Friday, July 22, 2011

Why should I vote for Tim Wilkes? The GOP congressional candidate answers.

Verne Strickland Blogmaster    July 22, 2011

By Tim Wilkes on Thursday, July 21, 2011 at 11:32am

Why Should I Vote for Tim Wilkes?

If you have made it to our Facebook page or website, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I vote for Tim Wilkes?” or “Is he any different than any of the other candidates?” Both questions are valid and since many people do not have a clear picture of who I am, I thought it best to start off with why many may see me as a candidate of their choice. I have broken this down into sections and areas of interest and should make it easier for anyone to skip to a section of more interest or help anyone who wants a quick idea of where I stand on the issues and our Constitution.

Short Bio: I was born in Southern Ohio where Ohio meets Kentucky and West Virginia, the small town of Proctorville boasting 620 people in 2010 with a school system that covers a large area consisting mainly of small farms and rural area living. Proctorville is a small area where growing up we knew just about everyone and our High School class had just over 100 graduating in 1987. Very familiar with Calabash and Myrtle Beach, SC as our once a year vacation destination we loved the beach and the food in Southeast NC and Northeast South Carolina. I spent about 21 years in our home area off and on and in 1988 joined the Army and finished my service at Ft. Bragg in SWTG (Special Warfare Training Group). I have spent 13 years in North Carolina in areas that range from Durham to Supply, NC and several towns in between and my wife and I have 3 kids in the local school system.

Job History: Starting from early on my parents taught me that hard work was necessary in order to succeed in life and helped my Dad with several of his jobs carrying brick, block and supplying mortar for foundations and chimneys he built on weekends for local people. Mowing lawns, yard work and chores around the house kept us busy and we were given the freedom to ride around and enjoy time with friends once our work was finished. The youngest of four children I enjoyed the luxury of watching my siblings and learning from their mistakes as well as my own. I have held jobs as a maintenance man and bellman for a hotel as my first official job and soon moved on to a vast number of jobs in restaurants, construction and more technical trades as a traffic signal maintenance for Division 6 at NC DOT and cellular tower inspector at KCI in Raleigh.

Military: I spent from 1988 to 1996 in the Infantry in Kansas and Germany before finally passing the SFAS (Special Forces Assessment Selection) assessment course on my third try and starting my short tour at Ft. Bragg learning some of the skills that lead you to your Tab and Green Beret. During this time period I was in a vehicle accident which prevented my completion of the course and was given a choice of continuing in the military in a less demanding field or leaving the Army, I chose to leave knowing I would not be able to lead troops by example in their physical training and ensure their safety and proficiency in possible combat situations. I was blessed with the opportunities to learn many aspects of my job and many auxiliary occupations during my service ranging from a machine gunner, communications, gunner on a Bradley Fighting vehicle and eventually a squad leader and given other responsibilities training gunners and troops in high dollar simulators until they were prepared for live fire ranges. When I left the military had given me the privilege of becoming a paratrooper and expanding my knowledge in so many areas that I cannot express my gratitude, while few of them translate into a civilian world job they all helped me grow as a person and a leader. I left the Army in 1999 with an honorable discharge and the status of a disabled vet, my minor status is nothing compared to my brothers in arms who have come home with much greater losses throughout our history.

Personal: I am married and had one former marriage in which she and I were much too young to understand what it meant to be a good wife or husband and what a commitment marriage is if you are serious about your vows, we had three boys who I am proud to call my sons. My wife and I today have a total of 7 kids including the 4 from this marriage and my 3 sons from the previous marriage.Currently we have 3 children who have graduated 2 boys and a daughter who is currently in the Army at Ft. Bragg. I am a Christian; which means I am still a flawed human being but strive each day to be a better person and treat others as I would wish to be treated, I have made mistakes in the past and probably will continue to do so until I pass from this world. If I am passionate about something I will keep trudging through until the goal has been achieved and currently my passions are my Faith, my family and my country and it is time we start using the Constitution for something other than toilet paper. If I can be left alone and be a recluse I would but like many of you I recognize that it is time for those who are willing to fight for our country and our freedoms to stand up and be counted in this battle. I am willing to accept that I can be wrong but make sure you have a valid argument filled with facts rather than opinion and bogus numbers.

Why vote for Tim? I am an everyday worker who has identified that our country is in trouble and that we need people who will stand up for the people of our District, State and nation and start calling things as they are and not how they have been spun. I am studying our constitution, foundation of our nation and its founders to ensure I have a strong foundation to support me in any endeavor as a representative and have some friends made locally that are extremely well versed in these matters and are willing to help me achieve a very strong arsenal in constitutionality and validity of programs and laws that I would encounter in Washington. Personally I understand that it is no longer a Republican, Democrat problem; it is not a rich person, poor person problem and it is not a color, sex or faith issue. It is a national problem that must be fixed by cutting spending on frivolous programs and back room deals, we must bring companies back to America and put our people back to work, we must secure our borders and protect our citizens from those who wish to see us be destroyed from the inside and from the outside attacking us and waiting for us to repeal more freedoms in the name of security.

If you are looking for a candidate who has no intention of a career in politics, who believes it is an honor to serve the people of our area and help them and his goal is to return our country to the constitution and common sense and come back home to his family when the job is complete and is willing to tell you what is going on and make the hard decisions, then I am your candidate. I can promise you; that you and I may not always agree but you will know exactly where I stand on the issues and why.