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Jude Eden: What I Learned From the 2012 NC7 Election

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  What I Learned From the 2012 NC7 Election

by Jude Eden, Jane of Trades
The NC7 election was very instructive because it illuminated and reaffirmed many things we need to know about the Republican party and how they operate.
In the spring of 2011, the races hadn’t even begun for the general public, but the back-room deals had already begun and deeds set in motion to cripple Conservative Ilario Pantano and to favor David Rouzer to win.
First, RINO Senator Bob Rucho hired a Democrat precinct chair and member of the amnesty-for-illegals-supporting – not to mention racist-extremist-groups La Raza and El Pueblo to re-draw the NC7 district lines in favor of David Rouzer, who announced he was running hours after the lines were redrawn.[1]  The new district lines now suddenly excluded Pantano-friendly military base communities like Onslow County and the Fort Bragg area, and now included Rouzer’s Johnston county with its favoritism to Big Agriculture and Big Tobacco who benefit heavily from illegal labor.  Members of the NHCGOP and others from the coastal part of the district went to Raleigh to voice their objections to no avail.
Next, the Johnston County GOP headquarters only carried information about Rouzer, and when locals seeking information on Pantano asked where they could find it, they were given fake information and sent on wild goose chases.  Pantano himself as well as supporters were kicked off JCGOP social media sites so as not to allow any alternative information or any disputation of Rouzer propaganda.
When it came to the debate held in Johnston County, they changed the time of the debate several times and didn’t publicize it.  Only about 25 Rouzer supporters showed up to the JC debate.  The organizers of that debate didn’t want his supporters to see what a sorry debater he was when compared to Ilario Pantano.  3 of the 4 debates were recorded, and all show that Pantano was far and away superior to his opponents.   Pantano was also prevented from attending and speaking to the JC convention, while Rouzer was made the keynote speaker.  They did everything they could to prevent the people of Johnston County from making an informed decision on their candidate.
Rouzer did everything he could to avoid being at events where Ilario would be for this same reason.  As a speaker, Rouzer is a total flop.  He inspires nothing but flowers to wilt, his audience to fall asleep as he fumbles through barely-memorized speeches and pithy sayings.  He did not run on his record because he didn’t have a great record on which to run.  As much as possible he had others speak for him instead of standing on his own.
Our economy is in the tank, people are desperate for jobs while millions of illegals are being employed.  Even veterans returning from war are struggling to find work.  Rouzer himself worked on a farm to pay for college, yet campaigned that working on farms and in construction was work “Americans, frankly, aren’t willing to do.”  Another part of his campaign was that Ilario Pantano, being from New York, wasn’t “one of us” in NC.  Yet illegal immigrants are?
Rouzer did not win because he was the better, more Conservative candidate, the stronger opponent to the Democrats and Obama.  He won because, despite his deep flaws, sagging performance, he had the big Republican machine behind him.  Even with redistricting and the Republican party machine doing everything they could to favor him, Rouzer still only managed to win by 3000 votes, and that largely in his own county far from the coast.  That’s what a pathetic candidate he is.
Let us turn to RINO Rouzer supporters.  In 2010 Senator Thom Goolsby ran as a Tea Party Conservative, endorsed Pantano in 2010 and used Pantano’s volunteers and phone center to get himself elected.  Within 5 months of getting elected, he turned tail to endorse the Rouzer for the 2012 election.  On the radio Friday after the primary[2] he said that all the Republican freshmen backed Rouzer.  Thanks to him for giving us important information.  Now we know what spineless RINO’s the freshmen are, that they too support amnesty for illegals and will do everything they can to quell and nullify the Conservative voices in Southeastern NC.
Goolsby also said on that show that he supported Rouzer so that we would have the best chance of beating Obama in November.  How utterly laughable!  Pantano is so obviously the strongest asset for a team against the Obama machine.  Goolsby, the freshmen and all the others who supported Rouzer have now in fact crippled us in fighting the Obama machine by choosing the man who doesn’t stand on principle, but rather goes with whomever’s paying.  In the New Hanover County debate he actually said that he lobbied for Amnesty for illegals because that’s what he was told to do.[3]
Rouzer could not win one debate, could not inspire half the enthusiasm that Pantano did, and to say the least wasn’t nearly the most Conservative or able candidate.  All he had going for him was other people propping him up.  How can a puppet do political battle with the Democrat machine?
We have seen what the parties do to truly Conservative candidates.  Pantano is not the only one who had the district redrawn from under him.  It’s being done to Allen West in Florida,[4] and many other strong Conservatives across the country.  It goes without saying that the Leftists want to destroy them, but so does the Right.  They do not want to lose their  power and pensions any more than the Democrats.  They do not want to lose control of the country’s purse strings.  They do not care about fighting corruption in Washington, reducing the debt that is crushing us, or bringing the economy back from the pit.  They do not care about protecting citizens and our liberty.  They care about getting elected.  Just like the Democrats, it is the mission of the Republican party - not to promote the values of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, but “to help elect Republican candidates.”
If it wasn’t abundantly clear before, it is now: We are not just fighting the Democrats for the soul of our country.  We are fighting the Republicans as well.  The Republicans are in bed with Big Business that benefits from cheap labor.  They are working with groups like La Raza that don’t want Hispanics to assimilate as American citizens, they want to eliminate our borders and claim American states as theirs.   They are recruiting for “diversity” rather than standing on Conservative principle as they’ve recruited Neri Martinez, who is from Florida, to be North Carolina’s Hispanic Coordinator for the Republican party.
Importantly to the November elections, from the top down nationally Republican candidates are being told not to talk about illegal immigration and the destruction it is reaping on our country.  They are supporting amnesty for illegals and pressuring their candidates to follow along.  They worked very hard using every underhanded method they could in this election to make sure the Conservative who had the peoples’ confidence and a strong stance against illegal immigration would be defeated.
Is this the Republican party we’re supposed to support?  The party that’s supposed to be for Conservative values but is just the same as the Democrat party?  We are where we are today not just because of destructive Leftist policies, but because of those who have done nothing to thwart them.  Compromise they say.  We know what that means: Lose and hope to be liked.  It never works, and it’s the citizens who suffer.  We’re losing our freedoms, we’re losing our homes, we’re losing the moral foundations that make our society strong and free.  It’s clear the Republican party - with their milquetoast candidates and their efforts to derail true Conservatives – are not winning any battles for us.
So it’s up to us – to vote our principles, not just the candidate with the letter behind their name that we like.  Busy  as we are being the bread-winner, taking care of home and family and all the other to-do’s – we must educate ourselves about our local politics and elected officials.  Send your money to your candidate, not the party.  Educate yourself and vote your principles.  And shine the light on the party corruption wherever you see it!
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