Thursday, March 24, 2011

NC House Panel opposes photo ID cards issued by Mexican consulate. Oh, boy.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster

Oh boy -- the Republicans are in Raleigh, and they are doing it up good! They have thrown up a roadblock in the way of liberals who would open the flood gates to state services for illegal immigrants. Stick to your guns. The gravy train is being derailed.

By: The Associated Press 03/23/11 12:46 PM

Photo identification cards issued by the Mexican consulate would no longer be considered valid ID to prove North Carolina residency for state services in legislation going to the House floor.

A judiciary committee agreed Wednesday to remove those cards from a list of documents that can be used to establish residency to get a driver's license, obtain auto insurance or enroll in Medicaid. The change also would apply to similar cards issued by foreign governments.

Illegal immigration opponents say the cards are unreliable to provide identification, pointing to federal law enforcement warnings. Supporters of the cards say they lead to improved relations between governments and Hispanics.

The bill passed on a 7-4 vote. The committee defeated an amendment that would have restored the ID use to get auto insurance.

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