Friday, April 1, 2011

NCAE (harmless acronym, but it's a teachers' union) is pawn of State Democratic Party.

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Submitted by lbonner on 2011-03-31 09:14

Members of the state's education group voted to boycott businessses owned by Raleigh businessman Art Pope.

Brian Lewis, lobbyist for the N.C. Association of Educators, said Pope takes profits out of poor communities to fund organizations that work against the interests of poor people and public education.

Pope, who owns Variety Wholesalers, has used his money to bankroll groups such as the Civitas Institute and the John Locke Foundation. He is also an Americans for Prosperity director. The groups have taken positions and espoused views that NCAE opposes.

"He funds things that attack not only teachers, but students," Lewis said.

NCAE members voted to boycott Pope-owned stores at their convention two weeks ago, but the group is waiting to hear back from the state NAACP on whether they will join in before it makes a formal announcement, Lewis said.

Pope said NCAE is "lying about my record of support for public schools."

While he was in the legislature, Pope said he supported increased funding for low wealth schools, supported the ABC reforms and was a principal supporter of a bill to expedite school construction.

The state Democratic Party called for a boycott of Variety Wholesalers stores before the election last fall. Pope said it had no effect on sales.


March 31, 2011 - 6:15pm — BitterEXdemocrat

NCAE is the NC teachers' UNION ... even though they DENY it daily.
Log on to realclearpolitics and look for the video 'Teachers' Unions Explained' ...
It's worth the time.

Lewis and this paper N&O are being dishonest
March 31, 2011 - 11:51am — PaulTerrell

Lewis and this paper are being dishonest and just espousing political points. The NCAE are being evil in their use and abuse of our children. Maybe Lewis needs to come out behind our children and debate the facts.

Lewis and the NCAE are only out for themselves and the NCAE's greed and self interest disgusts me. Stop being a Leech and pay for some of youjr own healthcare and other insurance benefits.

I bet Mr. Lewis has never met Mr. Pope or heard him speak in person. Art says you can do what you want in life. Rely on yourself not the government.