Friday, September 4, 2015


by Kimberly Alligood  September 4, 2015

Lest we forget, our nation was primarily formed by Europeans who wanted to flee religious tyranny. The largest portion of Europeans came to what later became the 'United States of America' to worship God in the way they believed to be correct. What is happening in the U.S. today does not follow the separation of church and state, which has been widely misunderstood. Instead it forces the views of an elected minority, on the people, regardless of their religious views.
How long will we allow this tyranny to continue? At what point will 'we the people' collectively stand up and say, "Enough!" Will it take the government not only saying our children belong to them, but confiscating them from our homes to be put into federal "learning" institutions to teach their principles instead of those of the parents who birthed them? Or will it be when a magistrate rules that no matter what a minister's religious beliefs, he will be forced to either "change his/her mind" on how they lead their congregations to follow the law of the land of the elitists or face jail time or closure?
America is under attack, and it is invading every aspect of our life. In many ways it is hidden, but in more recent events it has been in our face! The more obvious ways are when a state has voted on an issue and that vote is overturned by a few justices of the Supreme Court, denying the electorate. Another is by taking families who choose to homeschool their children and incarcerating the parents or taking the children from their home. Some of the hidden ways are in government schools where children are being taught curriculum that is contrary to their parents' beliefs or in rewriting history.
When or how do the taxpayers or citizens have their voices heard? Obviously, it is not in electing politicians, who run on one premise and change once elected. I am not afraid of where our nation is going, because my God is still on the throne, but I am deeply saddened to see the will of the few be forced on the freedoms of many. ‪#‎saynototyranny‬‪#‎religiousfreedom‬ ‪#‎violationsofcitizens‬