Friday, June 6, 2014


Dear Facebook Friends: Rachel McCoup needs help. This is her story. Please read. It's a dreadful situation. I want to give her a hand. She's desperate. If you can assist in some way -- even if it's just by sharing this post, that would be great.

And pray. Most important request of all. 

If you'd prefer, contact me right here on my blog. God bless you, friends.

Rachel McCoup
Charlotte, NC


May 28th, 2:29am
Verne could you please help me find out what happen to my mother. I was told by the Union County estate office J.R Rowell and the court appointed administered that what difference did it make she was still dead. Please help me

May 30th, 7:25pm
Rachel: Wow. Give me a few more details. I may be totally unable from this distance (I'm in Wilmington) to find out or uncover anything. How did you learn about me?

You came up on my find friends page. I liked your views your truth and honesty and you are a Christian and not afraid to say so. I read you were fighting cancer. Then you daughter in laws cancer and your son illness and your grandchildren and you ask for heart broke. I began to pray for you and your family.I know what the word cancer does to you. My husband the love of my life passed away on May 20 1995 after 18 months of chemo and I had prayers from around the world for us that is how I got Thru that. I have a sister that is a breast cancer survivor.I pray for you and your' family many times a day. Thats how I get through my days and night is I pray. 

When I asked for your help to find out what happened to my mother I was hoping you could help me get my story out. My mom was taken by my brother put I the hospital under another name. I found out after calling her home then filed a missing persons report an told by Union county sheriffs department that any more info would have to come from him he moved her I learned after she died he had her moved to hospice where she died June 30 2011. 

I know at her funeral her eye socket was broken and the side of her face was smashed in and she had a pad from shoulder to her knees. I have never heard or seen that before.

 My brother has ties to the sheriffs dept and I can't find out what happen to my mother. if you can help me there is so much more to this story. I would be glad to make the drive to you.I understand if you don't have time . Please don't tell me to hire a attorney. I have had three and spent over ten thousand dollars only to be told they can not go against the sheriff the judges or the clerk of court or they will be put out of business.

 I live In Charlotte and no lawyer will take a case in union county because of the corruption and they don't like outsiders. Please if you can help I would be grateful but I understand you have to take care of yourself and family. I wish you all the best.
June 6, 2014

God bless you, sweetheart, I have rediscovered your letter. God led me to it and made sure I read and understood it. And the Holy Spirit is going to give me direction on how to help out. Continue to pray, have faith, and be hopeful.

First thing I am going to do is get your letter edited and put it on my Facebook page. I get lots of traffic, and we will get the word out on this.

I will be praying too and an answer will come to us. This is an ugly situation. You deserve assistance on it. I am so sorry you are experiencing this. Thank you for coming to me. 

If anything helpful develops, it will be the Lord's doing, and not mine. I do love the Lord and He hears my prayers, my cries for help, and my praise and thanksgiving. He is my Master and I serve him with great pleasure. As soon as you receive this, Rachel, please send me a message right away. 

And don't worry anymore. Verne.  9:53pm June 6, 2014

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