Saturday, June 13, 2015

Mao Ze Dong and Barack Obama -- Partners in Crime

Partners in Crime

Verne Strickland June 13, 2015

I just watched a documentary film on my computer about Mao Zedong -- 

Chairman Mao Documentary - The Cultural Revolution - Destruction Of China. 

Sobering? Of course. Distressing? Yes. I expected that. In fact, I sought it out. I've always had a fascination for this land -- the Peoples Republic China -- one of the largest nations in the world, and a Communist enigma.

To a large degree, I satisfied much of my curiosity by gaining entrance to the country as a journalist in 1979, only three years after Mao's death. It took me two years of hard work and contacts to eventually get the invitation which is the ticket to get in.

But that's another story. For this exercise, I wanted to study this film, make notes on the key points, and compare Mao's plan of operation with that of another world leader -- one I suspected shared many of the goals and flaws with the Communist tyrant -- our own President Barack Hussein Obama.

The comparison has been nothing short of stunning, and convinces me that these two devious strongmen have not only had delusions of grandeur, but actually played them out, to the dismay and destruction of their own respective countries and civilizations.

We fear Barack Obama. We distrust him and his motives. We question his good will, his real loyalty and benevolence toward America, his heart of hearts, his willingness and even his drive to tear down not only our military offensive capabilities, but our defenses as well -- in fact, his seemingly insatiable drive to destroy America and rebuild it in his own image.

Mao did it. There were some differences between the two. But the mad Asian despot and the crackpot American president both revealed a curious bent toward dismantling their respective civilizations without regard to the human, spiritual or economic cost.

I am going to enumerate some of the points made in this film about the destruction of China, and leave it to you to link many of the most salient points with what you and I see taking place today in the United States -- and how it foretells doom and chaos.

Mao was ruthless in his insatiable need to sow upheaval in Chinese society. In his quest to do this, he arrayed a massive army of children, telling them that "young people must rebel."

They did -- turning on old established institutions, humiliating and attacking parents, teachers, educational systems, churches and other religious institutions, government itself. By 1969, the film narrative states ominously that there were no courts, no schools, no agriculture, and no recognizable government except for the military.

"There were just hordes of rebellious young people roving the country, destroying property, spreading mayhem, killing and creating revolution."

Experiments were performed on the elderly -- not to help them, but to kill them so they would not be a threat to Chairman Mao. There was a polarization of the arts. Organized efforts to educate were eradicated. The media became Mao's propaganda mill -- if newspapers did not print his essays and image embellishments, he went directly to the people with broadcasts. He owned the media.

As Mao withdrew more and more into his own private world, ignoring the storms of societal upheaval, he concentrated on building an overpowering cult of personality through his infamous "Little Red Book", massive parades and demonstrations in his honor, liquidation of any and all rivals, and inattention to untold numbers of starving and destitute people in rural areas.

During the course of his cruelly mischaracterized "Great Leap Forward" and the infamous Cultural Revolutions, millions died or were killed, society itself was broken apart, order was sacrificed, the economy was wrecked, and except for privileged members of the Communist Party and the military, the entire fabric of society was stripped of its former identity.

Mao had done what he had set out to do -- he had almost totally obliterated every vestige of order, and organization was purposefully obliterated. China was adrift like a huge ship cast off from its moorings and wallowing in the swells of a stormy sea.

Mao never did repair the damage he had wrought. He died in 1976 of congestive heart failure. Rebuilding China into the economic and military behemoth that it is today fell to his successors, beginning with Deng Xiaoping.

I was able to finally enter the reclusive Communist country three years later, in 1979. At this juncture there had been almost no recovery, and I walked back in time a hundred years or more when I stepped off the plane in Beijing.

But I must stick to my original premise -- the shocking similarities existing between Communist tyrant Mao Zedong and Marxist U.S. president Barack Hussein Obama.

We've seen how ruthlessly Mao dealt with China. How about Obama today? Is he creating a cult of personality? Is he gaining control over all the branches of the military, is he draining the treasury, is he tearing down society, crushing the churches, mocking traditional marriage and morals, playing cozy with America's enemies including the U.N., breaking the rules with how he operates the Executive Branch while sucking influence from the Legislative and Judicial Branches? Is he bullying the opposition media, threatening U.S. business by promoting global warming schemes and other liberal nonsense?

And what  have I left out? Lord, that should be enough. Mao and Barack. Both bent on the destruction of their own countries and every decent facet of the old ways -- to the loss of so much.

Mao is through with his work. Obama is deep into his own re-shaping of American society and culture. At least we can be forewarned. China couldn't harness their tyrant. Maybe we can do better with ours.

Watch it here