Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jon Huntsman and family have forged close ties to Harry Reid over the years.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / June 23, 2011

Back before Jimmy Carter, I gave a few bucks to some Democratic politicians. You know what they say: "After that, he never looked back." Well, I have looked back. A lot. And swore I'd never make that mistake again. I haven't.

I've been quite active in political affairs since then, but always on the right side of the aisle. Jesse Helms did that for me. I worked for him at WRAL-TV in Raleigh, beginning in 1966, stayed on at Capitol Broadcasting Company while he went to the U.S. Senate, then left broadcasting to help Jesse in his successful 1984 re-election campaign.

About that time, the National Congressional Club, Senator Helms' potent political organization, was the key to salvaging the candidacy of the beloved Ronald Reagan, propelling him ultimately into the White House.

Those experiences with the two iconic conservatives left an indelible impression on me. The die was cast. Promoting conservative causes and candidates became a passion that I have pursued in the forty or so years that followed.

All this rambling discourse leads me to my subject -- the proclivity of the Huntsman family, which gave us a new GOP candidate the U.S. presidency, to give money to none other than arch-liberal Harry Reid!

This "failing" in and of itself does not a liberal make, and does not tarnish the Huntsman the family's proud GOP credentials. But it does cut close to the bone, And it must arouse the curiosity of those of us who are looking about for a conservative Republican who has the right stuff to take down one Barak Obama.

The point is, when I scattered unmarked bills of small denomination to help Democrats I didn't even know, it was not a failure but a fumble, and not worth even a smudged footnote in anybody's political annals.

But the Huntsman clan apparently has had more than a fleeting fling in support of the poster child of today's way far left national Democratic Party.

And this might be of some consequence. It may take some strong political sanitizer to get the residue of that close contact with Reid off the hands of Jon Huntsman and his kin.  

Here's what triggered my mild and rambling but sincere rant:

Huntsman's Family Donated $25,000 to Reid

Wednesday, 22 Jun 2011 04:15 PM
By Henry J. Reske NEWSMAX

Newly announced GOP presidential candidate Jon Huntsman and his family have forged close ties to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., over the years. Although Huntsman never has donated to a Reid campaign himself, members of his family, including his parents and brothers, have sent $25,000 to the Senate’s top Democrat, the Las Vegas Sun reported.

While governor, Huntsman appointed Reid’s son, Josh, to Utah’s Board of Regents. Huntsman’s father even spread the goodwill to Democrats in general, sending $5,000 to the Nevada Democratic Party in 2008, according to the Sun.

Apparently the warm feelings are mutual. Reid said this week that he prefers Huntsman, who was President Barack Obama's ambassador to China until recently to front-runner Mitt Romney. “If I had a choice in that race, I’d choose Huntsman over Romney,” he said according to the Sun.

No Wonder Harry Reid Likes Jon Huntsman

The family of Jon Huntsman, GOP presidential wannabe, donated $25,000 to Harry Reid’s campaign in the last election cycle. No wonder Reid is so fond of Huntsman. Huntsman’s family helped to ensure that Reid remained Senate Majority Leader.

The Las Vegas Sun reported today:
Here’s a list of the donations from the GOP candidate’s family to Reid (with help from CQ MoneyLine):
Jon Huntsman, Sr., Karen Huntsman $9,600 (2/4/09)
Peter, Brynn Huntsman $9,600 (12/31/09)
James, Marianne Huntsman $4,600 (11/30/09)
Jon Huntsman, Sr. $2,000 (11/2/04)

Huntsman to Obama: You’re a Remarkable Leader; Harry Reid: I Would Pick Jon Huntsman

 June 21, 2011 By Lonely Conservative
When President Obama appointed former Utah Governor Jon Huntsman to be his ambassador to China, Huntsman sent Obama a hand written note before he departed.
“You are a remarkable leader — and it has been a great honor getting to know you.”
Erick Erickson posted a photo of the note. Erickson’s no fan of Huntsman, he believes it was disloyal of Huntsman to quit his job to run against the man who appointed him. I get the point, but I have my own reasons for not caring for the guy. He seems to be running to the left of Obama. I would vote for any one of the GOP candidates over Huntsman.

But why take my word for what a terrible Republican candidate Huntsman would be, when you can take the word of Harry Reid.
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ventured into the 2012 presidential waiting game Tuesday, offering up his pick for the Republican presidential nomination.
“If I had a choice, I would favor Huntsman over Romney,” Reid told reporters after a meeting on Capitol Hill. “But I don’t have a choice in that race.”
 Thank God for that!

VS: Well, this stuff is nowhere close to the recent Weiner roast. It doesn't even qualify as a burnt marshmallow. But the story does warrant a second glance. Stay tuned.