Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Children die in Israeli attack on Gaza, say doctors. Where's the rest of the story?

Verne Strickland Blogmaster

VS: Look, call me callous and unfeeling, but the weepy story about kids being killed in Palestine by Israeli artillery just leaves me totally cold.

It does no good for the UK media to ratchet up the boohoo with stories like this. Hell, Palestinians have been shelling Israel non-stop since how long?

But all that’s an aside. I come down in Israel’s camp without exception -- because I am Christian, and we are commanded by our Savior Jesus Christ to support Israel and her people. So I do.

Look, I like the East Carolina University Pirates because I graduated from there. So did three of our kids. I like Jack Daniel’s No. 7 Tennessee Bourbon because I’m a son of the South.

And I follow and support Israel because I love Jesus Christ the Righteous, and I obey Him. When I don’t, I mourn my mistakes, ask His forgiveness, and am graciously pardoned.

Case closed? Probably not. But let’s do an autopsy on this story that came down today (March 21, 2011) from BBC UK World News:

Four Palestinian family members, including two children, have died in Gaza, in an Israeli artillery strike. Several Palestinians were also injured in Tuesday's attack.

VS: Is that the story line then? Palestinian children die? Give me a break. It’s a propaganda moment. Likewise the photo posted of a Palestinian man lying “injured” on a stretcher. Sheer melodrama. He might be sleeping off a hangover. Who’s to know?

An unprovoked attack? Hardly.

Anyway, what do you care? What I think and feel and say makes no difference in the grand scheme of things.

I answer only to my Lord, to my conscience where His Holy Spirit dwells, and – somewhere way down the line – to President Obama, whom I will not judge, while questioning his Muslim-tinged “Christianity”, assumed name, and missing birth certificate by which he claims American citizenship, feigned fealty to his adopted country, and right to the crown of the United States of America.

It pains me to say all this, but in my heart I believe it.

The BBC narrative continues:

Another 12 people were wounded when an Israeli tank shell hit a home on the eastern outskirts of Gaza City.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak said it was an unfortunate mistake, but added that was "the price of dealing every day with the terrorists".
In a second attack, three people - all members of Islamic Jihad - were killed during an air strike, medics said.

VS: These are the bad boys – the evil ones – whose “religion” compels them to kill “infidels” (you, me, our families, our friends, our countrymen, all Christians and Jews) merely because we are unbelievers. So they kill. And in this instance they are killed.

We again rejoin the narrative:

On Saturday, Palestinian militants fired a barrage of rockets over the frontier, prompting Israeli retaliation.

VS: Got that? The militants provoked return fire, which killed some killers, and, unfortunately, some innocents as well.

Back to the wire story:

The BBC's Jon Donnison, in Gaza City, says the exchanges are among the most serious since Israel's major offensive in the coastal strip between December 2008 and January 2009.

Our correspondent adds that, unusually, the militant wing of Hamas claimed responsibility for at least a dozen of the mortars fired at Israel over the weekend.

VS: Wasn’t that very large of the provocateurs? How could they deny it? Hamas is habitually using Israeli settlements for target practice. Payback comes in due time.

More of the BBC wire story:

In Tuesday's first attack, a grandfather and two of his grandchildren were among those killed when artillery was fired at a house, reports said. Witnesses said they were playing football when they died.

The Israeli defence minister said: "We were not glad of it but that's the price of dealing every day with the terrorists attacking our civilian population from within civilian population on the other side."

Palestinian emergency services said the second attack struck the Zeitun quarter of eastern Gaza City, AFP news agency reports. Doctors from the health ministry in Gaza say those who died are believed to have been militants from the Islamic Jihad group.

VS: Partisan killers, soldiers for Islamic mayhem, terrorists, jihadists, rabid zealots, bad-asses. Anything left unsaid?

And finally, the BBC signs off:

The latest deaths came a day after Palestinian doctors said at least 17 people were injured in Israeli air strikes in Gaza.

VS: Oh. Well, crap happens, don’t it?