Monday, January 20, 2014

Good morning, folks. This old Nash County farm yard has only been abandoned for about 3 years now. I pass this place every day and I can remember when this yard was full of life not to long ago. I have a photo of the old house (just to the right of this shot) scheduled for 11:00 today, so stay tuned! (Posted by Mark)
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  • Verne Strickland Robert: I was raised in rural Nash County, although I am not related in any way to the late Democrat farm congressman Harold D. Cooley, or to Dr. Greg Brannon, who hopes one day he will be a U.S. Senator from Nash County. Anyway, I'll bet I did some WRAL/5 television farm stories from this farm, as I did from so many others. For my information -- what is the address of this farm (and who were the owners?) Did the flue-cured tobacco have an infestation of black shank and budworms? Please get back to me on this, okay? This is wonderful history. Thanks, my friend.