Monday, March 25, 2013

Verne Strickland Facebook and USA DOT COM launch the great American freedom Hootenanny. Wish you'd joined us.

  Verne Strickland | Facebook
  March 26, 2013
Verne: Freedom of expression is alive and well in America.
This just happened tonight. I wanted to see this idiot's photo. I had heard about him. I'm not surprised. Not disappointed.  In fact, I feel justified. Somehow, he's exactly what I had envisioned. What a total train wreck. Poor man. He has claimed his place in hell.
With this inauspicious beginning, a great thing happened. Everybody jumped in and had their say. It was a great spontaneous outpouring of American fervor and a chance to set the record straight.
Here's the play-by-play, and how it all got started:

Under pressure, Florida Atlantic University has now apologized for the "Jesus Stomping" exercise in its Communications class.  You have to wonder what would've happened if the class exercise had been a "Muhammad Stomping". 

Under pressure, Florida Atlantic University has now apologized for the "Jesus Stomping" exercise in its Communications class. You have to wonder what would've happened if the "shoe had been on the other foot." Well, take a look at how average Americans see it all.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham Nothing the Lib Dims do surprises me any more.
  • Scott Denison Thanks for putting a face to stupid.
  • Verne Strickland Nor me, my good friend. Where is this man's mind? Where is his heart? Hell, where is his pancreas?
  • Tammy Jobin Covil So much I would LOVE to say about this man. But, being the lady that I am, I'll let you use your imagination as to what I'm thinking.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham The fact that a university would condone the actions of this man is an indictment of college level education in this Country.
  • Verne Strickland Tammy -- let it go, girl! We only live once. Whatever you thought about saying (but didn't) you'd be on the side of God -- who is not mocked. That's comforting to me.
  • Scott Denison No student should be forced to do anything they find morally or intellectually wrong. The suspention is unconscionable.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham Unfortunately this cretin is not alone in his profession. There are many more teaching the young who are just like him/
  • Verne Strickland Ben, be reasonable. No one at Florida Atlantic "University" has a clue what "condone" means. My guess is they would think you were saying "condom". You know who's paying their bills? You and me, baby. We have lost control of the purse strings totally. It's damn criminal, isn't it?
  • Bob Florio they can apologize all they want! Just like entertainers...they only say I'm sorry because they got caught.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham My grandson is finishing his third year of college at one of the best engineering schools ihn the Country, RPI, courtesy of a US Navy scholarship. But, due to sequester, next year he will have no scholarship so he, his parents, and I will have to make...See More
  • Tammy Jobin Covil @ Benjamin - you are correct. The teaching "profession" is crawling with vile, despicable people who are corrupting our innocent children with their propaganda. Would love to be a fly on the wall when this demon spawn tries to explain his actions on judgement day. Vengeance is mine, saith The Lord.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham They are not sorry. Any grown man who is supposedly highly educated would have never forced a student to do anything like that. In training people in the military, we called upon
  • Scott Denison When you consider that the percentage of people working in the area of their degree always fluxuates between 2 and 5 these collegiate ponces should not hold such sway in our society.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham people to do some unreasonable things, but nothing that despicable.
  • Jennifer Jackson It is everywhere. The single largest tactical mistake that conservatives made was abdicating education to the progressives and radicals.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham Amen, schools ran much better before the systems started taking money from the Federal Government which, like all monetary gifts from Uncle Sam, come with mandates attradhed which always ruin what is being helped.
  • Verne Strickland Ben: (on sequester and RPI). Man that's deplorable. So darned sorry. Yes, elements we don't like or trust are pushing deserving people like you and your family around. The didn't earn the right to do this, and don't deserve the power to do it. Stow this in your magazine, keep the powder dry, and fire it back at them when you can. I'll be a spotter for you. The sorry SOBs. I mean it.
  • Edwin S Benton I would say that his education has outgrown his intelligence.
  • Verne Strickland Benjamin: Jesse warned us -- back in the 60s when LBJ was gearing up his destructive Great Society and War on Poverty. He said it in so many words -- once you let this genie out of the bottle you'll never get it back in. Of course, he was right. I learned so much from him, and he left me with his indelible conservative philosophy which has served me well ever since.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham What is really disgusting is there are people right here in Wilmington who are emp;oyed and they getr student loans to obtain training so they can get a job, then they take the money and live on it like welfare and don't get any training. How;s that for stupid>
  • Verne Strickland I'd say it pretty damn smart -- but despicable -- for a lazy lout with no morals or principles. But, no -- not to be admired or forgiven. They game the system. They ruin it. They mock its intent. I wish we could punish them suitably for the error of their ways.
  • Benjamin P. Chatham I got my indelible conservative philosophy from living in a very conservative area of Upstate NY (unfortunately it is not anymore) and from my parents who worked long and hard to support and educate five sons to achieve much more than they ever could. I won't ever forget their lessons.
  • Dm Carpenter Had he ordered a student to stomp on 'Allah', 'Koran', or perhaps even 'Gaia', the professor would be the one on the outside.
  • Verne Strickland Of course not. I'm sure the two of us had the same sort of family setting, were taught honesty, hard work, Christian principles, and generosity. But Ben, we are not being "generous" when we support shiftless individuals who do nothing for their keep, and cause us to work even harder to pay for their obligations. The whole thing is rotten. It will stop when the system is broken. I don't think that is too far off.
  • Verne Strickland Dm: I expect he'd be dead, don't you? Muslim radicals play hard ball. Cut off hands, and other ghoulish stuff. That's why their society is so sick. It's based on hatred, intolerance, cruelty and all out war on Christ and Christians. I should forgive, I know. But there's something in me that wants payback.
  • Dm Carpenter Mr. Strickland: If not dead, he would be fleeing that Fatwa.
  • Verne Strickland That's a given. Thanks, Dm. 
    Well, friends, this has been one of the hottest threads I have ever launched. It shows how Americans, Christians, Jews, conservatives, patriots, and all who value family, the Lord, and America really feel -- and how pent-up emotions, beliefs, and deep-seated sentiments have gathered in each of us. It has to come out. Only in America can this happen, though. This gives me confidence and faith in who we are and what is right. This has been wonderful. Let's have another great freedom hootenanny real soon, okay -- one where we can let it all hang out like we did tonight. Are you for that? God bless you each and every one! Your pal and fan, Verne.