Friday, October 4, 2013

Bachmann: Congress should do whatever it takes to stop Affordable Care Act -- "Obamacare"

 Verne Strickland / Blogmaster / September, 2013
Michele Bachmann is urging Congress to do whatever it takes to stop Patient Protection Act Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare. 
 She makes the following observations about it: 
Almost every one of President Barack Hussein Obama’s promises about Obamacare has turned out to be false. President Barack Hussein Obama has lied about abortion not being funded under Obamacare. No one should hand over any private information to the health-care exchanges and the federal data hub. The HHS admits there is no way to prevent Obamacare fraud. People are not trusting the government after the NSA lies and abuse of private information. 
People don't believe the government Obamacare files can be hacked but they are easily accessible even by amateur computer users. The government isn't even trying to use high level cyber security to protect Americans’ private healthcare information contained in the Obamacare system servers. You can't trust the people running the heath-care exchanges because they have neither been vetted for security clearance nor necessary healthcare experience, licenses, and certifications. 
The people running the health-care exchanges obviously are neither properly trained pertaining to healthcare information protocols nor trained in data security measures. The people running Obamacare are completely unprepared to go forward because they are shovel ready, rank amateurs, and off the street temporary employees. They're making the decision to move forward based upon politics not healthcare credentials. President Barack Hussein Obama arrogantly gives speeches where he clearly says he is more concerned with saving face than keeping our health-care data secure.
10 minutes ago
I believe Obama is a blatant self admitted fraud. But it has nothing to do with Obama's birth. Obama’s critics have it all backwards. They are looking in the wrong place. Obama isn't a foreigner portraying himself as an American. Obama’s an American who fraudulently portrayed himself as a foreigner to receive special status afforded to foreigners to the USA. 
By Obama's own admission he was a poor student who smoked pot, rarely attended class, and got mediocre grades, from Occidental (a good but not great college). Obama's only chance of transferring into Columbia was a made-up story of being an exotic foreigner. It’s pretty clear how Obama got into Columbia, and I believe it was by lying. 
Obama was a smart kid, even then gave “great interviews,” and talked (lied) his way into Columbia University as an Indonesian student, using his Jakarta grade school transcripts (and perhaps Passport/citizenship papers) as fake representation of papers of proof. Columbia University probably asked very few questions. 
Columbia University admissions officers were thrilled to have an Indonesian student to brag about. Columbia University got what they wanted – “diversity.”