Friday, October 2, 2015

Our Marxist President Will Not Resist -- and Our Enemies Know it.

 The 2 mega-ton gorilla in the room is the nuclear  first-strike option. 

  By Rick Kallieg  October 1, 2015

I believe we are living in the most dangerous time since the dropping of Fat Man and Little Boy. It isn't just because our military is being crippled by administrative cuts, decommissioning of our Naval fleets, reductions in active-duty troops, failure to maintain equipment, reductions in our Air power... not even the unilateral reductions in our nuclear arsenal.
We are living in the most dangerous time since Hiroshima and Nagasaki because we have a devout Marxist as President, who our enemies know will not lift a finger in effort to counter their strategic gains throughout the world; AND who have always wanted to see America destroyed. The extreme former communist-KGB turned uber fascist -- Vladimir Putin -- is pushing Obama around like a 200 lb. bully in middle-school does to scared little wimps willing to give up their lunch money for the illusion of safety.

I think -- and no one seems to want to talk about this (like race relations) -- the 2 mega-ton gorilla in the room is the nuclear first-strike option. We, America, are being out flanked by an unusual triumvirate of nations -- Russia, Iran and China. All want us out of the picture, all have failing economies and want global domination to control their own destinies, and all see America first and Israel second as the major impediment to their success.

That said, I believe it, more than ever, an option all three find at least in war-gaming, acceptable due to the extreme weakness of Barrack Obama, by which our will and maybe even ability to respond, has been severely compromised. And, if it appears to those nations that a real conservative such as Ted Cruz, might stand a better than even chance of getting elected next year -- it may seem even more tempting to rid themselves of us.
The fact is, accomplishing a nuclear attack upon the USA could be done without a massive high profile ICBM assault, just by providing the right weapons to the right terrorists, at the right time. Obama will, of course, be playing golf, in an area not designated as a target of their destruction.