Sunday, July 7, 2013

Right Side Network up and going -- the go-to place for Christian conservatives!

Verne Strickland -- Administrator & Contributing Editor, Right Side Media Productions . . .

I'm proud to announce that Right Side Media Productions has accepted me as a regular feature blogger with their their potent Christian conservative multi-media company.

I'll clue you in -- I've prayed fervently for this. You know that my passion is serving God and promoting the founding principles of our Nation. These two passions and influence define me. I have but one way to have an impact -- through my writing. For ten years I have contributed to a number of internet companies -- Band of Bloggers, Carolina Talk Network, blogspot, and others. I learned much, and got to know many sincere and talented writers with the same political commitments that I have.

But I felt I might have a calling to reach a wider following -- a national audience -- with my material. I've had much encouragement, and many have praised my work. I counter this by saying: "I can't claim this stuff as my own. Before I write, I pray that the Holy Spirit will speak through me. He is always faithful. He guides my pen. To God goes the glory."

There are many gaps to filled in here, and I'll get to them in due time. I've written a number of pieces for Right Side Media. The response comes back from a national audience. It is nothing short of thrilling to proclaim the Glory of God to such an audience.

Many other talented and dedicated Christian conservative writers, producers, technicians, broadcasters, announcers and interviewers are on board. They have welcomed me and I feel I have found a home.

Just one of these skilled communicators goes by the name of Johnny Michael Z. His potent work shows up on the company's Sirius XM webcasts and well as in Right Side blogs and news sections. I particularly liked this one, and offer it for your enjoyment and inspiration:


OK, Yah... It's been awhile. Been working to set up the Network as well as a NEW web site for the Network! Thats the main reason I haven't blogged in awhile, it certainly isn't because there hasn't been anything to talk about!

Today, I'd like to discuss the amount of money the United States is sending overseas for foreign aid... First of all when you compare 2012 to 2008, the top 10 recipients by number for 1-10 is more. Lets take a look shall we?

2008 2012
Israel $2.38B - Israel $3.075 B $695Mil
Afghanistan $1.957B - Afghanistan $2.327B $37M
Egypt $1.706B - Pakistan $2.102 $396Mil
Jordan $938 Mil - Iraq $1.683B $745 Mil
Pakistan $738 Mil - Egypt $1.557B $819 Mil
Iraq $605 Mil - Jordan $676 Mil $71 Mil
Kenya $599 Mil - Kenya $652 Mil $53 Mil
S. Africa $574 Mil - Nigeria $625 Mil $51 Mil
Columbia $541 Mil - Ethiopia $580 Mil $39 Mil
Nigeria $486 Mil - Tanzania $531 Mil $45 Mil
Total $10.584 Billion -Total $13.808 Billion

Now... It seems to me that, that number should be going down, not up... Where is this money coming from? Are we not over $17 TRILLION in DEBT? We are adding on average $48,293.00 per second. When is it no longer OK? Why is this not an issue? I realize there are other issues going on, like Benghazi, IRS Scandal, AP Scandal, and so on and so on... But... What happens when all of a sudden the people we owe, come to collect?

Who are these people?
1. The Citizens of the United States - $4.7T
2. China - $1.1 Trillion
3. Japan $914 Billion
4. United Kingdom - $346 Billion
5. Ireland - $346 Billion
6. Brazil - $211 Billion
7. Russia - $115 Billion
8. Switzerland $108 Billion
9. Canada $90.7 Billion
10. Germany $61 Billion

Stop Spending, Stop voting in raises for yourselves, In fact... Take a pay cut... Balance a budget for Pete's sake! If the National Debt is still climbing, you did not balance a budget... Stop spending and at least the debt will stop climbing. But then again, whats in the best interest of this country is not the intent of this administration! The claw and tear at the Law of the land (That'd be the Constitution!), And I don't want to hear about how it was written over 200 years ago... The principles within are alive today just as they were back then... Uphold the laws that exist, and there'd be fewer problems... But this administration would rather allow the laws to be ignored, thus creating or causing certain events to look like more laws and bigger government is the only solution... Guess what... The bad guys don't obey laws any way, so the only people that are being hurt by more laws are the rest of us! I realize I started out talking about the debt, but... Well.... I'm a tad bit PISSED!

The Movement Must Grow...
We Are Americans and Dammit It...

Good 'un, Jonathan. You're winning friends and influencing people, and I'm enjoying getting to know you.

My key contact in this transition comes from Keith Migra, founder and owner of the company. I spotted an appeal for conservative Christian writers a few weeks back. I wrote him, he called me, and pretty soon after that I came on board as an Administrator and writer.

I'd like for my friends on Facebook and USA DOT COM to get in touch with Right Side, follow, like, and continue to be a loyal fan and participant.

Here's an easy way to get into the Right Side Productions loop:
Thanks and we'll leave the light on for ya!    Verne.