Sunday, September 16, 2012

Verne Strickland interviews Andy Yates on Romney/Obama, McCrory/Dalton, radical Muslim turmoil in Middle East

 By Verne Strickland  September 16, 2011  

We bring in one of our all-time favorite conservative political pundits – Andy Yates of Huntersville NC – for an exclusive USA DOT COM interview.

A new Rasmussen Poll shows Romney in front 51-45 in NC. This is a very strong sign. Only 50% go to the polls, and less than are 3% undecided, so NC broke for the Romney side. This indicates that Demo convention in Charlotte had little effect on what happens in NC. You can come here and have your big party but actually get hurt in NC. The Democrats wanted to show how liberal they are in NC,  but that doesn’t play well here. This actually is a plus for conservatives here because it’s a good side-by-side comparison of the two parties. Also it brings out into the open what the feelings of the voters are on a local level, compared to what the national Democrat Party stands for.

 This isn’t the Democrat Party of Sam Ervin, it’s the Democrat Party of the extreme liberal Far Left and I don’t think anything could highlight that more to North Carolinians than holding their convention in our State where they try to take God out of the platform and then rejected three times to put God back in, and the chair finally ruled that it passed, and I think it shows how out of touch the national Democrat Party is with North Carolina values. I think that’s going to hurt them dearly. 

What about the riveting and treacherous events roiling the Middle East?

Obama seems totally out of touch with the traumatic happenings in the Arab World. What’s your take on how this will affect him? It is sad and shocking how unprepared and weak our president is in light of this current crisis. He looks like an  eighth Algebra I student having to take a college Calculus course. HE doesn’t seem to have a clue what’s going on and acts like he’s frozen in place. It goes back to Jimmy Carter in the 70s – it’s not just the economy now, it’s foreign policy. 

Jimmy Carter actually collected Obama recently on Obama’s traditional role with Egypt. Obama doesn’t even seem at the Carter level on foreign policy, which is very scary. What’s going on over there is very scary, and that’s made worse by our having a weak president who seems inept and bumbling. It shows that the 4-year Barack Obama apology tour has had little effect on the positives of the Middle East. 

Finally, Andy, give us your take on the McCrory/Dalton race for Governor.

I don’t want people to quit working, because anything can happen at this point in the election campaigns, but in my opinion you could stick a fork in Walter Dalton and take him out of the oven – he’s done. McCrory has just out-classed him, out-campaigned him, out-worked him, Barring something totally unforeseen, I don’t see any chance at this point for a Walton Dalton victory. We’re about seven weeks to go before the election and with a 24-hour news cycle that’s a lot longer than it used to be. 

Pat McCrory has done an excellent job of putting out a positive message about his vision for what he wants to do in North Carolina. He’s showing people his record of leadership as Mayor of Charlotte, whereas all Walter Dalton can give you is a rehash of the failed policies of Beverly Perdue. Dalton has no new original ideas, and is not impressing anyone.

We are seeing what people in the Charlotte area have known for a long time – Pat McCrory is a true leader who will get things done, he’s a visionary, and I think too that all Walter Dalton could be is a second term for Beverly Perdue, and there are very few people in North Carolina who would want  that.