Saturday, June 4, 2011

NC Republican State Convention continues in Wilmington with enthusiasm, resolve, and unity.

By Verne Strickland
Saturday, June 4, 2011

WILMINGTON, NC -- The first North Carolina Republican State Convention in memory rolls into its second day today with enthusiasm, intensity and a commitment to hard work and organization at every level of the Party.

A estimated turn-out of over 1,300 delegates and party faithful is gathered at the sparkling new Wilmington Convention Center for the event.

It is clear enough that the GOP does not intend to let moss gather on its stunning victories in the U.S. Congress, the State Legislature and at virtually every level of government.

In a series of interviews by USA DOT COM, the drumbeat was clear – capture the White House, the Governor’s office, and the Council of State, and install Republicans with high values and respect for the Constitution.

Robin Hayes, NCGOP chairman, showed a flinty resolve in an interview for USA DOT COM on Friday evening at the Riverside Hilton.

We had a great day. A lot of people with enthusiasm, with commitment to a one-term presidency for Obama, and for Governor Perdue. We are focused on the mission and how to accomplish the task – preparation, inspiration, perspiration. We have to do the work, knock on the doors, make the calls, put up the signs. 

VS: The main goals I hear you and your fellow Republicans talk about is capturing the White House, Governor’s Mansion, and Council of State. 

Each of these offices is so important. The White House is obviously the big prize. President Obama has done more damage in three years as it relates to debt than all of the previous presidents put together! That’s astounding – astonishing! And in spite of the very clear message from the American people to stop spending, he continues to spend, and our debt increases by about $4.3 billion per day. Somehow he feels that if you tax oil companies and rich people he is free to keep on spending. That’s inherently wrong and it will not balance the budget. 

VS: And what about in North Carolina? What are the main problems we face here?

You know, we’ve had a hiring freeze. The only outfit hiring in North Carolina is the State Government. That's a big problem. We’ve got to understand that we don’t spend what we don’t have. That’s what Allen West made clear tonight, that’s what people who are voting understand more than ever, and that’s what’s going to take back North Carolina in 2012, in spite of the unlimited money and hired people that President Obama already has in the State.


Keynoting the evening banquet was celebrated conservative and patriot Congressman Allen West, who hails from the 22nd Congressional District of Florida.

His appearance created considerable excitement, and he did not disappoint. We interviewed him after the Friday evening convention program.

VS: What would you cite as the main theme of your presentation to our Republicans at the opening banquet?

The high point was talking about the history of this great State going back to the Revolutionary War, the battle fought at Guilford County Courthouse, and bringing us up to today where we have the battle that is being waged in ideological ideas. 

I was just drawing a parallel between the sacrifices and the service that our men and women give that come from this State. From Fort Bragg, from Seymour Johnson, Camp Lejeune, Cherry Point – this is a great military State, and now they need to incorporate that same hope and commitment as the continue the fight to save this country. 

VS: But you remind us that it’s not all guns and glory. What precautions are you challenging your fellow Republicans to keep in view?

I think the main thing is not to lose sight of your principles and your values, not allow the liberal media to select your candidates or your platforms. As Ronald Reagan so vividly demonstrated, he was not going to be compromised on those principles, and I think that’s what the United States of America is looking for.


On tap for the Saturday convention agenda are consideration of resolutions by the voting delegates, elections for the office of Party chairman and vice chairman, and speeches by a roster of GOP gatekeepers, including Pat McCrory, Thom Tillis, Dr. Ada Fisher, Andrew Breitbart, Mick Mulvaney, Jessica Innis, Frank Williams, and others.

The Saturday evening gala honors Tom Fetzer, former NCGOP chairman, and features U.S. Congressman Tim Scott from the First District of Florida.

USA DOT COM coverage of this historic N.C. Republic Party convention will continue with subsequent news posts showcasing information from a series of exclusive interviews gathered at the event.