Thursday, May 2, 2013

Andy Yates on George W. Bush; also Yates on new RED DOME GROUP consulting

Stephen Crowley/The New York Times
George W. Bush flashed a “W” symbol during the dedication of his presidential library and museum on Thursday at Southern Methodist University near Dallas. More Photos »

Andy Yates of Charlotte, co-founder of political consulting firm Red Dome Group, was on hand for the Bush extravaganza in Texas. Verne Strickland interviewed Andy by  telephone phone hook-up on USA DOT COM.


It was an incredible day to be there to  honor the man George W. Bush, and see that people are just beginning to appreciate his contributions in service to America as our 43rd President.
I think he is rightly going to be regarded with a high place in history. He thinks his legacy will endure over time, and I think he’s absolutely right. Anytime all living former Presidents are together, that was very special to see – regardless of party – the bond and appreciation for each other that they have. You could tell that they all truly do hold each other in high regard. I think  the high stress level of the job contributes to the respect they hold for one another.  The four former president, and President Obama,  did a great job in honoring George W. Bush. They were very sincere and humble in the way they did it, and it seemed a wonderful moment for him hear the only  living people who have gone through the test of actually being president to sing your praises as he  did. They were very intent on keeping him first on his special day, and was very magnanimous I thought.
It was particularly gratifying to note the solid bond that has developed between President George W. Bush and his family and President Bill Clinton. They have come through very bruising elections, and to become friends, and to work together for the  betterment of mankind, whether it  was  Haiti or Katrina or 9/11, it was very neat to see the cross-partisan support for each other, and  the genuine  admiration that  was evident. Just a great All-American occasion in honor of George W. Bush.
To me, the most memorable moment of the day was to hear George W. Bush talk about his family – his father and mother, his wife, his two children, his new granddaughter – to see him weep  as he talked about the close-knit family, and to see his daughter Jenna also moved to tears, it was incredible to see what a great family that is,  and to hear him speak from his heart about such  blessings.
I sensed that it was God’s timing that this happened so close to the birth of his granddaughter. It was if God had just planned it all. So all the special family ties that seemed to knit this event together showed everyone what a warm and passionate man President George W. Bush is.


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