Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Verne Strickland Blogmaster: 

John Bolton was a protege of the late Jesse A. Helms, statesman, conservative icon, distinguished U.S. Senator from the State of North Carolina, and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. I knew and loved Jesse, and considered that a friend of Jesse's was a friend of mine (although I of course knew few of his friends personally). But on my own I have gained great respect and admiration for Ambassador Bolton. The accompanying article doesn't do him credit, but we will make up for that in future installments about him. Please look for these special posts on USA DOT COM.

 John Bolton making first New Hampshire trip

Former U.N. ambassador John Bolton is pictured. | AP Photo

John Bolton has his first New Hampshire trip as a potential presidential candidate on the calendar.
Bolton is scheduled to address the Nashua Republican City Committee on Sept. 8.

The former United Nations ambassador, who says he's mulling a run but has done next-to-nothing to build a national political infrastructure, would have little time after that to pull the trigger. The New Hampshire filing deadline for presidential candidates is just weeks later.

His only other blip on the early-state map was in March, when he spoke at Iowa Rep. Steve King’s Conservative Principles Conference. Bolton has said there's no specific timeline for him to make a 2012 decision.

Di Lothrop, a spokeswoman for the Nashua party, said a VIP dinner is scheduled ahead of the meeting, and that she expects other likely candidates to attend. Bolton is currently traveling on the Weekly Standard's cruise in Europe.