Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Mike McIntyre's deceitful plan to sway the results of NC redistricting is dishonest and underhanded.

This is Mike McIntyre's special web page to affect NC redistricting and keep his job! Let's stop this shameful action dead in its tracks!



Let’s Keep Southeastern North Carolina Together!
Dear Friends –
Do you want your next Congressman to be from Raleigh, Goldsboro, or Charlotte?  If not, then I need your help today!
Every ten years the North Carolina General Assembly draws new congressional districts based on the latest Census numbers.  That process has now begun in Raleigh, and we need to let our voices be heard to keep Southeastern North Carolina together in one congressional district!
There are 2 very important ways that you can help:
  1. Please look at the list below of the Members of the General Assembly who will be drawing the new maps .  Call your local N.C. Representatives and N.C. Senators and tell them it is critical that Southeastern North Carolina be kept together in one congressional district! 
  2. Please attend one of the public hearings  listed below that are being held and let your voice be heard that Southeastern North Carolina needs to stay in one congressional district!
Friends, this is a very serious issue and will affect our area for the next decade and beyond.  From our beautiful coast to our abundant agriculture fields, from the small towns to the larger cities, from the universities to the community colleges, from the cross roads to the highways, from the small businesses to the large manufacturers, and from people of all places and races, I have worked and traveled our area for many years getting to know you and help us build better communities.
That work must continue.
And it must continue in concert with one vision and one voice for all of Southeastern North Carolina in the halls of the U.S. Congress!
Please join me in standing up for our homes, our businesses, and our way of life and let’s keep Southeastern North Carolina together — moving forward!
Click here for more information about the North Carolina General Assembly Redistricting Committees!
Click here for more information about the Redistricting Meetings being held in your Community! 


Verne Strickland Blogmaster     April 5, 2011

What will Congressman Mike think of next? Now he's trying to put pressure on the North Carolina Legislators appointed to do a fair and unbiased job of redistricting. His sole aim is to protect his chances for re-election. Democrats have had redistricting as their pet project for over 100  years. Now it's time for Republicans to 'have it their way'. Mike has no business meddling with the deliberations and the outcome of this important process. Call McIntyre today and tell him to play fair and square for a change. Here's his number: (202) 225-2731. He's waiting to hear from you.