Monday, January 28, 2013

Obama wants to punish America for its heritage, history and values.

 This stellar post was offered by an internet friend, and I feel it deserves some studied attention. VS
CBS and MSNBC law guests now want America to abolish the Const. Oh there are some nice sweet things there, one dunce avered. But old dead white men wrote it. These people like Obama and his chilling hatred of Fox News and Rush because they oppose his socialist agenda, is one more step in driving America down and punishing it for its heritage, history and values. and the Moron Voters, mostly libs , yutes, university and law dunces like the guy on CBS, want to undo all 200 plus years of America. For what? The agenda of a radical black state senator from the failing state of Ill. where his goals for America will be as successful as they were for Ill. and all other Blue States. The end of American energy, business, freedoms, Bill of Rights and all to prop up this naif in the WH.
 Kenneth Glenn Koons.  Jan. 28, 2013