Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wilmington Democrat Del Pietro revives his "McIntyre Watch" political GPS system.

Greetings Friends,

After taking several months off it's time to bring back the McIntyre watch as our own Congressman McIntyre continues to thumb his nose to the 7th Congressional District Democrats.  Lets face it, we did him a favor in the last election.  We gave him the benefit of the doubt.  Well, a lot has happened in this session and we've given him a free pass for long enough.  
He needs to be held accountable.  

Today's topic is his press release regarding his fundraising for the second quarter.  Mr. McIntyre hides behind the disguise of a fine Christian gentleman.  However, as I'm going to show you in his own words, he has no problem blatantly lying to the the citizens of the 7th district if it will help him.  We've been giving him a free pass on these white lies for a long time now, but I have to ask myself, "What else is he lying to us about"?  

The following statement from the Congressman says that 70% of his donations come from individuals, but the Federal Elections Commission Report clearly shows that the real number is 51%.  The congressman's statement isn't even remotely close to being true.  He is attempting to manipulate the facts to show that he is not bought off by special interests groups and PACS.

Here is the link to the Federal Elections Commission to review McIntyre's report:

Look at the detailed summary page:
Total Individual contributions:  $148,140
Total Contributions:  $286,126
As you can see when you divide individual contributions by the total it =51%

Have a wonderful day,
Del Pietro

Now here is Congressman McIntyre's statement in his own words:

McIntyre Finishes 2nd Quarter with More Than $376K Cash On Hand
Raises $286K in 2nd Quarter Alone
Representative Mike McIntyre (NC-07) today announced that his campaign will report more than $376,000 cash on hand after the second quarter, having raised more than $286,000. The amount raised by Rep. McIntyre more than quadruples the amount he raised during the same quarter in 2009, and nearly 70% of the contributions came from individual donors.
“I am tremendously appreciative of all the support I have received from the people of Southeastern North Carolina,” said Representative McIntyre.  “They understand that the future of our country is at stake in the next election, and I intend to keep fighting on their behalf to protect Medicare and Social Security, create jobs and grow our economy.”
Representative McIntyre finishes the quarter with $376,881.48 cash on hand, and he raised $286,126.93 in the second quarter from 385 contributors. During the same period in 2009, McIntyre raised $63,884.55.