Monday, September 10, 2012

Black police chief, black woman aiming loaded pistol at white SC GOP congressman. Friends, this pot's on boil!

Verne Strickland Blogmaster / September 10, 2012

Gloria Beckett (below) charged

A. Tony Fisher

Chief A. Tony Fisher, (Left)

Safety Director, Lynchburg, SC 


By Carolyn Farr Smith  SC Associate Regional Editor and Andrew Moore

First Posted September 10, 2012 (updated)

At a press conference Monday, Spartanburg (SC) Public Safety Director A. Tony Fisher said that a woman who threatened Congressman Trey Gowdy was in no way connected to him.

Police had said on Sunday night that Gowdy was parked outside First Baptist Church Spartanburg when a woman pointed a gun at him in a threatening way.

Police have arrested Gloria Brackett, 52, of Atlanta, Ga., and have charged her with unlawful carrying of a pistol and pointing and presenting a firearm, but Fisher said other federal agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the U.S. Capitol Police are also investigating the incident, so more charges are possible.


No ties, you say? Maybe not. But what the hell? 
Seems to me the main issue is the fact that this lady was a reckless endangerment, and pointed a pistol with four live slugs in it at a U.S. Congressmen. Could have been a major tragedy for all concerned.Closed case where that's concerned.
But no one can seem to get close to a motive here -- at least at this point. So what's the problem? The incident was reportedly witnessed by police. Even in some successfully prosecuted murder cases, motive was never proven.

What's up with all the clanging cymbals here? To coin a phrase, and a memorable phrase at that: "It is a tale told by an idiot -- full of sound and fury, signifying nothing." (This sounds like something from the Holy Bible. Silly me. It's a line from Billy Shakespeare's masterpiece, "Macbeth".) And who's the idiot? Best guess may turn out to be local Public Safety Director Tony Fisher.

Well, call me crazy (which happens and more where my theories are concerned), but while the law seems troubled about why the woman endangered the good Congressman, it can hardly be denied that Ms. Brackett did it (allegedly, at least, to be completely PC).

And here's another idiotic assumption -- authorities say the Atlanta woman charged with pointed a loaded gun at a South Carolina congressman likely didn't know the man's position.

The "authority" in question appears to be the aforementioned Spartanburg Public Safety Director A. Tony Fisher, respected veteran in local police annals, and
the first African American to hold this position.

Chief Fisher, who surely deserves respect, obviously is not distinguishing himself in his treatment of this hot-button confrontation.

What does Chief Fisher imply -- that if Brackett had realized she was threatening a U.S. congressman instead of a regular run-of-the-mill white dude in a suit, she would have reconsidered? I don't buy that. And what does it mean anyway?

Well this is more of a hurtful presumption than anything we've heard yet in this circus. Director Fisher, at least in the early going, apparently has some inner conflicts about the incident, and is trying to lighten the load on the alleged assailant, a black woman.

And let's toss this in -- the victim here is not only a white male, but a conservative Republican lawmaker! Stats from his staff show that he is a first-term congressman from the Fourth District.
So let's go for the jugular -- out-of-work black woman with a rap sheet points a deadly weapon at a well-dressed white man minding his own business (in a church parking lot, no less). The possibility of racist and class distinctions here by the (alleged) perpetrator is hard to ignore. 

And -- African-American senior police officer seems to be throwing out distractions in describing the obviously unlawful and dangerous acts of an African-American brandishing a loaded gun. 

What other gripes do I have here? One that rears its ugly head in many a news story I comment on is "selective indignation" by liberal media. To wit, if a white man of any description were to flash a gun and aim it at a black congressman, would he be chased down by a lynch mob? 

Can't believe that. But would it get more coverage? I maintain it would get a string of blaring headlines, and the lead position on cable and television. Ain't no way that's fair, right or honest.

Who's getting the short end of the stick these days? We all know the answer to that. And we're also beginning to understand why it's happening.And that ain't pretty. There's a lot wrong with the way this case is going. 

The whole smoldering mess needs to be put under the microscope via an independent and unbiased investigation.