Sunday, May 5, 2013

Major Dave Runs On: "One God, One Nation, One Party, One Platform"

A Message from "Major Dave":

I am running for Vice-Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party to help expand on the victories we achieved at the polls last November. While we are all preparing for additional gains in the coming fall local elections and for the 2014 national election cycle, we cannot take our recent gains for granted and have to do everything we can to preserve those victories.
I have selected for a campaign slogan “One God, One Nation, One Party, One Platform”.  I think that accurately describes what truly defines one as a Republican.  That is the basis for unity within the party, not becoming a United Nations-like body where anyone with an opinion gets a seat at the table, because we’ve all seen just how divisive and difficult that body is. The platform defines our “brand” in the marketplace of ideals, and the voter needs to know with great clarity and confidence that what we stand for will not float along on the fickle winds of popular opinion.
We have already shown what we can achieve by working together.  It is an awesome foundation for achieving even greater success. I ask for your vote at the State Convention so that I, like you, can bring my talents, passion and skills to bear on keeping our party as the standard-bearer of traditional conservatism.   

I also ask for your donations and support because a campaign like this is very costly for a job that does not come with a paycheck.  You volunteer your time and talents and I am no different.  I hope you will invest a little bit in the future of our party by clicking the “Donate” button and being as generous as you can!  Do it with confidence in knowing that I will do everything I can to remain worthy of that confidence!  Thank you!

Major Dave

For other information and donations instructions go here:

Verne Strickland: Dave Goetze (aka "Major Dave") has proven his mettle to me in his quest to become Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Republican Party. He is a thinker, a worker, a unifier, a Christian, a patriot, a conservative. And there he will stand. I like his message, his sense of honor, duty, and responsibility, and his proven commitment to service. I endorse him in his run for this important post, and urge all GOP faithful to get to know him and support him.