Sunday, July 6, 2014

The Spy Who Loved Jesus is a wonderful American with an amazing story, which, when told, will glorify the Lord in a special way. I will tell that story, and I am blessed by God to have the privilege. I am not proud of the assignment, but deeply humbled.

Verne Strickland
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Hey, folks. Have not had much to say recently about Hans von Bischel, the spy who loved Jesus. But there has been lots going on.

Hans is a fascinating man whom I've come to know intimately via phone over the last few months, and I have come to love him for many reasons.
Hans is about 55 years of age. I connect daily with him the phone daily at his home in the Pacific Northwest.

Hans is a devout Christian. He is up every day at 530 am PST, and studies his Bible for three hours. A daily ritual, which he loves. He cuts his phone off during these hours. He is saved, of course and is an impressive biblical scholar. Anytime I quote scripture to him, he knows chapter and verse.

Of course, he has led a perilous existence as an international spy for over 30 years. He says he has done things which have deeply troubled his heart and soul. Hans has taken his guilt and shame to his Savior Jesus, and received blessed forgiveness.

I have recorded our lengthy conservations to gather material for what we hope will become an eventual blockbuster book and possibly a screenplay as well. He is that fascinating. But God will decide that.

Hans has been so ill recently as to be close to death. We pray together during each phone connection. He has lung cancer, has had multiple strokes, and has of late been all but crippled by failed hip inplants. He has been in debilitating pain. I have been very concerned for him and we have prayed fervently for healing.

Last night Hans called me at home and announced, "Verne, I have good news. I've been healed! God has healed me, my hips. The pain is gone. For the first time in months I am able to walk around my house and even out in the yard. I couldn't do that for months. It is miraculous."

I readily agreed. His faith has made him whole. Praise the Lord. This is a major sign from God of His love for Hans -- and even for Hans' partner and eventual biographer.

Hans and I and two dear Christian ladies are working as a team, and have much to do. God's work. We have been called by the Lord for this purpose.This is what keeps Hans and me alive. Our task will be to detail Hans' life, his faith, and his amazing story, which will be done with one single blessed purpose -- to glorify God and his Mighty Kingdom across the face of the earth.

There is so much to learn and to tell. It may take years, but it must be done. It is God's bidding. I will keep you my beloved Christian friends posted on our progress. It's a story that is alive and changing every day.

Please pray for us as we delve into the research and writing of Hans von Bischel's biography -- THE SPY WHO LOVED JESUS. Thanks so much and God bless you all.