Friday, September 27, 2013


“We are being hoodwinked by Mr. Obama, who is obviously intent on attacking the American economy, our freedoms, and our way of life.”
David Rouzer


 By Verne Strickland  September 27, 2013

I wrote the following piece today. I was proud of David Rouzer. Also today, the U.S. Senate turned its back on America by voting to fund Obamacare, among other things.

And I am still proud of David Rouzer. He took the high road. He stuck to his guns. This will pay off for the straight-shooting conservative U.S. Congressional candidate in the long run.

David and I have some important things in common. We both grew up in rural North Carolina -- he in Johnston County, and me in Nash. We are both conservative Christians. We dearly love America. And we both were closely associated with the late great statesman Jesse A. Helms. 

Jesse hired me at WRAL-TV in 1966 because I thought and wrote like he did. I left Capitol Broadcasting fifteen years later to join Jesse's successful 1982-84 re-election campaign.

David's closeness to Helms is better known, and far more important. He was by the side of the Senator during some of the most important and hard-fought battles beginning in 1994.

Jesse would be proud today of David Rouzer, and would have every right to be. Why? Because, like Helms, David has lost a number of important fights. And, like Helms, David never despaired, and fought on. Both of these two highly-principled North Carolinians have fought, and lost, for principle -- not glory or gain.

Far for being an embarrassment for Rouzer, this will cause many conservative patriots -- Republican and Democrat alike -- to rally to the side of the quiet, whip-smart and disarming former member of the North Carolina General Assembly.

While Rouzer lost a high-stakes Washington shoot-out, this could well be the key to finally prying Mike McIntyre loose from the District 7 House seat he has held onto for the better of two decades.

Great job, David. As Jesse always used to say: "I never won a public opinion poll -- but I never lost an election. While Rouzer has been on the short end of the stick a few times, he held his ground on the shutdown. Never flinched. If he lost the battle, I expect he will win the war.


U.S. conservative GOP candidate David Rouzer of North Carolina says Americans need have no fear of a “federal government shutdown”.

He’s been there before, during his first year on the Washington staff of the late U.S. Senator Jesse A. Helms in 1994. You may not hear anyone else say this, but David Rouzer, whose goal is to send excessively incumbent Democrat Mike McIntyre back to his hometown of Lumberton,  is confident a shutdown would be good for America and the Republican Party.

In an exclusive interview with the affable 42-year-old, I asked him to connect the dots on his unexpected contention that a shutdown, rather than being harmful to America, could actually be beneficial in many ways:


“I think it’s important to point out when you have a temporary government shutdown – and it’s just that, it’s temporary – and the other thing is, you’re talking about discretionary spending, not mandatory spending, such as social security checks, Medicare, Medicaid, those programs that are particularly important to Seniors, as well as other critically important government operations. A shutdown affects discretionary spending, and discretionary spending only. When you compare that to the opportunity to completely uproot and defund Obamacare, which would have lasting and very damaging consequences for our Republic, to me it’s a non-issue. Let’s stand up and do what’s right.”


You have advised that a similar taste of partisan gridlock was present about twenty years ago. Would you describe what was happening at the time?


“Well, of course, the Republicans had taken control of the Senate in 1994. Many may remember the Contract with America. Bill Clinton was president at the time. And, essentially they had a showdown over government spending. Some look back to that as a perilous time for Republicans, but I look at it from a very different perspective.

“That showdown ultimately resulted in a Balanced Budget agreement, and welfare reform, both of which were tremendous advantages for this country. Incidentally, the Clinton Administration, with the help of Mike McIntyre, was pressured to capitulate and strike a deal that significantly reduced the work requirements for welfare a few years ago when Nancy Pelosi was in control of the Congress.

“That point in time was crucial to setting the stage for a balanced budget amendment, and for welfare reform. It showed Bill Clinton that he had a potent adversary to deal with Republican conservatives. And another thing is, the American people know it takes two to tango, and when you force an issue like this, as Senator Cruz is doing with Obamacare, and Mike Lee and Rubio and others who are standing with him, it really displays to the American public all the faults and pitfalls inherent in Obamacare, and shows who is on what side.

“One thing I like about those who are willing now to stand up and stand firm against President Obama and the overreach and the Socialist agenda is because if you don’t, they’re just going to keep on rolling, and we can’t afford that.

“I look at it this way – a temporary government shutdown has no lasting consequence to the country, and will  do no permanent damage whatsoever. On the other hand, mplementation of Obamacare will cause permanent damage to this country. And when you look at it in that light, the stakes are as high as they’ve ever been. We have to kill this thing and we have to defund it.

“We cannot let this law take root, because, once it does, we will be moving down the path to Socialism in a major way, and it’s going to destroy this country. We are being hoodwinked by Mr. Obama, who is obviously intent on attacking the American economy, our freedoms, and our way of life.”

VS: David Rouzer is plowing new ground with his bold offensive, and it is expected that his courageous statements on a government shutdown, Obamacare, and other critical issues, will embolden the American people to more rigorously contest the president’s initiatives, which are totally out of step with the vast majority of our U.S. citizens

*The bloodletting over a shutdown will continue during the week-end.