 The chairman’s race will lack the excitement of the the vice chair race race. In this contest there are clear differences between the candidates, between the candidates. This will probably go to a second ballot. In my memory of conventions, and I’ve been to just about every one since’99, I cannot remember an election that has gone to two ballots. 

That will add to the intrigue and the interest, and unfortunately it may depend on who hangs around to vote on the second ballot. You’ve got some good canaidates there, and then, I guess you’d say there are some interesting candidates. That race will determine a lot about where the party’s going. As far as where the libertarian-leaning candidates are, and the more conservative traditional repubs, if you want to keep an eye on the convention that will be the most interesting part.

Another area will be the buzz about who may run for Senate, whether it be Speaker Tillis, or Mark Harris, or Brannon. Among those rumored to become candidates are high-profile politicans such as Fox or Ellmers. That hasn’t really taken shape yet. Will be a lot of gossip about that race this week-end, and you’ll start to see who’s taking sides there.
It’s very nice to have the first convention with a Republican Governor in modern times. This is historic in that it is the first time we’ve had a convention where we’ve actually been in charge of the state. We have a Rep[ublican Governor, Republican House, Republican Senate, Republican Supreme Court. I hope this face is properly celebrated this week-end. We must bear in mind that, while it is good to be in this position, we will have to work hard to keep our gains.
The rumor mill always runs rampant at the convention, and maybe you can believe a quarter of it, but a least it provides some entertainment. 

At any rate, this convention is a landmark meeting for the North Carolina Republican Party, and we intend to enjoy it, as well as ramp up the energy looking forward to 2014. 

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